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  • A World of Handicrafts - Unique handmade gifts from around the world, such as Italian ceramics, African woodcarvings, masks, statuettes, perfume bottles, jewelry boxes, wind chimes, picture frames.
  • Afro-Caribbean Art Kingdom - Offering African and Caribbean arts, crafts and decorative items.
  • - Handcrafted artwork, stone sculptures, and wood carvings from around the world.
  • Cadeaux DuMonde - Imports sculpture, jewelry, musical instruments, home accessaries, rugs, hats, and dolls.
  • Century Design International - Home decor, kitchen accents and jewelry from around the world.
  • Cosmic Vision - Handicrafts, clothing and jewelry from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.
  • E-maginativegifts - On-line shop of gifts specializing in handicrafts and artisan products from around the world.
  • Ethnic Inspiration - Ethnic crafts and jewelry from Asia, Africa, and South America
  • FolkArt Gallery - Indigenous, ethnic and tribal artifacts, crafts, textiles, and jewelry from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
  • - Network of geographically categorized gift shops.
  • Importu - Hand crafted gifts, furniture and decorative accessories from around the world. A large selection from Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, Vietnam, India and beyond.
  • Kushday - Worldwide handcrafted goods of woodcarvings and sculptures, figurines, and wall hangings.
  • Magellan Traders - Handmade imported functional and decorative art and jewelry from Africa, Papua New Guinea, South America and the Orient.
  • Mission Imports, Ltd - Selling imported handcrafted items from Romania and South Africa.
  • Mystery Mountain - Traditional African, Native American, and Far Eastern products as well as clothing, jewellery, statues, and unusual musical instruments.
  • Novica - Handmade arts, crafts, jewelry and linens, from around the world.
  • Old World Bazaar - Offers hand-made goods from Egypt, India, Mexico and around the world. Shop for brass, wood, stone, and silver crafts made by local artisans.
  • Oxfam Trading - Products from developing countries in Africa, Asia and South America, including handcrafts, books, music CDs and instruments, clothing, toys, food, and jewelry. Based in Australia.
  • PaulaWalla Imports - Find traditionally ethnic and women-produced products from around the world including hand crafted European jewelry, Japanese incense, traditional Indian home decor, and American bath products.
  • Positive Images - Ethnic dolls, including biracial, Hispanic, Asian, national dolls with cultural clothing.
  • Prometheus Imports - Selling historical, cultural and religious items such as Hindu, Buddha, and reproductions of ancient Egyptian and Greek statuary.
  • SERRV International - Gifts that make a difference, ethical fair trade gift and crafts products from a range of developing countries.
  • Talisman Tribal Arts - Traditional ethnographic artifacts and handmade crafts including creative gift ideas, fashion accessories, and home decorating items from artisans around the world.
  • Ten Thousand Villiages - Fair trade international craft supplier. Crafts from arround the world from an ethical supplier.
  • The Origins - Historic reproduction artifacts, hand crafted native arts and gifts representing the heritage of cultures around the world.
  • The RPCV Market - Featuring items of interest to the Peace Corps community and returned volunteers, including regional food, clothing, and crafts.
  • Treasures by Antoinette - A variety of gifts from around the world. Available in the US or Canada.
  • Unusual - Gifts and home furnishings such as masks, walls items and kites from around the world.
  • Wonders Of the World - Offers handmade gifts and collectibles from around the world.
  • World Experience - Your online source for items from around the world.
  • - Goods from India, China, Poland, and Russia, plus flags from around the world.
  • Worlds Apart Trading Company - Arts and crafts from around the world, suppling baskets, home decor and musical instruments.
  • Yin Yang Fandango - Unique gifts, hand drums and drum circles, aromatherapy and incense, music, funky clothes and accessories, folk art, spiritually themed imports, and jewelry.

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