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  • A Bibliography for Parents and Students - Bibliography on residential care, community integration, and leisure for developmentally disabled persons. A resource for parents, students, and researchers.
  • A. J. Pappanikou Center on Disability Studies - Works with others to create opportunities that improve the lives of persons with disabilities and their families through training, services and information.
  • Barbara Robertson's Disability Research Resources - On-line resources for disability research from a socio-political perspective, and the emerging interdisciplinary field of Disability Studies.
  • Canadian Centre on Disability Studies - A consumer-directed, university-affiliated centre involved in research and education on disability issues. Committed to fostering a spirit of collaboration between the disability and academic communities and other interested parties on initiatives of mutual interest and benefit nationally and internationally.
  • Center for Disabilities - Focuses on academic and community training, technical assistance, research, and information dissemination as they relate to people with developmental disabilites. University of South Dakota.
  • Center for Disability Studies - A Hawaii University program to promote improved quality of life for persons with disabilities through core functions of interdisciplinary training, research, service, and dissemination of products and promising practices.
  • Center for the Study of Religion and Disability - A resource for those looking for information relating to the natural support given by local churches to those with disabilities.
  • Centre for Disability Studies - An interdisciplinary centre for teaching and research in the field of disability studies at the University of Leeds. (England)
  • Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission (CDMSC) - Disability management as defined by the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission is the practice of providing preventive and remedial services to minimize the impact and cost of disability and to enhance the client's productivity.
  • Dept. of Disability and Human Development, University of Illinois at Chicago - Dedicated to the scholarly, interdisciplinary study of disability and related aspects of human development. It critically examines current and prospective disability policies, conceptual models, and intervention strategies.
  • Developmental Disability and Mental Retardation Research - Laboratory aims at medical,sociological and educational research of developmental disabilities-mental retardation with chromosomal abnormality,autistic disorders,physical developmental disorders,intoxication.
  • Disability Challenge - Studies of disability in India.
  • Disability History Museum - Promotes understanding about the historical experience of people with disabilities by recovering, chronicling, and interpreting their stories.
  • Disability Information for Students - International disability news, jobs, discussion, resources. A site designed for students and professionals supporting individuals with disabilities.
  • Disability Research Institute - A national resource fostering high quality research, dissemination of information, and training and education related to disability policy. (Illinois)
  • Disability Social History Project - Disability civil rights movement, other important events and people with disabilities in history, and the representation of disabled people in the mass media throughout time.
  • Disability Studies Concentration - Applies social, cultural, historical, and philosophical perspectives to the study of disability in society. Syracuse University, New York.
  • Disability Studies in Education - Purpose is to encourage Disability Studies in education; to provide an organizational vehicle for networking among Disability Studies researchers in education; and to increase the visibility and influence of Disability Studies among all educational researchers.
  • Disability Studies in the Humanities - Syllabi and links from Georgetown University at Washington, D.C.
  • Disability Studies Online Magazine - Online magazine publishing topics relating to the field of disability studies.
  • Institute on Disability / UAP - Durham, NH - Provides information to improve knowledge, policy, and practice related to including people with disabilities.
  • Institute on Disability Culture - Promoting pride in the history, activities, and cultural identity of individuals with disabilities throughout the world.
  • National Communication Association's Caucus on Disability Issues - Encourages quality scholarship on issues concerning disability and communication.
  • National Rehabilitation Information Center - Collects and disseminates the results of federally funded research projects to anyone who is interested in disability and rehabilitation.
  • New Paradigm of Disability Bibliography - An annotated resource introducing and explaining the social and civil rights perspective of disability.
  • Research Alliance for Children with Special Needs - RACSN is a community-university alliance researching ways to enhance the quality of life of school-aged children with special mobility, communication, and fine motor skill needs. (Ontario)
  • Research and Training Center on Rural Rehabilitation Services - RTC:Rural strives to improve the ability of rural Americans with disabilities to live independently in their own communities. Researchers focus on employment, independent living, health, accessible transportation and telecommunications. (Montana)
  • Society for Disability Studies - A nonprofit scientific and educational organization established to promote interdisciplinary research on humanistic and social scientific aspects of disability and chronic illness.
  • University Affiliated Program of Rhode Island - Information, training and publications pertaining to disabilities.
  • World Rehabilitation Organization (WRO) - Advocacy group for the disabled which promotes rehabilitation technology and conducts other research on disabled rights and accommodations. Charter and organizational information, activities, research projects, and publications available.

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