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  • Alexandria on the Web - Materials on the relationship between cosmology, philosophy, myth, and culture, sponsored by the Alexandria journal.
  • Alliance: Classics - Directory of academic classics websites catalogued by scholars.
  • Ancient History Sourcebook - Extensive selection of links, study guides, and articles pertaining to the ancient Near East and ancient Mediterranean worlds, as well as some public domain translations of classical texts. At Fordham.
  • Ancient Law - Henry Sumner Maine's 1861 compilation of ancient laws dealing with property, inheritance, crime, civil laws.
  • Ancient Scripts of the World - Indexed by region, with articles on writing systems, sounds and phonetics, historical linguistics, and related study materials.
  • Argos - Search engine and site list concentrating on medieval and ancient resources on the Internet.
  • Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents - "The Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents was established in 1995 under the auspices of Oxford University's Faculty of Literae Humaniores to provide a focus for the study of ancient documents in Oxford."
  • Classical Drama Sites - A list of links to sites about classical drama and ancient theatre.
  • Classical Literature/Language at - Collection of resources and links pertaining to the Greco-Roman authors and literature.
  • Classical Studies (humanities.classics) FAQ - Frequently asked questions for the newsgroup humanities.classics. Includes bibliographies, glossaries and compendia of mythological characters. Maintenance ceased August 2000.
  • Classics Corner - Columns finding humor and contemporary relevance in the classics, with an emphasis upon Greek, Roman, and Biblical literature.
  • Classics Technology Center - A repository of tools such as guides, games, and glossaries for educators and other classicists, to enhance the use of computer technology in classics education.
  • Corinth Computer Project - Extensive multimedia site incorporating historical, literary and archaeological information from Corinth, Greece during the Roman era. Suitable for scholars, students, and the public at large.
  • Electronic Resources for Classicists - Extensive UC Irvine gateway to directories, bibliographies, journals, course materials, fonts, and other resources for scholars in classical studies.
  • Flectere Magic - Greek and Egyptian magic literary resources
  • Greek 'n' Stuff - Learn biblical Greek or classical Latin. Bible nuggets. Homeschool links/classical links/family pages.
  • Greek and Latin Language Resources - A collection of Classics links from a Graeco-Roman Neo-pagan site.
  • Internet Resources for Classical Studies - Book reviews, bibliography, and language, art, culture, and mythology links for students of antiquity. From Indiana University.
  • Latin and Greek Authors on the Web - Listings of websites and webpages that are devoted to a particular Latin or Greek author, including texts.
  • Library of Congress Resources for Greek and Latin Classics - Resources for Greek and Latin Classics
  • Library, Bibliographic, & Lexical Resources - "Library and Textual Resources Bibliographical Assistance Periodicals Publishers' Catalogues and On-Line Bookstores Grammars, Lexical Resources ... " all related to the Classics.
  • Literary Resources - A list of classical and Biblical-oriented websites maintained by a professor at Rutgers University.
  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome - Images of Ancient Greece and Rome, free for non-commercial download and use.
  • O Muse - Classics humor including "Iliad: the Musical," original fan art/fan fiction, and jokes about the ancient world.
  • Orange St. Press Classics - Free classic literature in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). View online, download, print.
  • PSN Bibliography - "An Initial Bibliography of the Ancient Novel, related Genres and Interesting Secondary Literature. 2000 + Items."
  • Ring of Classics - A webring for sites about the history, culture, and mythology of ancient Mediterranean civilizations such as Rome, Greece, and Egypt.
  • San Antonio College LitWeb Classical Literature Outline - A good, diverse hypertext list
  • Sangoma Sanctum - A collection of translated texts and discussions from Chinese, Greco-Roman, Rosicrucian, and other philosophy, mythology, and martial arts.
  • Studies in the Classics - Essays, texts, and studies on classical literature and language from Prof. William Harris of Middlebury College.
  • Text Tools & Lexica - From The Perseus Project. Includes an English/Greek Word Search, English/Latin Word Search, Liddell Scott-Jones Greek Lexicon, Lewis and Short Latin Dictionary, etc.
  • Textkit - Greek and Latin learning tools featuring online classical books, web versions of old Greek and Latin grammars, tutorials, and similar resources. Also provides related links.
  • The Internet Classics Archive - 441 searchable works of classical literature
  • Thinking Classics - Essays on classical subjects; film reviews course on Greek scansion and metrics; commentary on intersections of antiquity and modernity.
  • Torrey Philemon's Muses - Articles on mythology and ancient Greek/Roman literature, and resources.
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Classical Studies - A large index of links to various classical history, art, archaeology, language and literature journals, texts, syllabi, forums, and other resources. From the University of California at Santa Barbara.
  • What Do You Want to Know Today? - Includes searches on indexes to scholarly journals, dictionaries, image archives, listserve archives, online translators, Classics web search engines and more. Definitely worth bookmarking.

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