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  • 51 quotations sites - A "free-for-all" directory of popular quotation sites.
  • A Quote for You - An index of quotations arranged by subject, including faith, anger, mistakes, and truth.
  • All Things William - Quotes based on the name William in its various forms.
  • Aphorisms Galore - Find witty sayings by author or category, read background information, and contribute favorite sayings.
  • Board of Wisdom - Share and debate famous quotes, sayings and witticisms.
  • Brain Candy: Celebrity Quotations - Advice given by well known people. Also famous put downs or insults.
  • BrainyQuote - Browse over 30,000 quotations by 8,000 authors. FREE Quote-a-day e-mail newsletter.
  • Conservation Best Quotes around the World - Conservation and Environmental Quotes.
  • Cool Quotes Collection - From Voltaire to restroom-graffiti.
  • Critial Thought and Religious Liberty - Quotes - Includes pages with quotes from America's founding fathers, Albert Einstein, Adolph Hitler, and Stephen Jay Gould.
  • Daily Quotation Server - Poetry, literature, science, philosophy and rare quotes with online browsing, searching, daily email mailing, user voting and no banners.
  • Dictionary of Quotations - Famous and inspiring quotations organized by subject and author.
  • - Quotations by philosophers, poets, and psychologists, with additional sayings about nature and love/romance.
  • Double Arrow Quotations - An ever growing database of fun, historical, and important quotations.
  • Famous Quotes and Bios - witticisms and wisdom - A quote of the day system including biographies and pictures of the people quoted.
  • Food Quotations - Chinese Cuisine ( - Quotations about food, ranging from the humorous to the philosophical, by everyone from Confucius to Mark Twain.
  • GIGA Quotes - This collection of quotations, aphorisms, maxims, proverbs, mottoes, book excerpts, and poems is browsable by author or cross-referenced topic.
  • HeartQuotes - Free quote archive with a free quote subscription which currently has nearly 7,000 subscribers receiving a inspirational quote everyday.
  • Itzalist Quotes Resources - Focusing on sought after quotes including motivational, cartoon characters, sports, and humor along with many other quotation categories.
  • Literature Quotations from - More than 10,000 quotations from literature texts, covering Chaucer to modern writers. Organised according to author and fully searchable.
  • Love of Books - Quotes about books, reading, and authors.
  • Noring Collection of Quotations - Huge single page from the alt.quotations newsgroup.
  • PacMall Famous Quotes - Includes famous quotes, poems, and links of famous people from Albert Einstein to Willy Wonka on life, love, laughs, friendship, and poems.
  • Positive Atheism's Big List of Quotations - Quotations by authors, political and religious leaders, scientists, Supreme Court Justices, comedians and philosophers. Includes random quotation generator.
  • Quotation Ring Mailing List - Mailing list and archive; accepts contributions.
  • Quotations - Multilingual collection of sayings arranged by the person quoted, profession of the person, or language.
  • Quotations - Learn about clich├ęs, euphemisms, quotes from famous people, and how to use quotations in written text. From
  • Quotations for all occasions - Quotes on marketing, success, communication, love, fear, and management thoughts.
  • Quote Me On It - Large collection of quotations organized by subject and author.
  • Quote-O-Matic - Quotes arranged by topic and category. Searchable by author or keyword. Display random quotes in a category.
  • Quotes - Serious quotes, funny quotes, prudent advice and words of wisdom. Also includes quotes from Wolman suite 510.
  • Quotes on Genius. - Quotations on genius.
  • Quotes' Universe - Downloadable Windows help file containing quotations.
  • Quotez - Over 5000 Quotations - Over 5000 quotes indexed by subject and by author. Mark Fryer's GeoCities site.
  • Quotez2k02 - Regularly updated quotations website, covering many categories including inspirational and motivational quotations, all sorted alphabetically by author.
  • Roger's Collection of Famous Quotations - Quip, proverbs and sayings by famous and not so famous people that ranges from Aristotle to Warren Zevon featuring Albert Einstein, Mae West and W.C. Fields.
  • Russian Book: Quotation - English-language quotes, aphorisms, jokes, Irish toasts and blessings, movie quotes, and proverbs; with some content in Russian.
  • Silken Tiger Fuzzy Frolics - Unique selection of quotes and sayings, including interactive quotes exchange.
  • SimplyPets Pet Quotes - Quotes about pets, including categories for cat and for dog quotations.
  • Speculative Fiction for the Web - Thought-provoking and humurous quotes on writing, life, and the writing life.
  • The Institution of Silly & Meaningless Sayings - The study of isms. Current database holds almost 450 isms heard at first hand.
  • The Quotable Writer - Humorous, thought-provoking, and inspirational quotations about the craft of writing and the publishing business.
  • The Quotations and Sayings Database - One of the oldest and most comprehensive quotation collections. Contains a unique quotations search portal.
  • The Quote Aholic - Selection from thinkers and philosophers.
  • The Quote Archive - A searchable collection of quotes on love, friendship, education, and more. As well as by Einstein, Winston Churchill, and others. There are also some mulilingual quotes.
  • The Time of your Life - Collections based on the idea of time.
  • The Treasury of Quotations - Selected and categorized quotations on many topics from all over the world.
  • Timely Quotes - Features timely quotes from the 19th and 20th century.
  • Top Quotations - More than 50,000 quotations online. Read through subject or author. More quotations are added regularly.
  • Top Term Papers Quotes and Sayings - Features famous and inspirational quotes and sayings on love, education, wisdom and more.
  • Top-Education: Great Speeches - Collection of speeches of various historical figures and modern personalities, along with biographical information.
  • Wall of Theorgy - Collection of quotes, thoughts, ideas, humor, and mental stimuli ranging from famous quotes to the webmasters thoughts.
  • Who Said That - Meaningful quotes from a wide variety of sources.
  • Wordz - This site is a collection of quotations grouped by subject, including love, dreams, writing, and last words, among others.
  • XQuotes - A vast collection of quotations, popular and obscure.
  • Zenkou - New classical quotes added weekly.

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