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  • Aemo's forum - For the discussion of graffiti, bodyart, and music.
  • Altered Body - A resource for tattoo, piercing, and bodypainting information. Contains image galleries, a tattoo guide, piercing information, site search engine, and a user submission area.
  • Beauty 2000 - Insurance company offering services to tattoo and piercing artists and studios. Available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. Contains contact and company information.
  • Biopigments - Micropigmentation and tattoo mineral pigments manufacturer. Features information on permanent make-up, tattoo, and piercing courses as well as permanent and tint eyelashes, and tooth jewelry. Site available in French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Blacklight Kabuki - Forum for the promotion of ultra violet artwork. Contains image galleries, upcoming event details, and submission instructions.
  • Bodies of Cultures - From the University of Pennsylvania Museum. Image gallery of body modification through history. Information on piercing, tattoos, and mehndi.
  • Body Art Forum - Message board for those interested in discussing piercings, tattoos, mehndi, modifications, and implants.
  • Body Art World - Information and links about body modification. Also Java chat, and a message board.
  • Body Art: Marks of Identity - Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Contains historical information regarding tattooing, scarification, and body painting. Exhibit highlights, photo gallery, and a virtual tour.
  • Body Modification by Blair - An overview of the artists work and experience in various forms of body modification. Piercing, scarification, extreme modifications, and pearling. Also contains a newsboard.
  • Bodyart - Usenet FAQs; including netiquette and multipart body modification.
  • Bodyart Home Page - Concentrates largely on tattoo and piercing images, but also includes fine art and alternative imagery. Home pages are available, and space is available for people and groups with original images and artwork.
  • - Offers tips and links related to the art of putting different designs, emblems, paint, and jewelry on the body. Also includes links to other bodyart related resources on the Internet.
  • - Features an image bank, chat forum, galleries, articles, membership information, and related links. Also contains a searchable guide with listings of artists, studios, and conventions.
  • CABA: Canadian Association of Body Arts - A guide to the safe application of piercings, tattoos, and other modifications. Also includes membership information, charter, agenda, and history.
  • Celebration Of Body Art - Information on specialty theme trips pertaining to adorning the human body. Photographs of past excursions, information on upcoming events, and contact information.
  • Fakir at BodyPlay - Biography of Fakir Musafar, father of the modern primitive movement. BodyPlay magazine previews, sales, and article index. Information on intensive piercing and branding courses.
  • Fictional Reality - Image gallery containing tattoos and piercings, a message board, and an advice section.
  • Insurance Marketing Center - Insurance for tattoo and piercing artists. Quote information and package description.
  • Michigan Modification - Articles and information regarding piercing, tattooing, scarification, as well as surgical and nonsurgical modifications. Also features links, image galleries, interviews, and personal experience articles.
  • Modern America - Featuring background information on artist Keith Alexander, client experience section, and contact information. Also contains detailed information on branding, scarification, and piercing; including aftercare and safety sections.
  • Nail Art Gallery - Thumbnail gallery featuring artwork from Irene Ellis, Vicki Irvine, Best Foot Forward and various others. Also features links to the artists home pages.
  • Neoarte - Event links, artist interviews, and a piercing gallery. Also contains information on abstract and Japanese artforms. Available in English and Portuguese.
  • PhattChat - Alternative life styles topics are discussed. Includes subjects related to tattoos, music, body piercing, art, and fashion.
  • Pierced Park - Tattoos, body piercing, alternative fashion items. Salon listings, question and answer section, and a chat forum.
  • Professional Program Insurance Brokerage - Available to tattooing and piercing studios. Newsletter, updates, and contact information.
  • Psycho Clown Extreme Body Modification - Tattoos, piercings, implants, brandings, and suspension. Videos and pictures of work in progress.
  • RABcon - Information on the annual event where members of rec.arts.bodyart gather to discuss modifications. Contains details pertaining to past, present, and future events.
  • State of the Art - Information on the First UK International Tattoo and Body Piercing Conference and Convention, as well as details and dates pertaining to this yearly event. Listing of artists, vendors, and exhibitors attending. Application forms, contact information, seminar and training information.
  • Tattoo Addiction - A selection of image galleries listed by theme including: piercing, tattoo, bodypainting, and artists at work. Also features show and events listings, a free flash gallery, chat forum, and membership information.
  • Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance - Available in California for tattoo and piercings shops. Information on professional and general liability.
  • The Body Modification Project - Information on ritual markings, tattoos, piercing, and scarification, as well as links to related sites, suppliers, studios, and basic information. Also features a message board, image galleries, submission instructions, and news area.
  • The Church of Body Modification - Nondenominational group offering membership information, FAQs, event listings, and aftercare information.
  • The Museum of Tattoos - Pictures, interviews, books, a chat forum, top 100 links list, and information covering equipment and body jewelry as well as links to merchandise.
  • The RABbit Hole - Contains FAQs, links to member sites, convention announcements, and a message board.
  • U.P.B. - News, member profiles, organization charter, 'munch' information and a FAQ section, as well as chat forum information for the UK People Bodyart usenet group.

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