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  • A Better Photo Guide - Laminated field reference cards for photographers with numerous tips and techniques for shooting better photos.
  • A simplified zone system for correctly exposing negatives - A tutorial on a simplified version of the zone system, a technique to help you make better exposures of negatives and slides.
  • About Amateur Photography - Technical information about photography for the amateur photographer. Tips and links.
  • Art Navigator - Photo processing chemistry, glas etching, glas malen, bleiverglasung, photo etching, fotogravure. Information in English, German or Dutch.
  • Basic Photography Guide - General overview of basic photography principles, including shutter speeds, depth of field, film types, flash, and macro photography.
  • - Teaches photographers how to make better photos; tips to improve photographic technique, camera comparisons, book reviews, and Q&A section.
  • Black & White Photography Exhibition - A site dedicated to extolling the virtues of black and white photography, coupled with practical techniques.
  • Butterfly Photography - Get the most from your butterfly hunt, by Jakub Jasinski.
  • Campbell Photographic Arts - With the ChromaZone Exposure System, amateur and professional photographers are now offered the only comprehensive exposure method for color slide and print photography.
  • Cave Photography Tips - Advice about subterranean photography from the United States Show Caves Directory.
  • Chemical process factors in a minilab - Here we discuss several details that contribute to the photo finishing quality and the principal processing factors of the chemical processes used to produce prints from color negative films .
  • Chris Groenhout's Photography - Texts and examples on aerial, panoramic and infra-red photography. Tutorials on exposure, professional photography as well as useful photography related links.
  • Cokin Filter System - Cokin filters are tools that can help translate to film either what you physically see or what your imagination sees.
  • Color Spectrum Photography - Articles on how to take better pictures of a variety of subjects and settings. Also has a section devoted to digital photography.
  • Colourzone Photography - A few simple techniques explained to help you achieve accurate and consistent exposures. Problems in using exposure compensation and problems in using variable aperture zooms are also explained.
  • Decode the DX-Film Code - Table explaining the DX coding of 35mm films.
  • Destowe's Home Page - Personal tips and techniques on processing, scanning, and photographing.
  • Electronic Flash Information - Frequently asked questions about electronic flashes used in photography.
  • Explore Photography - Offers basic tips, sample photos, distance charts, and advice on equipment.
  • Exposure Value (EV) Table - What the Exposure Values (EV numbers) are and how they are used in photography.
  • EZ Learn Photography - Offers guides, articles, tutorials and advice for learning proper photography techniques and skills, both 35mm and digital.
  • Farzad's 5-stop Approach - Spotmeter technique uses Farzad's simplified 5-stop approach that can be used with all films.
  • Focus on Photography - How to take travel pictures like a pro.
  • Focus Online - News, reviews, tips, articles, and reader's photos. Emphasis seems to be on digital photos
  • Free Photo Tips - A few basic photo tips including posing, exposure, film, techniques, flash and lighting tips, camera tips to help you to take better photos for your family.
  • Free Photography Tips for Flowers and Macrophotography - This site offers ten tips for better flower pictures, plus tips for macrophotography. Site is really an advertisement for services, but has some tips articles as well.
  • Garry Black Photography; Tips and Techniques - Advice on how to photograph waterfalls, and fireworks, how to make multiple exposures and use filters effectively. E-mail Gary your questions and he will post answers.
  • Guide 4 Photography - Information on all types of Photography including digital, wedding, black & white and art photography
  • Hadorn Photographers - Includes several short articles about basic camera usage, and a few black and white photographs for sale online.
  • High Speed and Scientific Photography - Ballistics, high speed, peripheral, panoramic, infrared, Schlieren, Phoenix Process and related photographic techniques.
  • High Speed Photography - An amateur guide to computer controlled photography of short duration events.
  • HM Group's Photo School - Insights and lessons on photographic composition, film, and techniques.
  • How Stuff Works: Photographic Film - An illustrated description of how the film in a camera works.
  • How To Photograph Professional Wrestling - Information on the techniques anyone can use to protograph professional wrestling.
  • rules - tips and techniques for street photography without the customary 'rules' of composition and exposure. freestyle street photography. also with a gallery of images.
  • Imaging Technical Library - Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique library in Chinese and English.
  • Knowledge Hound - Links to how-to guides for nature, theatrical, concert, underwater, digital, stereoscopic, 3D and pinhole photography; astrophotography; and darkroom tips.
  • Lexpix - Tips and advice on 35mm, portrait, travel, and digital photography.
  • Life in Your Camera - Fungi and dust mites sometimes inhabit precious camera equipment. How to discover them, and what measures to take.
  • Luminous Landscape - Comprehensive photographic site emphasizing landscape, nature and documentary photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques. Contains product reviews, tutorials, portfolios, a critique contest, and a discussion forum.
  • Nature Photography - Images and articles by Larry Sizemore. Technical and descriptive articles covering exposure, macro, light, birds, and wildflowers.
  • On-Line Photographer - Course to the basics of photography, advanced tips and tricks and reference documents for information on films, and camera's.
  • Online Imaging Reference - Online photographic and digital imaging knowledge and technique, presented with feature essays and topic library.
  • Panorama Photography Nuts and bolts - A detailed description and examples on panoramic photography using standard cameras and lenses and digital stitching.
  • Photo This! - Advice around photography, films, and cameras
  • Photo Tips - Get great photo tips to help you take better pictures. Topics include: sports, travel, and holiday photography.
  • Photo Tips 101 - Decor Photography - Tips for the beginner, covering film, camera operation, and techniques for shooting in special situations.
  • Photo-Aid - Basic photography advice for the beginning amateur photographer from a retired professional. Includes advice based on specific situations and common mistakes.
  • - Free 'seminars' covering photography techniques; more detailed 'workshops' available to users who pay an annual registration fee.
  • PhotoForum FAQ - List of answers on topics ranging from techniques, professions, history and even some philosophy.
  • Photography 101 - Very basic overview of camera types, film types, and a list of suggestions for composing photographs.
  • - A great website for information, tips and hints on all aspects of photography.
  • PhotoSA - Photography tips, techniques and courses. Cameras, clubs, history, links, salons and photo album.
  • Photoshot - British site includes product reviews, technical tips, exhibitions and forum.
  • - A page of useful tips for the beginner. Remedies for common problems encountered in photography.
  • Pro4um Profession Photographers Ezine - Goal is to create excellence in photography through continued education.
  • Reloading Fuji QuickSnaps - Dave Read's how-to instructions for reloading Fuji QuickSnaps.
  • RetouchPRO - Forums, tutorials, tips, resources, and challenges in photo restoration, retouching, and manipulation.
  • Rhythm Vision - A Guide to Visual Awareness - Photographs and text designed to teach visual awareness. Text tries to both give background of the photographs and explain what the photographer was thinking or trying.
  • Richard Tweney Communications - Offers to answer photography questions through e-mail, and sells a series of photography technique booklets. Site also contains a small image gallery.
  • Shooting Fireworks - Tips from Smithsonian photographers; capture the spectacle.
  • SoYouWanna take great photographs? - This article teaches you how to take great pictures, including what kind of camera and film to buy, and how to take portrait, action, or art shots.
  • Stereoscopy Lab - Describes a technique for taking stereoscopic photographs using conventional or digital cameras, with no special equipment. Includes several sample images.
  • Suite 101 Photography - Links to a number of photography related articles.
  • Take Better Photos - Hints, tips and suggestions for taking better photos. Simple sensible advice with lots of illustrations. Meant for beginners.
  • Texturefects - Visual effect add new dimension to photography. How to use a texture screen to enhance your photos.
  • The First Eight Things About Photography - Offers 8 simple tips to help beginning photographers take better pictures with inexpensive or disposable cameras.
  • The Lois C Gallery - The results of model, Lois C.'s first photo shoot. Post your comments.
  • The Panorama Express - Free upload and viewing service for panorama photographers, upload your panorama into your own web page showcase with a few simple clicks, great fun for digital camera owners.
  • The Photo College - 13 free online photo technique lessons from 25 year professional photographer/instructor, Tom Jenkins.
  • The Secret Of The Medicine Pouch - Handy Tripod Replacement - How to prepare a simple yet highly useful helper for better photographs under difficult shooting conditions. Replaces cloggy tripod equipment.(Single Page)
  • Ultimate Photography - Technical articles, services and other resources for 35mm and digital imaging enthusiasts.
  • Unblinking Eye - Technical articles on mixing developers, print solarization, making pinholes, PMK pyro formula, William Mortensen.
  • Using the Nikon 35mm Perspective Control Lens - Describes the use of this lens. Illustrated with photos showing the difference in perspective between shifted and unshifted photos of the same subject matter. By Mathew Cole.
  • Vadim Makarov's Photo Pages - Articles on framing, metering, focusing, scanning, etc. Shooting advice for few specific situations and my pictures.
  • - Photos and timelapse video clips of clouds, atmospheric optics, lightning and astronomy. Extensive how-to information on weather photography.
  • WJ's Photography Page - About infrared photography, filters, fisheyes, tilt/shift lenses, panoramic cameras, and microscopic lenses.
  • Zone System - Cicada Photography Resource - Detailed tutorial explaining the Zone System of photography, including an interactive exposure emulator that allows users to apply what they've learned.
  • Amateur Photography - All about photography. Techniques, processes, darkroom, styles, etc. From
  • - Good articles on equipment and techniques. Articles useful at any skill level. Forum and user comments. A good starting point for a situation or equipment question.

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