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  • Acoustic Renaissance for Audio - Proposal for high-quality audio use of DVD.
  • Altec Lansing Loudspeaker History - Dedicated to the history of Altec Lansing speakers.
  • Ampage -- tube design discussion group. - Forum for musical instrument electronics amateurs, concentrating on tube amps.
  • Arens Attic: DIY Audio - Tube preamps, power amps and loudspeakers.
  • Audio Asylum. - Forum for the exchange of audio-related knowledge: from DIY amplifiers to audiophile recordings.
  • Audio Engineering Society - The audio professional society.
  • Audio Pieces, Eduardo de Lima - Analysis of single ended triode (SET) tube amplifiers. Extended treatment of output impedance.
  • AudioVideo101 - Dictionary of Audio and Video technology, with commuinity of devotees.
  • British Federation of Audio - Professional and commercial interest society.
  • Circuit Exchange International - Contains schematics, circuit analysis design and theory of circuit boards.
  • Computer Dynamics - Facts, Q&A, definitions, etc. about flat panel displays.
  • Dazy Web Laboratories - Applications and source code for audio engineers; calculators, digital waveform generator, spectrum analyzer, oscilloscope, filter designer, etc.
  • dts Online - Overview of dts (digital theather systems), its applications, consumer products and dts technology related coverages. Online store for dts related products.
  • DVD - Extensive DVD related links to understand DVD format technology.
  • ePanorama - PC soundcards - Introductory information on various aspects of computer sound interfaces and related links.
  • - Reference site for all electronics applications. In-depth tutorials on power supplies, testing, audio, microphones, amplifiers, motor control, basic electronics, lasers, radios, digital electronics, robotics, etc.
  • HAVi Audio Video Networking - Movement for an openly-licensable specification for networking digital home entertainment products.
  • HDCD - High Definition Compatible Digital - Overview of HDCD technology, list of software and compatible hardware.
  • HDTV Galaxy - HDTV consumer resource center.
  • Head-Fi - Head-Fi is the meeting place for headphone hi-fi enthusiasts.
  • HeadWize - A non-profit site specializing in headphones and headphone listening. The HeadWize library contains articles, essays, projects and technical papers. There are also link lists and a headphone FAQ.
  • How Stuff Works: Analog and Digital Recording - Illustrated guide to analog and digital recording. Includes a sound sample.
  • How Stuff Works: Camcorder - Basic explanation of the theory behind the workings of a video camcorder. Explanations of theory, formats, manufacturers, FAQ, and How-it-works.
  • How Stuff Works: Tape Recorder - Fully illustrated tutorial about magnetic recording, with related links.
  • I Love DVD - Everything you needed to know about the shiny little disc including movie reviews, region codes and widescreen explained.
  • Jong Woo's Tube Portal - A list of links related to tubes.
  • MPEG Audio Resources and Software - Technical resources for those interested in understanding better the Audio part of MPEG standard.
  • Musical Instrument Tube Amp Building - Anthology of do-it-yourself instruction for designing and building tube-based instruments.
  • PassLabs--Projects - Theory, schematics, and construction direction on building several of Nelson Pass's revered High-End stereo equipment.
  • - Full on-line versions of premier printed publications for the professional in radio & television broadcast, live sound, sound recording, mastering, CD replication, animation and computer grahics, video editing, tape duplication and data production applications.
  • Rich Franzen's Wheel of Saturation, Intensity, and Hue - Java applet allows viewing and changing of color characteristics on your computer video screen.
  • RTI TheaterTouch T2 Remote Control Review - Home theater set up, theater system reviews and details on various audio formats.
  • Steve Ekblad's Free Audio and Design - Free audio software and online enclosure (speaker) calculator. Links to software for filter, electronics, spectrum analyzer, loudspeaker, transformer, fast fourier transform, and noise design.
  • The Recording Website - Audio recording articles, equipment reviews and message boards.
  • Tube CAD Journal - Active forum for exchange of tube audio ideas and technology.
  • Tube Database - Datasheets for about 3,000 vacuum tubes.
  • Tubes Vs.Transistors -- a report. - An essay presented to the AES on the much-debated topic of the tonality of different amplifier technology.
  • Vacuum Tube Circuitry for Audio -- Links. - Links to a host of tube audio sites including sites on musical instruments, theory and design, and fabrication.
  • Valves Unlimited Online - Information on valve, valve amp and vintage radio.
  • Williamson Labs - Tutorials and information on NTSC/RS-170, VCRs, Digital TV, Frame Buffers, TBCs, VGA, CGI, etc...
  • World Tube Audio - Extensive list of links and topics on vacuum tube audio applications, projects, theory, design, etc. Boasts a "world's largest" tube audio links section.
  • Steve Bench Vacuum Tube Audio Application + Theory - Technically advanced site featuring description and analysis of vacuum tube theory and design. Information on OTL, tubes, test equipment, the sound of capacitors, loadlines, power amps, inverted tridoes, and starved filaments.

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