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  • 21st Century Robotics - 21st Century Robotics features artificial intelligence at its most sophisticated, including original articles on innovative robotics.
  • Absolute Authority on Mobile Robotics - A comprehensive collection of content, community, and tools available on the subject of Mobile Robotics.
  • AceUplink - Offers information, forums, tutorials and downloads. Includes a wide range of content, but with a particular bias towards robotic simulation games.
  • Aibotic.Com - offers you many ways to explore the ins and outs of Sony's electronic canine and get in touch with other AIBO lovers. [Flash]
  • Android World - Lots of information on androids and specific android projects.
  • Boilerplate - A Victorian-era robot, his story and pictures. A 1/6 scale replica stands over 12" high and has articulated limbs, illuminating "eyes," and wind-up "guts". Very interesting.
  • Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute Manipulation Lab - The goal of the Manipulation Lab is autonomous robotic manipulation in the presence of uncertainty.
  • Center for Robotics and Manufacturing Systems, University of Kentucky - Contact information, news and events for the department.
  • Channel 4 - Robots - The tie-in page to the Royal Institution Christmas lectures, shown on Channel 4 in the UK. Includes a virtual robot constructor, where you can design and test a robot visually.
  • CompInfo - Robotics - A huge directory of robotics sites.
  • Cybug-Space - Educational products including digital logic trainers and insect-like robots.
  • Delft Biped Laboratory, Delft University of Technology - Research into bipedal (two-legged), energy-efficient, walking robots.
  • Georgia Tech MARS - The Georgia Tech branch of MARS involves multi-level learning in hybrid deliberative/reactive mobile robot architectural software systems.
  • How Stuff Works - The Singing Fish - Photographed autopsy of the popular singing fish novelty fad reveals its robotic-like subsystems with complete informative descriptions.
  • - A site devoted to sharing information on hobby robotics, with plenty of links to relevant articles.
  • I-Cybie World - A site devoted to the robotic dog I-Cybie.
  • ICybieOwners - UK based website devoted to the toy robot "I-Cybie"
  • *Robots and Cybot* - News, and a couple projects with instructions on building them.
  • - Directory of robots and artificial intelligence (AI). Information on cyborgs, androids, BattleBots and robotic toys.
  • Menelli Box PowerGlove Interface - A do-it-yourself serial interface for the PowerGlove, with PCB diagrams and specifications.
  • Miniature Robotic Actors Exist - Robotic Actors built by Carl Pisaturo. Pictured and described.
  • MIT Leg Laboratory - Information on a series of legged robots, including one-legged hoppers, bipedal runners, bipedal walkers, a quadruped, and two kangaroo-like robots.
  • Mobile Robotics Research - Mobile Robotics research at McGill University. Searchable bibliography, project list and other resources.
  • Multi-purpose Aerial Robotic Vehicle with Intelligent Navigation, TU Berlin - At the University Berlin, Marvin, a descendant of the airplane-robot Tubrob is developed.
  • National Robotics Engineering Consortium - NREC is Robotics Institute's commercial arm, partnering primarily with US businesses to channel CMU and NASA technology and public funding into mobile equipment, new systems and process automation projects.
  • - Home and entertainment robot information. Reviews and news about robots, kits, kids' toys, software, books, videos, DVDs, and other robot products.
  • Popular Mechanics Robotics - Articles discussing the latest news on robotics technology and artificial intelligence research.
  • R/C Servo Motor Controllers / Robot Projects - Positive Logic Engineering manufactures motion controllers for R/C type servo motors. The ASC16 controls speed, acceleration, and sychronising of 16 Axis simultaniously.
  • RoboBiz Mailing List - A Mailing list devoted to personal robotics.
  • Robonyp's Website - News, links, and several tutorials, on electronics and robotics.
  • Robot Village - An online community for combat robots, with news, chat, a message board, and interviews.
  • - is a unique portal that offers search results based on quality and popularity. Find free tutorials, news, discussion forums, and an extensive directory of links to robotics websites.
  • Robotic De-mining - Research and development of a robotic means of detecting and removing landmines.
  • - Grow your own plants from your computer. Using Java, you can control a robot that will plant a seed for you; wait for it to grow, and you can see your plant on a webcam.
  • Robotics - For those who wish to pursue robotics as a hobby. Lists software, hardware, mechanics and projects.
  • Robotics FAQ - For the newsgroups comp.robotics.misc and comp.robotics.research.
  • Robotics Internet Resources Page - A huge collection of robotics resources from UMass.
  • - A news and discussion site for those interested in robots and robotics. Includes the well-known Robot Competition FAQ and a variety of resource pages.
  • - News and interviews, and information on research and events.
  • SA Tool Electronics - Bosch Industrial Automation - Specialises in industrial automation and machine tools. Based in South Africa.
  • Shrimp: high-mobility rover with extended climbing abilities - Shrimp is a wheeled robot able to overcome obstacles of twice its wheel size and can climb regular stairs. It shows also excellent off-road abilities.
  • Simpler Robotics - Information and parts for Robotics.
  • Sparc-E and robotic research at the University of South Alabama - The site is dedicated to small autonomous mobile robotics research and robotics use in the curriculum at the University of South Alabama
  • Spectrum Robotic Systems Limited - Manufacturer of automated cutting systems utilising laser, waterjet, ultrasonic and knife cutting technology under computer control.
  • Speech Vision and Robotics Group - From the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering.
  • StepperControl.Com - Offers standard products and custom services for stepper motor and motion control.
  • Tech Geek - News and reviews on the latest robotics innovation, and projects to try.
  • Technocopia - Your Guide to the Technological Lifestyle - Articles on household automation, including home theater, home networking, smart toys, pets, and communications.
  • The Handy Board - 6811-based microcontroller system that lets you build mobile robots for educational, hobbyist, and industrial purposes. Used to run robot design courses and competitions at the university and high school level.
  • The Honda Humanoid Robot - Information about Honda's Humanoid Robot.
  • The Official Stiquito Webpage - This site contains information about the Stiquito Robot, including how it works and where you can purchase Stiquito books, kits, and supplies.
  • The primary Source for the European Robotics Industry - This site has been designed as a consultancy tool for the buyers and specifiers of robotics and automation technologies within Europe.
  • The Robotics Institute - The robotics research and graduate education program at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • The Telegarden - A tele-robotic installation allows users to view and interact with a remote garden filled with living plants.
  • Toy Robots Initiative - The Toy Robot Initiative is a research project at Carnegie Mellon University. It aims to commercialize robotics technologies in education, toys and entertainment.
  • University of Texas at Austin Robotics Research Group - A research group focusing on the development of intelligent, modular, and reconfigurable robotics and automation systems.
  • UP Mobile Robotics Laboratory - The Mobile Robotics Laboratory of the University of the Philippines Electronics and Electrical Engineering Department.
  • Walking and Exotic Robots Forum - Online discussion forum for people interested in developing legged robots. Requires free registration.
  • Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics - Where biotechnology, bioengineering and microgravity will help us develop technologies that are out of this world.

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