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  • (AHN) Air Hockey News - Professional Air Hockey news for National and State Tournaments, events, player profiles, rankings, and more. This site covers international Air Hockey news and is always up to date with current information and World Rankings.
  • 2002 World Air Hockey Championships - Support website for the 2002 World Air Hockey Championships. Find out directions, hotel locations, and how to register for this international event.
  • Air Hockey in Dallas - Promoting air hockey with various levels of play in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area is our goal. Contains links, rules, locations, and other items of interest.
  • Air Hockey Info - Resource for local, national and world air hockey, providing rules, player rankings, and tournament information.
  • Air-Hockey Today, California Style - News and views from a California player. Coverage for the Silicon Valley / Bay area.
  • - Brings you the speed, action, and excitement of Air Hockey. Find out the official rules and rankings of the world's fastest table sport.
  • California Air Hockey Association - Yahoo! Group serving as an unofficial CAHA mailing list.
  • Georgia Air Hockey Association - Offers game rules, gameplay, an extensive Table Locations database, Tournament news, and discussions.
  • Illinois State Airhockey Association - The ISAA site covers Illinois' current state rankings, upcoming local events, places to play, and local player information.
  • Nevada Airhockey Tournaments Organization - Nevada Air Hockey ratings, ranks, and challenge matches.
  • NTAA (North Texas Airhockey Association) - Denton - This Air Hockey league is based in Denton, Texas. Not affiliated with the USAA.
  • Pennsylvania Air Hockey Association - As PAHA does not have a dedicated web site, this Yahoo! Group is used as a Mailing List. If you live in Pennsylvania, join and keep abreast of the Air Hockey action near you!
  • Ritz Lounge - Austin Air Hockey - The number one Air Hockey spot in Austin, Texas. Don't forget your quick hands for double elimination Tournaments every Tuesday.
  • Texas 12 Challenge - Stats and more on the official website for the Texas 12 Challenge, an annual Air Hockey Tournament.
  • The Stuff - Austin (Texas) Player profiles and tournament listings - by the Austin Air Hockey Association.
  • United States Airhockey Association - Guided and directed by the USAA, this Yahoo! Group provides information about tournaments, local events, rankings, tables, supplies, tips, and hints.

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