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  • AFcom BBS - Local online community for the NY capital district and Adirondack region.
  • Baud Town BBS - Electronic community and social bulletin board system.
  • Bbs Networks and Hafa Adai Exchange - A large archive of 1/2 million shareware files. Multiple BBS type Networks including Fido Rime Wildnet plus interactive gaming.
  • BBS Promotions - Provides an resource to you relative to the what, when, where, who, why and how of bbs'ing.
  • BBS Xchange - Banner exchange for BBS-related sites.
  • Bridgewater Enterprises BBS - Great music resource and the home of several fantasy football leagues.
  • Calport BBS - This BBS located in Calcutta, India caters to people from India living abroad. On-line shopping, a virtual library, India specific programs and message areas.
  • Chat-n-files BBS - Web-based bbs-like site with Chat Rooms, local message area and large file downloads area. If browser supports Java-script, there are some games.
  • CyberZone's BBS - This BBS offer's several popular games such as MajorMud, Swords of Chaos, and the Rose. Along with teleconference, e-mail, and an extensive file library.
  • Digital Playground Interactive - A Web/Telnet based BBS. Tradewars 2002 (usually over 5 games), MajorMUD, Swords of Chaos, and L.O.R.D.
  • Doc's Place BBS Online - Telnet and web based BBS with full fidonet coverage.
  • Doctor On Board BBS - All purpose site with emphasis on medical information and discussions.
  • Dog House BBS - Home of CBSoft Software - Utils for RA / EleBBS / T-Mail
  • FamilyNet HQ BBS - G Rated BBS - Filtered internet newsgroups, Familynet and Fidonet. Been around since 1982.
  • File Library Channel 1 Communications BBS - 100 gigabyte collection of downloadable shareware and freeware.
  • Flink BBS - World Group System Focus: Messages, Chat, Online Games, Internet Services. User ID required.
  • Fluxpod Information Exchange - An online community that relies on itself to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Gargan's Gaming BBS - Running many major games. Currently operating under Synchronet BBS software.
  • HomeBBS - - A training and information BBS run by a consulting company.
  • Homer's Hut - A telnetable BBS. FidoNet, DoorGames runs on OS2 has support and file archives for OS2
  • Lina BBS InterNet Link - Lina InterNet Link is a link to the BBS system. The BBS is the former Kiruna BBS.
  • Liquid Creation - A free bulletin board service where you can play games, send e-mail, chat with your friends, find the latest upgrade to your game, or find upgrades to your favorite programs.
  • MeanMachine BBS - Free BBS access from everywhere in the world. Various Amiga-related mailing-lists VaporWare and GeekGadgets official mirrors RFCs online.
  • Monochrome BBS - Loads of informative files, u2u messaging, personal diaries, categories for anyone.
  • OCD Active BBS System - Focus on files.
  • OmenBBS - Mail Networks and over 30 gigs of files on-line. 24/7 connectivity to the net via telnet.
  • Operator Headgap Web BBS - Provides support for Mac, Amiga, Commodore 64 and 128 Computers. Download area includes an 8 CD Library - AMUG CDs, Info-Mac and GIFs.
  • Orion Online - A BBS host running Worldgroup. Online games include MajorMUD and Tradewars.
  • Pagan's Palace - BBS based RPG's, RPG message areas, real-time chat, all of todays most popular doors. Where fantasy becomes reality.
  • Partyline Central - A website for users of the defunct bbses partyline and dreamland.
  • RDS India BBS - virtual community in the Twincities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad India.
  • RealmWare Development - BBS Doors & SysOp Utilities. Products: Realm-List, Force News, Log Archiver, Drop Carrier Watch, RWVAULT, RWCALL, Little House On The Prairie Trivia & Lottery Number Generator.
  • Service Online! BBS - A GUI BBS using Excalibur. Specializes in Shareware
  • Share Wares Elite BBS - Great user friendly BBS. Easy access. Lots of downloadable software of all kinds. Free Email system and interesting message boards.
  • Share Wares Elits BBS - Lots of excellent shareware. Message bases too. Very user friendly/
  • Solstice BBS - A remarkable bulletin board system with discussion forums, chat messages, beautiful graphics, free email, fun and games. Express your ideas, meet friends, find love, laugh, and enjoy yourself.
  • Spirit of the Wild BBS - JAVA games to play at Spiritwild's Gamezone, message board, chatrooms, file links , free ISP links. Even NASCAR shopping!
  • Stargate Online - - A Treeky oriented BBS Inter Galactic games and multiple message networks
  • System Error BBS - Web based BBS running excalibur. International BBS located in Sweden.
  • Taciturn Seclusion BBS - - WorldGroup BBS located in Indianapolis with telnet and dialup access. Feel free to drop on by!
  • TARDIS III BBS - The TARDIS-Nostromo BBS website and email list. Contains information about local Phoenix BBS systems of old. Everyone is encouraged to join.
  • The BBS Corner - Source of information for both the BBS Sysop and the BBS User. Links to 3rd party software and primary software developers.
  • The Black Door BBS - Topical message areas from animal to yahtzee over 100 on-line interactive games. A very large shareware archive. Daily chat sessions.
  • The BUS BBS - The Branch Universal System is a virtual community. Tour the online town. Links to topical discussions along with a variety of services.
  • The Closer To Home BBS - Telnet to an Atari 8-bit BBS. BBS Express. Professional 6.0 software.
  • The Darklands BBS - A 24/7/356 free telnet BBS with great door games.
  • The Dock Swap, Boating BBS - A site for people to buy, or to sell, boats of all descriptions nationwide.
  • The Rock Pile - Running Worldgroup. Web page is limited logon to site to access rich message bases and up to date file areas.
  • The WELL - Pioneering online community known for engaging conversation and intelligent debate. Features more than 260 conferences ranging from technical and specific to abstract and surreal.
  • The WSB Internet Cafe - - Westwood story BBS which highlights poetry.
  • Thunderdome - An Atari BBS running on a Atari 130XE. Site specializes in Atari 8-Bit programs
  • Toad's Bog BBS - - Online community designed to reflect the Outdoor Michigan experience. Rolling hills of deciduous forest, four seasons, campfires at the lakeside, festivals, art fairs, diverse year around fun add to the eclectic taste!
  • Tokers Place - - CB & Amateur Radio Technician focused running Renegade
  • Uncensored BBS - A traditional hobbyist Citadel BBS with an emphasis on free speech.
  • Virtual Office BBS - A private web office which has BBS, announcements, messaging, Web FTP, user profiles & group calendar.
  • WasteLand BBS - Extensive file system; variety of shareware CDs. Message and InterBBS Game Networks including RelayNet(RIME), DoveNet, XpreSit, HellNet, DogNet and USENET newsgroups.
  • Worldnet Ohio BBS - - great interactive gaming features, including GameNet and ChatWorld. Our games include several games of TeleArena, MajorMUD, TradeWars, and L.O.R.D. plus many more

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