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  • A Dollightful Idea - Photos of hand-sculpted dolls.
  • African American Heritage Dolls by JoAnn Bernard - African American character dolls inspired by sketches of the 1800's.
  • Aida Lammers Expressions - Featuring hand stitched and painted character and clown dolls.
  • Apple head dolls, how to make them - How to make an apple head doll, carving the head, sewing clothes, making a body and finishing the apple doll.
  • Appleville - Resources for doll makers. Tips and tools and listings of shows as well as a bulletin board for your questions and comments.
  • Arensbak Trolls - Handmade troll and gnome dolls, including information about trolls, family history, FAQs and a list of shops where the dolls can be purchased.
  • Art Dolls for Adults by Olga Shepeleva - Featuring hand sculpted and dressed character dolls.
  • Bob Cunningham's Little People - Fantasy, one-of-a-kind art-doll sculptures by Canadian doll artist Bob Cunningham.
  • Boy Dolls - Gallery of handmade cloth dolls by a Japanese doll artist, Runo, some depicting anime characters. Includes free patterns, guest doll gallery and message boards for support.
  • Boy Dolls - Gallery of handcrafted cloth dolls influenced by Japanese anime cartoon characters.
  • Brightmore Bears and Dolls - Featuring dolls using needle sculpture by Brenda Brightmore of Yorkshire.
  • Catharine's Heritage Santa Dolls - Original Santa, Father Christmas, Mrs. Claus, wizard and elf dolls with hand sculpted faces and hands, natural beards and hair.
  • Chris Miller Dolls - Featuring porcelain dolls and clothing outfits by Chris Miller.
  • Cloth Doll Connection - Offers classes and a shopping directory for cloth doll makers with links to designers, free patterns, supplies, classes, doll events and doll clubs.
  • Cloth Doll Creations - Showing different sizes, styles and designs of cloth dolls, plus toy safety and doll features info.
  • Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine - Offers subscription to magazine featuring doll artists, how to collect, where to buy, restoring dolls and display ideas.
  • Crees & Coe - Doll artist exhibition and workshops.
  • Crochet A Fashion Doll Dress - Free crocheted dress instructions for anĀ 11 1/2" fashion doll.
  • De Poppenstee - Original dolls created by Bets van Boxel.
  • Designs 4 Dolls - Resources for sewing for dolls, including embroidery, fasteners, embellishments, patterns, projects and gallery.
  • Diamond Dollies Cloth Doll Club - Australian cloth doll club that meets once a month, features free patterns, cloth and fabric hints and tips, and photos of dolls.
  • Doll Crafter Magazine - Offering online subscribing, a free sample issue, a discussion forum, job opportunities, and doll show calendar.
  • Doll Festival - This 8th European Festival of Dolls (since 1989) is a gathering of lovers of dolls, doll-making and puppet theatre. Attending will be professional and amateur dollmakers, collectors, the media and a large public of all ages.
  • Dollies Down Under - Australian based cloth doll club offering patterns and supplies and news digest.
  • DollMaking - Offers users tips and links related to how to get started with materials, how to make different parts of a doll, and where to buy supplies needed for dollmaking.
  • Dolls & Stuffed Animals by Natasha Fadeeva - A photo gallery of cloth dolls, mice, cats, bears, bunnies and other stuffed toys, plus photographs and watercolors created by Natasha Fadeeva.
  • Dolls 2 Luv by Sandy - Featuring customized, lifelike baby dolls.
  • Graces Porcelain Dolls - General information about porcelain dolls, classes, portrait dolls, and supplies in Laingsburg, Michigan.
  • Hawk Mountain Armory - Featuring Native American and Cabbage Patch doll clothing and accessories.
  • History of Russian Nesting Dolls - History and description of Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls.
  • House of McIntosh - Porcelain Doll Restoration - Porcelain doll restoration and repair in South Africa.
  • Jamie Englert Originals - Features Jamie Englert's artist dolls, magazines and articles she's been featured in. Also, composition doll bodies for the crafter and competitor, class times and locations.
  • Janette Flood Originals - British Doll Artists' Association member Janette Flood, showcases her work with cloth/felt dolls. Explains how the dolls are created and where they will be shown.
  • Joan Blackwood Dolls - Joan Blackwood's one of a kind doll gallery, contacts, and personal bio.
  • Kensinger Santa - Featuring Santa and Father Christmas dolls by Belgium artist Robert Kensinger.
  • Laura Levine's Artdolls - Laura's dolls exhibit the uncomfortable side of the human condition. The fine art dolls are sometimes precious, sometimes brutal, but always provoke thought.
  • Marlaine Verhelst - Gallery of fantasy dolls and exhibition calendar.
  • Nicol Sayre - Featuring Nicol Sayre 18th Century style handmade folkdolls, candy containers and pincushions. Includes list of retailers who carry her work.
  • ODACA - Doll making tips shared by ODACA artists covering many different subjects and topics.
  • ODACA-Original Doll Artist Council of America - ODACA is an organization of doll sculptors creating original dolls. Artist membership is awarded based solely on the quality of the history of the artists' original doll work.
  • PCF Studios, Inc. - Offering sculpting workshops, molds and supplies from artists Philippe and Charisse Faraut, plus a photo gallery of original dolls.
  • Peter Holland - Doll Artist & Sculptor - Information about commercial master modeller making originals for Wedgwood figurines and dolls. Talks, workshops and moulds available.
  • Rainbow Dolls by Sylvia Wright - Featuring original sculpted porcelain character dolls by Sylvia Wright.
  • Sandra's Homepage - Featuring the patchwork dolls made by a Lithuanian housewife and mother.
  • Small Stuff Miniatures Digest - Daily email newsletter digest with tips, hints, resources and encouragement for creating and collecting dollhouse miniatures.
  • Soft Dolls & Animals! Magazine - Offering subscription to bimonthly magazine, how-to projects for all levels of skill, techniques, artist profiles and patterns.
  • Strange Dolls - Strange and disturbing dolls' gallery of hans bellmer.
  • Suite 101 Dollmaking - Featuring articles, discussions and links about different kinds of doll art (like fabric sculpting, paper mache, wood-carving, clay, and paper dolls).
  • Susan's Nest - Porcelain designer dolls in small series, Porcelain portrait dolls made from photos, some dressed sculptures and mixed media figures.
  • The Doll House - Bride doll replicas, including gowns. Other dolls and doll clothes.
  • The Dollmaker - About a gallery in Antwerp, exhibiting the work of doll artists Marleen Verheyen, Nadine Depoortere, Christele Vanheste, Miep Simoskie, Ilse Spuijbroek, Christa Canzio, Piwat Nophirun, Philip Heath, Francoise Filaci, Anne Mannaerts and Dagmar Schmitz.
  • The Shuppy Shoppe - Art of Dolls - Porcelain dolls by Sue Shuppy.
  • Tom Banwell Designs' Lumicast Resin - Offers custom silicone rubber molds and resin castings in urethane and polyester. Specializing in prototypes, awards, doll parts, and figurines. Classes on moldmaking and resin casting. Featuring Lumicast, a translucent resin used by award winning doll artists.
  • Two Spirit Dolls - A Seeley Doll Studio located in Indianapolis offering Greenware and classes.
  • Ugly Art - Surreal,Gothic and Satanic Dolls and art work.
  • Uwe Sorenson Puppets - One-of-a-kind marionette puppets sculpted by German artist or historical and general characters.
  • Victorian Fashions - Offers conservation supplies and other items helpful to the antique replica doll maker, plus antique fabrics and trims, buttons, laces and antique wig making supplies.

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