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  • Alliance Linguistics Directory - The leading Linguistics websites catalogued by experts from Oxford, Stanford and Yale Universities.
  • Binnick's Linguistic Bibliography - Annotated bibliography of tense, verbal aspect, aktionsart and related areas.
  • Britann's Language Center - A collection of links with resources to over 70 well-known languages including brief descriptions of the major subfields in Linguistics.
  • Corpus Linguistics - Links to corpora, software, papers, bibliographies and additional sites.
  • Fields of Linguistics - A collection of articles which outline the various areas of specialization in linguistics.
  • Itzalist Language Directory - Search engine and compendium of resources on language education, text translators, dictionaries, alphabets and other related resources.
  • Language and Linguistics - Essays on language and linguistics and links to related materials.
  • Language Exploration - Explorations on historical linguistics, the nature of language and how it is used in culture.
  • Lexicon of Linguistics - Searchable database of linguistic terminology updated with many new terms in the areas of Generative Grammar (Minimalism) and Phonetics. Includes bibliography.
  • Linguasphere - Devoted to exploration of our global linguistic environment with extracts from the Linguasphere Register of the World's Languages and Speech Communities.
  • Linguistic Data Consortium - Sharing of linguistic data, tools and standards resources.
  • Linguistic Enterprises: Private Sector Employment for Linguists - A job-search site for linguists seeking employment in the private sector.
  • Linguistic Exploration - Multidimensional exploration of online linguistic databases.
  • Maledicta Press - Specializes in negatively-valued words and expressions from all languages and cultures, focussing on the origin, etymology, meaning, use and influence of verbal aggression and abuse of any kind.
  • Museum of Human Language - Virtual museum with columns. Definition of a language, linguistics, and language function.
  • Stewardship Project - Listings of international geographical names, orthography and transcription with commentaries on language.
  • The Homepage of Integrational Linguistics - A specific approach to linguistics combining a comprehensive theory of language and a theory of grammars.
  • The Linguistics Project - Interdisciplinary, international, internet-community on language and linguistics.
  • The sci.lang FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions about dialects, languages and their relationships, linguistics, and phonetic systems.
  • Introduction to Linguistics - Linguistics for Beginners is a multimedia, interactive introduction to the subject. You will find all major topics of current linguistic studies examined here.
  • The LINGUIST List - Web site for the LINGUIST mailing list: professional communication and networking for the world-wide community of linguists.

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