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  • Anthology - An introduction to systemless (freeform) tabletop roleplaying, and an overview of available resources.
  • Ariel Archives Online - Dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of the Australian Roleplaying community. A collection of Convention Modules, Freeforms and other roleplaying related items, some downloadable in PDF zipped form, many only available through emailed request.
  • Burning Void Roleplaying Resources - Features essays, book reviews, and recipes.
  • Dr. Game's Gaming Site - How-to-articles, presentations, scenarios, and a game in development.
  • Dreamlake - Universal RPG material, translated from French, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Much abandoned under construction in 1997 but what's there is good. What is RPG, Star Wars guns, Grisance Island City, 4 scenarios (fantasy and near future), 5 artists' galleries, 5 magic items, 2 locations.
  • DreamMaster's Library - Extensive articles on introduction to roleplaying games, and from the World Free Form Role Playing Association (FFRP). Also Age of Wonders computer RPG information, roleplaying material reviews, pictures, and downloads.
  • Extrico - The information page. General and administrative FAQs for the moderated newsgroup for discussion of human-moderated "tabletop" or "pen and paper" role-playing games.
  • Flatearth Games - Features forums, online tools, downloadable fonts, and a user created world called Caeldera.
  • Gamer Jargon Web Site - A dictionary of slang, jargon, and in-jokes as used in the RPG subculture.
  • Gaming Outpost - Daily gaming news, reviews and articles. Hobby gaming search engine and online forums. Special promotions and contests.
  • How do u D3? - A online survey on how gamers determine the result of a D3.
  • Killing Monsters And Nicking Treasure - Product reviews, articles, links, and a list of UK Shops.
  • Land of Shadows - Short Introduction to Roleplaying.
  • - Open Gaming community featuring discussions, interactive stories, tools, articles, and news.
  • Pen & Paper - News and reviews for current and upcoming roleplaying games. Also features a RPG Database, release dates, message board, fonts, and gaming databases for D&D, Star Wars d20, Exalted, and World of Darkness.
  • Roleplaying Resources - A collection of articles about GMing, with practical tips and advice, and a collection of roleplaying related links.
  • RPG Gazette - The latest industry news for the roleplaying community.
  • RPG Host - Large resource site, includes roleplaying archives, site and product reviews, newsletter, contests, forums, postcard and dice servers, extendable interactive stories, player listings, several online and PBeM games and worlds, Fellowship free site hosting.
  • RPG News - Roleplaying News. Also features Interviews, fan sites and company spotlights.
  • RPG United - Searchable product database with reviews for various systems. Also allows search by Author or Producer.
  • - An internet radio station dedicated to entertaining and informing the roleplaying community.
  • Strolen's Citadel - The Idea Guild - Searchable fantasy resource for game masters and players for original plots and items.
  • Styles of Roleplaying - John H. Kim's FAQ, dealing with abstract (no one system) and RPG classification issues.
  • Tesarta Online Gamer's Resource Library - A constantly growing collection of articles and documents created by the staff of Tesarta as well as links to other parts of the Web and books at, all covering a wide range of topics of interest to roleplayers.
  • The Complete List of RPG Plots - Every RPG plot ever in the history of the whole world (or at least 34 of them): an arbitrary exercise (and GM's aid) by S. John Ross.
  • The CompleteRPG! - Genre Sorted list of Roleplaying Games featuring links, character sheets and reference material.
  • The Handbook to Roleplaying - Advice for novice roleplayers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Hypertext version of the newsgroup FAQ.
  • Uncle Bear Online - Articles, reviews and rants on science fiction, games, movies. The Toybox: arguably the largest collection of free roleplaying games on the web. Genre Fonts: A collection of TrueType fonts inspired by TV shows, movies, novels and roleplaying games. Links, gift shop.
  • Uncle Figgy's Realm - A writer's advice on roleplaying. Home of the popular "Uncle Figgy's Guides": "Guide to Good GameMastering" - How to manipulate friends and influence people; "Guide to Good RolePlaying" - How to make your minor deity earn his pay.
  • - Popular roleplaying game industry focused independent site, includes directory, regular columns, news, interviews, reviews, links, and large archives of gaming reference, art, and humor material.

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