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  • amIhealthy - Low-cost health-status measurement tools and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.
  • DocCheck - A password service for medical professionals on the Internet. The free DocCheck password grants access to doctors-only areas of many medical Web sites.
  • Euro Surgical Services Inc. - Information on this referral service for surgical procedures provided in Germany.
  • Flying Nurses International, LLC - Offers travel escort by registered nurses. Background, list of services, frequently asked questions, and testimonials.
  • Healthcare Advocates - Helping people with insurance problems, finding doctors, nursing homes, medical information and more.
  • - An online community for healthcare with a large variety of health topics to help you with your questions.
  • Healthimpacts.Com - Dr. Joseph C. Obi, health impact assessment (HIA) consultant offers services, including medical writing, and e-books.
  • Healthy Intentions - Medical information service on any topic requested. An individualized report is prepared containing information from a wide variety of previously published material from both the conventional and alternative medicine fields.
  • Just Move - An American Heart Association web site on physical activity, to help you reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, featuring health facts, practical tips, fitness news, a personal trainer, user forums and event calendar.
  • MDI - Offers mobile, modular, and pre-staged cardiac cath, angiography, and EP labs. The labs vary in size and equipment.
  • Media Production Services - Univ. of Southern Alabama College of Medicine--medical illustration, graphics, digital and traditional prints, layout, posters, video, cd writing, website design, slides and digital presentations.
  • Nurse Transport - Offers travel escort by a registered nurse. Includes list of services, resume, and contact information.
  • One Of A Kind - Tailored to your own health and lifestyle needs, this online health resource helps to develop new healthier habits and to lower your risk for coronary heart disease and stroke.
  • Optimal Health Concepts - Information on stress management programming, and employee health enhancement planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • OptiMale - An economical medical program which asses and optimizes male hormone levels with prescription and non-prescription therapies, to maintain cardiovascular function, muscle strength, and libido throughout life.
  • Patient Rights and Claims Services - Help for patients navigating the complex world of healthcare services and insurance claims.
  • ProActive Health - Providing occupational health, disease state management, telemedicine and wellness program services to corporations.
  • Radiation Physics, Inc. - Medical Specialists supplying commissioning, planning and software services. (Miramar, FL)
  • Sleep Management services for childrenĀ  - Sweet Dreams is a young and dynamic partnership offering a high quality, individually tailored service to parents, enabling them to realistically resolve childrens sleep problems
  • StayStat - Internet health and wellness site with 24/7 global emergency service where medical profile may be accessed in case of an emergency
  • Surgical Imaging Sales and Service Specialists - Offers sales and service solutions for medical imaging technologies of all specialties.
  • Tell-A-Nurse - Physicians telephone triage service providing evening, weekend and off-hours medical triage for patients under the care of a doctor or nurse.
  • USAMedicus - Provides assistance services to international patients seeking healthcare in the USA. Information on services such as locating specialists, appointments, second opinions, care management, discounts, and health insurance.
  • Vacation Care International - Traveling nurses, traveling medical companions, and health care services for children and adults. Includes list of services and frequently asked questions.

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