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  • Al Teich's Technology & the Future Toolkit - A resource for students, teachers, and anyone else interested in how technology and society are shaping each other and our future.
  • Be Afraid - Provides forecasts of scientific and social developments; tracks cutting edge technology like nanotechnology and genetics; offers insight into changes in near future lifestyles.
  • Beyond 2000 - is the online incarnation of the long-running TV programme. It provides daily science news coverage, extensive TV archives, interviews and Q&A forums
  • Brainticklers - Beyond Y2K: Questions for the New Millennium - A website and a book to help provoke thoughts about the next millennium. Questions are posed about environment, politics, religion, family life, health, and technology. Contribute your questions and, even, some answers.
  • Carfree City Design - Exploring the prospect of designing auto-less, sustainable communities with alternative transportation, renewable energy, pedestrian orientation, mixed-use zoning, fiber optics and recycling facilities in all units and other green features to aid in long-term quality of life survival.
  • Consolidation for Social Awareness and Responsiblity - Compendium of Research papers and scientific/academic studies and learned opinions regarding issues that will have profound affect upon our children.
  • Create your own future. - A consulting and training company specializing in studies of the future.
  • Future Facing - Using the latest developments, inventions and issues to predict life in the future. Includes articles, links and an eZine.
  • - Future human consciousness explored and found to be achievable now. Also includes new economic model.
  • Internet Brothers: Future Shock - About high technology change and expectations. Marvel at future communications and lament the electronic dinosaurs.
  • Natural Capitalism - Book by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins, about a new business model for responding to changes in our society. Book excerpts, reviews, and downloadable chapters available.
  • New Civilization Network - A network of people, projects and ideas for building a world that works.
  • Northern Land Use Institute - Planning, environment and Land Use Issues of Northern British Columbia are all the focus of the Northern Land Use Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia
  • OverMorgen - Almost daily links to futures-oriented news stories, websites, and studies.
  • Phrenicea - Presents a futuristic scenario based on the ultimate outcome of the Internet and biotechnology revolutions; promotes discussion and debate of present-day technological and social trends.
  • Projections: A Futurist at the Movies - How the future of society and technology are depicted on film.
  • Rational Futures: Making it Happen! - A site that seeks to foster public participation in envisioning and evaluating long-range societal goals.
  • Reason's Triumph - A personal presentation and discussion of the most relevant and actual of the world's problems as well as ethical, philosophical, social, and scientific issues.
  • The Book of What has been and What will be - The Wretchedness of the past and present need not foretell the Future.
  • The Fortress of Infinitude - Lists of links, with commentary, to sites related to inventions or inventors.
  • The Future is Yours! - Futuristic site on global ethics, Earth Charter, the future of science and religion, the purpose of life
  • The Future? [The Onion AV Club] - Don't know what to expect in the 21st century? The Onion AV Club presents this guide to the future, as predicted by a number of films.
  • The Ingenuity Gap - Thomas Homer-Dixon's "study of a world becoming too complex and too fast-paced to manage." Includes forum, a writing contest, suggested readings and links.
  • The Long Now Foundation - A project of computer pioneer Daniel Hillis and Whole Earth founder Stewart Brand to develop a 10,000 year clock. This is long-term project that gets people thinking past the mental barrier of the Millennium.
  • The New Millennium - The last century brought more change than the 500 years before. There will be much more change in the next millennium than there has been since the dawn of agriculture.
  • The Plausible Futures Newsletter - Continously updated newsletter for scenariobased strategic planning and future studies. Contains extensive link sections to high quality information. Covering biotechnology and genetics, nanotechnology, management techniques and think-tanks.
  • The Preparation - Explores the need for space colonization, asteroid mining, and transhumans.
  • The UACTO Universe - This is the UACTO Universe. This concerens what we think the future in 2020 will be like.
  • Emerging Technologies e-Magazine - Futurism & emerging technologies e-magazine focusing on Nanotechnology, Robotics, Cryonics, Human Genome Project, Virtual Reality & breakthrough health news.

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