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  • 101 Insight Cards - An on-line deck of cards offering you personal and spiritual inspiration. Click on a card you are drawn to.
  • 5 Continents - Asiatic divinatory game.
  • Access the Power - Features two oracles: a rune reading and wisdom cards.
  • Angel Psychic - Immediate Angel Card readings and Karma readings. Must have a credit card and pay $3.95 for each question.
  • AskAlana - Helps you to attract your soul mate, discover your life purpose, embrace your intuition, truly love yourself, create a joyful future, improve your relationships, and connect with your angels and guides.
  • Cafe Nation - Ask a question and the virtual cup of coffee will give you your answer. Also includes coffee news from around the world.
  • Click Your Future - A system of electronic dice and numerology which results in different statements to answer the user's question.
  • Cosmos Knows - Allows the user to ask a question about love, money, business, health, spirituality or relationships, to receive a reply and an appropriate quotation.
  • Crystal Ball - A very simple script that allows you to ask the crystal ball simple 'yes' or 'no' questions.
  • Destiny Consultations - Online fortune telling using a variety of divination systems.
  • Destiny Tarot - Nicely interactive readings based on tarot cards.
  • Facade - Online readings using Tarot, runes, the I Ching, biorhythms, bibliomancy and stichomancy.
  • FortunesNow - Automated psychic tarot and rune readings as well as ESP testing, a psychic quiz, occult library, and chat area.
  • Goddess Wisdom - Visitors select a card to choose one of 52 global goddesses and read about the consciousness each represents.
  • HRIH: Divinations - Sophisticated I-Ching & Tarot Readings with good explanations of the cards, but the interpretation is left up to the user.
  • Intelligent Magic - Unique method of predicting your fate and fortune using your answers to some personality questions.
  • Predictions - Find out what the future holds ask questions. Past life generator, fortune teller, karma generator and many other features.
  • Jane's Work: BioRhythms - Biorythm chart that uses java applet.
  • Karen's Krystall Ball - Pick a number, and this program tells your fortune.
  • lore - tarot reading - Free online fortune card readings using cards that are almost 80 years old. Also available daily horoscopes, ouija board, reincarnation charter and more.
  • Lucky Day - Very simple page that chooses randomly between, "Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Positive and Negative".
  • Madame Modine's Parlor - Instant prophecy by dice, cards and dominoes.
  • Madame Predicts Your Future - Fortune teller, Madame Illusion, sheds light on your future.
  • Mystical Colour Fortunes - The ancient North African way to tell your fortune weekly. Predictions about your health, wealth, career, etc., based on your name. It calculates your mystic color, then gives weekly horoscopes.
  • One Time Place - Includes tarot readings, rune stones, spiritual insight cards and fun oracles such as the magick 8-ball, the yes/no oracle and a percentage shot.
  • Oracle of Changes - Offers a no frills version for AOL users or those with slower modems, and a Shockwave version. Gives a very complex, thorough reading.
  • Psy-Magic - A variety of oracles using astrology, tarot, dice, numerology, and I-ching.
  • Psychic Kindergarten Cards - Free program for Macintosh or Windows. Ask a question and one of the cards will be drawn for your answer. You can look at a list of all of the cards, and the program will keep a record of all of your questions and answers.
  • Request A Fortune - Interactive readings of many Types: Tarot, Rune, Native-American, etc.
  • Serena's Guide to Divination - Free instant readings, unusual forms of divination such as phallomancy, pedomancy and kumalak, as well as tarot, cartomancy, palmistry, facereading and dice.
  • Soulmate Oracle - Get love advice and relationship help from an online deck of cards. An interactive self-help tool by authors John Grey, Ph.D. and Bonney Grey, R.N.
  • Spirit Quest: The Way of the Ancestors - A Native American tool of self-discovery, similar to the I-Ching. Uses java.
  • Spiritual Growth: Mysticism and Human Potential - Click on a square, read your fortune.
  • Star Woman - Over 140 instant Tarot readings. Online dream dictionary, runes, magic 8 ball, and interactive magic spells.
  • Swoon - Various astrology and dream online interpretations.
  • Tarotball - Many methods of free online readings including Tarot, Horoscopes, Love Compatibility, Numerology, Fortune Cookie, Magic 8 Ball, Runes, Electric Almanac, and I Ching.
  • The Matrix Oracles - Interactive astrology, Tarot, I-Ching, Numerology, Romance and divination readings.
  • Transformational Tools Made Simple - Free reading using color. Learn about yourself: your strengths and the lessons you are learning. Products, classes, counseling, and articles on color and more.
  • - Tarot and rune readings as well as live reading facilities.
  • WTP - Tea Leaf Reading Cup - Stir the tea and read your tea leaves. Uses Shockwave.
  • Ziriya Interactive Message Board - Features the Ziriya board, an intricate design with many phrases. Uses java, and takes over 5 minutes to load. Great graphics.

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