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  • Accuinvest Investment Challenge - Allows investors to test their investment strategies while competing for recognition and cash prizes.
  • Battle of the Stocks - Daily stock picking contest. Message boards, portfolio software.
  • Business Management Games - Computer-based business simulation games played over the Internet, suitable for use on in-company seminars and training programs.
  • Cashprediction - A virtual investment game.
  • Commodity Trader - A classic trading and resource allocation game. Requires javascript; best with Netscape4, IE4, or Opera 3.20
  • Edustock - Educational web service designed to teach what the stock market is, and how it works. Includes tutorials on the stock market and how to pick good stocks.
  • FantaStock - Trading game: Buy and sell stocks from various stock exchanges, such as Milan, Paris, London, Frankfurt and New York. Login and check your ability in a global trading.
  • Fantasy Futures - Players can buy, sell, and trade contracts on sports, politics, movies, as well as the Dow Jones in real time.
  • Fantasy Stock Market - Free, fun and educational investment game. Trade stocks and mutual funds with $100,000 in fantasy money. Portfolios are tracked and ranked for monthly prizes. Perfect for the beginning investor or professionals.
  • Foresight Exchange - A notional stock market where you buy shares betting on the outcome of future events.
  • Global Strategist - Global investment game in which players learn about investing, winning real cash prizes in the process. Players construct portfolios by selecting combinations of over 40 of the world's leading stock markets, rather than individual stocks.
  • - Trade from $1 per point on worlds first trading site for global equity indices, bonds, selected commodities and currencies.
  • Investment Challenge - Global leader in online and IP-based investment simulations with clients in the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • League of American Investors - Learn to invest in the stock market using a stock market simulator game.
  • Lycos Investment Challenge - Game gives you $200,000 in play money to invest in stocks and mutual funds over $5 / share. 30 minute delay on transactions.
  • Market Bucks - Free stock picking tournament site.
  • Market Player - Financial tools and stock market contest simulation on the Internet.
  • Mida$ - An internet-based computer game where your objective is to earn money by stock trading.
  • PolitiStock - the Political Stock Exchange - Trade stock in politicians in this investment game.
  • Real Time Trading Game - Simulated trading for developing profitable skills. Automated execution of fills.
  • Real World Games - Interactive stock market games and learning tools.
  • Sandbox Entertainment Network - Free stock market simulations.
  • Stock Incorporated Ltd. - Virtual stock market with tools to predict the rise and fall of 12 company portfolios.
  • Stock-Trak - Stock market game where you simulate managing a portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options and futures. Test an investment idea, learn about the financial markets, or develop a track record.
  • Investment Challenge - Asian investment simulation game. Sign up and compete with 5,600 experts in the Asian stock markets.
  • Virtual Stock Game - Stockmaze's virtual stock exchange, earn real prizes by building stock portfolios; from the hot IT software scrips to the cool infrastructure equities. stock purchase/investment game, stock investment & portfolio.
  • The Great Game - Equity trading on the London Exchange. Free prizes for the best performing portfolio each month. Direct links for research and analysis.
  • U.S Idea Futures Exchange - A free web-based futures market.
  • Virtual Trader - UK online stock market simulation game.
  • Vsmarket - An online stock betting game.
  • Wall Street Raider - Windows based investing game. Includes information and download links.
  • WallStreet -Challenge - Interactive online trading contest with up to $100,000 available to be won.
  • Xycoon Online - Virtual stock exchange. Free simulated trading.
  • Yahoo! Finance - Investment Challenge - A fantasy stock exchange contest.
  • ZDII Investment Challenge game - Monthly game offers players $100,000 in play money. You can trade, use limit and stop orders on stocks above $5 / share. 20 minute trade delay. Players can create their own competitions.
  • Virtual Stock Exchange - Stock market game and message boards. Trade stocks and funds in a collaborative environment. Run your own competition or join others. Chance to win over $1000 every month.

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