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  • Amazon Sex Kittens - All-female Unreal Tournament clan.
  • Babes in Boyland - Team Fortresss Classic guild for females. News, forum and links.
  • Beautiful Ladies of War - Girl domination. Half-Life team.
  • Casino Queens - A website built for woman gamblers. Including articles on beauty, romance, and archives for gambling.
  • EQWomen - Site for women players of Everquest, with features, reviews, message boards, chatroom. Catering to women's interests as long as fluffy kittens aren't involved.
  • EQ_women - This mailing list is for female players of Everquest to meet each other and discuss playing the game Everquest.
  • Evil Quake Goddesses - All-female Quake clan.
  • FJK_RPG - FJK stands for Female Jedi Knights. This is an all women Star Wars Role Playing Game.
  • Gamble Goddess - A women's gaming portal. Includes online casinos, free games, chat.
  • Game Goddesses - Designed for female gamers offering news, reviews and previews for the latest console and computer games. Also offers an on-line directory of girl gamers, chat rooms, and message boards. Become an official Game Goddess member.
  • - An online magazine for gamers, especially women gamers. Plays up gaming news, review, previews and a good measure of girl ummph.
  • GameGirl - Information and forums relating to Half Life MODS like Counter Strike and Day of Defeat.
  • GameGirlz - Provides PC game news and reviews for girls.
  • Gaming Women Resources -'s site. Includes news and articles.
  • Girlz Half-Life and Counter-Strike Clan - An all-female gaming clan that specializes in Half-Life and Counter-Strike online gaming. Custom skins/ models color sprays.
  • Grrl Gamer - Webzine for grrls who love games.
  • Guild of Women Gamers, The (GWG) - An organization to band women gamers together in the world of online gaming. The guild is here as a meeting place and support site for women gamers all over the net.
  • Gurlgamer - Female online gamers. Made by gurls, played by gurls. Looking for female experts on any of the games you play to volunteer and join our team and help me with news, updates, and other such information.
  • Josie Nutter: Gothy Anime Girl - Just a gamer-geek girl fascinated by the age of technology. Personal information, photos, artwork, video games, freelance web design, gothic fashion, Seattle.
  • LadyDragon.Com - Game reviews, cheats, and chat. In French and English.
  • Lilitheve - Show about games by women, for women. Message board, links, and member files.
  • Live Action Role Playing - This group is dedicated to the Women in LARPing. Discuss, give advice, relate stories and share topics that concern women who are GM/ST, writers, players, cast, techs, and game widows.
  • Playscape Research - Develops concepts that connect technology with emotional growth and insight. Playscape Research focuses on developing computer games for women.
  • Programmer in Black - This site mainly consists of review of adventure games. It is also just one woman's opinion on those games, so you may disagree with an individual review.
  • QGirlZ Quake Clan - An all-female gaming clan that specializes in Quake1 and Quake2 online gaming.
  • Quake Women's Forum - News, information, and links concerning women in the Quake online gaming community.
  • Strategy and Action Games at BellaOnline - Game reviews, walk throughs, contests, weekly articles and links. From Lisa Shea.
  • United Female Gamers Kingdom - Topics range from VG industry discussions to favorite games to For Sale and Trade.
  • Video Game Girl Ring - WebRing (since 96) for girls who play videogames. The ring includes sites dedicated to console and/or arcade games.
  • Woman of CTW - Members of this Clan come in all flavors. Ages 12 to 50+. Occupations range from student to systems engineers homemakers to auto mechanics worldwide.
  • Women In Gaming Open Mailing List - This mailing list, open to men and women alike, is dedicated to the discussion of women in role playing games - how to get them to play and issues that they face.
  • WomenGamers.Com - Lead female character reviews, a psychologist's perspective, and a focus on the marketing tactics of games to women.

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