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  • Altair32 - An open source Altair emulator for Windows.
  • Best Game Roms - Contains game roms for and information about Sinclair, Commodore, and Atari systems.
  • Chip-8 Emulator - A freeware Chip-8 emulator for DOS.
  • CLEAR - the Campaign to Leave Emulation Alone (plus an R) - CLEAR is a pressure group of emulation fans formed to save the emulation scene from the misconceived, sledgehammer tactics of IDSA.
  • Emugames: The EMU Hive - A comprehensive database of emulators and roms for download as well as a large history section for nostalgia.
  • Emula3 - Contains emulators for many different computers and calculators/PDAs for many different platforms. [English/Italian]
  • EmuUnlim - News plus lots of community features, like polls, and an extensive download area.
  • Evenson Consulting Services' SWTPc 6800/6809 Emulator - Windows 9x/NT GUI emulation of SWTPc 6800 and 6809 systems. A Simulated Machine Environment (SME) emulation plus .dsk file downloads.
  • MESS Bios Roms - Bios roms for the M.E.S.S. emulator.
  • MESS ROMS - BIOS ROMs for M.E.S.S.
  • Project8080 - Covers the development of a Heathkit H8 emulator on Macintosh.
  • SC/MP Elektor emulator - Freeware SC/MP Elektor CPU emulator for Win32 coded in VB6. Also featuring technical information.
  • SimPMD - An open source PMD-85 emulator for DOS.
  • Solace - An open source Sol-20 emulator for Windows.
  • The Official MESS Home Page - MESS is a Multiple Computer and Console Emulator. It emulates over 100 different systems and even more derivates of them. MESS is available for AmigaOS, Digita, DOS, MacOS, RISC OS, Unix, and Win32 and is open source.
  • Universal Microprocessor Simulator/Debugger - Simulates a number of microprocessors on a 8086-based computer, including assemblers and disassemblers for each one.
  • Virtutech Simics - A commercial Alpha, PowerPC, SPARC, x86 and x86-64 emulator.
  • Vision-8 - An open source Chip-8 emulator for Coleco ADAM, ColecoVision, DOS, MSX, Unix, and Windows.
  • vmips - An open source MIPS R3000 emulator for Unix.
  • Z80 Emulation and Education - A informational site, with a java applet that emulates the operation of a Z80 computer.
  • Zophar's Domain - An excellent site with recent emulation news, as well as emulators, translations.

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