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  • Ballygobackwards - Monthly satire from Northern Ireland.
  • Bartow Buzzard - Humourous one liners about current local, state, and national politics. Updated daily.
  • Bean Soup Times - An urban satirical newspaper.
  • Big Mouse World - Parody of the Big Brother reality show. 10 mice in a house for 80 days. Live-cam, games, free mousic and more.
  • Bob from Accounting - Strange stories from the US-based spectacled satirical crusader.
  • Bob's Fridge Door - Satire and humor on the news and Net are posted on the virtual fridge door of cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld.
  • Borowitz Report - Daily. Satirical view of US news from Andy Borowitz.
  • Chairman Moo - Chairman Moo casts a satirical udder on the news and makes up stories about your favourite celebrities.
  • Chortler - Frequent updates. Real news with a bit of humor to wash it down.
  • Comedy Avenue - Drives humor to the edge with outrageous news satire.
  • Conjecture News - Comedic antidote to real, unfunny news.
  • Daily Hog - The finest Satire Breaking News service
  • Dirt Central - Dedicated to the proposition that politics and religion do absolutely nothing to improve our lives or answer any questions about our place in the universe.
  • Duncan Expose - An attitude, highly popular spoofs and parody.
  • Frumious Bandersnatch - The least trustworthy news on the net, parodies and savageries.
  • G21 - World magazine of news, satire, humor and commentary.
  • GupSup - A slice of Indian satirical spice.
  • Herd of Sheep - English satire as only the English can write it, published fortnightly.
  • Ironic Times - Satire by the minute, amounting to a parody of the times.
  • Justin's Whirled Headlines - Comic headlines.
  • Loon News Online - Fake news, alternative comics, MP3s and social commentary, distorting the news of the world since 1983.
  • - Fake news mocking real situations.
  • Mike's NewsQuips - Satirical quips and blurbs about topical events and personalities.
  • Murderize - Satire for a Bitter Generation
  • National Post - Canadian satire about Canadians who deserve such a thing.
  • News Lampoon - Comic twists on real events.
  • NewZoid - Headlines From Parallel Worlds. Computer-generated headlines, resembling real ones.
  • Off-Kilter - Syndicated newspaper column featuring humor and offbeat news.
  • Private Eye - Long-running British satirical publication.
  • Prodos - Radio interviews, articles, activism, discussions. Ayn Rand, world affairs, lateral thinking, science, philosophy, art, business ideas, human rights.
  • - An on-line community built around smarmy editorials.
  • Rocket - Australian satire boldly going where no one else bothers to.
  • SatireSearch - Intra-day. Satire headline feed service delivered by mail, live feed or integrated into other sites.
  • SatireWire - Closed but archive available online. Popular US-based satire site.
  • Shady News - Because real news sucks.
  • Slathered - Mix of international humorous news stories from selected sites.
  • Spinner - Satire from New Zealand, sharp beaked Kiwis spear wriggling grubs in a world of their own and you're in it too.
  • Spitting Llamas - Features politics, reviews, and laughs through satire and spirited debate.
  • Splatter Effect - Satire and parody, sociopolitical comedy for a complacent world.
  • Suck - The longest running daily humor column on the web.
  • The Brains Trust - Fortnightly. British satire you can trust
  • The Bug - Australian satirical news. Published monthly.
  • The Chaser News - Australia's only satirical newspaper.
  • The Daily Bull - Canadian spoof site and home to Uncle Jeb.
  • The Daily Probe - Spoof news from the same people that bring you The Top Five List.
  • The Daily Sedative - A journal of all that is useless and unneccessary. Published weekly.
  • The Fake News - American-flavoured news satire.
  • The Firm Hand - Comedy online magazine, entertainment, love, dating, and world news.
  • The Globe-Guardian - Official home of FutureNews, humor published monthly.
  • The Headlines - Surreal news humor with a British flair.
  • The Neeews - British Satire News To Die For.
  • The Onion - Weekly. Long running and highly successful US news satire site.
  • The Rail - Parody, a phony newspaper reporting news you should be hearing instead of what's actually happening.
  • The Specious Report - Satire aimed at a wide range of targets from the President to the inventor of pop-up windows.
  • The Voice of Reason - The home of truth entertainment, or the day care center. Published monthly.
  • The Washington Pissed - Bi-daily satire column of politics, pop culture and high-technology. Contains strong language.
  • The Wired Press - Satire, mediocre journalism, more satire.
  • The Wymsey Chronicle - English humor, the nick on the cutting edge of rural parody.
  • theSchmews - Lambasting the European scene with a satirical sauce.
  • ThinkuDyne Global Dynamics - Parody, the stupefacient of choice for the huddled masses.
  • Tid Bits - Lots of funny facts, stupid laws and other kinds of useless information. Published weekly.
  • Tomorrow's News - A humorous look at the news you're afraid you'll find in tomorrow's newspaper.
  • Ulirang Ina Mo - Satire from the Philippines, where the issues are spicier than the food.
  • Untrue News - Award winning satire, justly deserved.
  • Wacky Times - Spoofs and parodies of current news, advice columns and entertainment.
  • Wasted World Weekly - The site contains satirical news and off-beat comments on society.
  • Broken Newz - Daily. An up to date, no holds barred look at the news... with an angle.
  • The Toque - Weekly. Your Canadian source for humor and satire.

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