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  • Bellinger's Mental Model Musings - If there is one thread of continuity which runs through the content of this web site it has much to do with the concept of systems. And, as of late system studies have lead me to the area of knowledge management.
  • CALT Encyclopedia: Knowledge Management & Workflow - A collection of annotated resources that features links to conferences, research organizations, software providers, and consulting firms, as well as educational sites.
  • CyberCity Initiative - Index of Knowledge Management resources with descriptions, papers, case studies and briefs. Sponsored by the city of Grande Prairie, AB, Canada.
  • Delphi on Knowledge Management - The Delphi Group on Knowledge Management, Knowledge Leadership, Corporate Instinct, Smart Companies, Smart Tools, Knowledge Workers, Corporate Intelligence.
  • Developing a Knowledge Strategy - Michael H. Zack. Most knowledge management initiatives are viewed primarily as information systems projects. Strategic advantage can come from knowing more than competitors, if companies can explicitly articulate the link between knowledge and strategy.
  • Imesh - An international initiative with the aim of supporting communication and collaboration amongst subject gateway providers and related parties.
  • KM World - News stories, upcoming events, workshops, conferences and resources in the knowledge management field.
  • KM's Knowledge Management FAQ - Frequently asked questions about knowledge management. Also provides glossary section.
  • Knowledge Board - The EC Knowledge Management Forum portal: identifying terminology, application and implementation, to define "KM Made in Europe". Industry news, case studies, events, academic papers, discussion forums, and a fortnightly newswire.
  • Knowledge Ecology - An interdisciplinary field of management theory and practice, focused on the relational and social/behavioral aspects of knowledge creation and utilization. Its primary study and domain of action is the design and support of self-organizing knowledge ecosystems, providing the infrastructure in which information, ideas, and inspiration can travel freely to cross-fertilize and feed on each other.
  • Knowledge Leadership - By Stacie Capshaw and Thomas M. Koulopoulos. The one thing that frequently distinguishes knowledge management projects among other strategic initiatives, is the passion, fearlessness and confidence of the knowledge leader.
  • Knowledge Management - An introductory article by Gene Bellinger that outlines key concepts in the field. Features annotated links to related resources.
  • Knowledge Management - Enterprises are realising how important it is to "know what they know" and be able to make maximum use of the knowledge. Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI).
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems - A tutorial by Maryam Alavi, a Presentation in ICIS '97.
  • Knowledge Management Directions: Database Management Considerations for BI and KM - By Shahla Butler. This column presents some of the major database management considerations for data warehousing and business intelligence.
  • Knowledge Management Information Resource Center - Provides resources and news to industry professionals.
  • Knowledge Management Lab - Center at Florida International University (FIU) that researches and evaluates practices, processes, and technologies. Offers papers, links, information on mission objectives, and member profiles.
  • Knowledge Nurture - Our goal is to host a place for people to dialogue, to provide people with the means to share information and to establish a resource to help people learn about knowledge management. Our audience is not only our associates within Buckman Laboratories, but the world-wide knowledge management community: practioners, newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.
  • Knowledgepoint - Knowledge management information and tools to build your intellectual capital, customer capital and business intelligence.
  • Managing Codified Knowledge - Michael H. Zack. To remain competitive, organizations must efficiently and effectively create, locate, capture, and share their organizations knowledge and expertise. This increasingly requires making the organization's knowledge explicit and recording it for easier distribution and reuse.
  • Resources on knowledge management - Bibliography of print sources for a Knowledge Management study that focuses on applied aspects of the field.
  • Simpler Work - Changing how we work in the information age. Simplicity, complexity in work design are driven by knowledge management, knowledge work, communication, learning, organizational change, transformation.
  • The Knowledge Management Forum - A community of practice discussing the theories, methods, and practices. This is a shared resource. If you have an interest in Knowledge Management, please join us as an active participant, let us know about your background, your interests and views on Knowledge Management and feel free to contribute material or links to be shared with others.
  • Total Knowledge Management - Knowledge mapping, corporate intranets, building a culture of knowledge sharing, information on training workshops and consultancy projects in knowledge management.
  • WWW Virtual Library of Knowledge Management - A compilation of knowledge management articles, forums, analyses, calendar, positions and bibliographies.

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