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  • .COOP Registry - The portal for registering the ".coop" global top-level internet domain (exclusively for cooperatives).
  • Alpha Communication Ltd - A workers' co-operative providing graphic design, exhibition stand design and 3rd sector communications services in the North East of England.
  • BC Institute for Co-operative Studies - Center for research, learning, and teaching about co-operative practice and thought. Includes research on fishery, forestry, health, social, and first nations coops, and the online co-op journal Anthill.
  • Bicycle Doctor - Cycle and bike equipment store in Manchester, UK. Bicycle FAQ, online catalog, and links to bicycle groups in England.
  • Calverts Creative Co-operative - Calverts is a london based progressive communications company providing design and print for screen and paper. Includes company information and an estimate form.
  • Canadian Co-operative Association - Official information on anglophone co-operative businesses and credit unions in Canada.
  • Center for Cooperatives - General information, directory of US West Coast co-ops, and information on planning and running cooperatives, from the University of California at Davis. In English and Spanish.
  • Centre for the Study of Co-operatives - Interdisciplinary teaching and research institute at the University of Saskatchewan, offering information about research projects, workshops and conferences and co-op links.
  • Children's Educational Cooperative - Cooperative marketing and promotion opportunities for suppliers to the children's educational market. Includes a listing of members, and general company info.
  • Co-opNet - Electronic mailing list run by the Southampton Co-op Network to promote cooperatives. The emphasis is on UK co-ops, particularly worker co-ops. Includes links to list archives.
  • Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives - COPAC joins businesses of the cooperative movement with the United Nations, and farmers' and workers' organizations. General info on COPAC and its member organizations.
  • Community Opportunities Corporation - Facilitates co-op development in British Columbia, Canada. Includes a discussion forum, listing of development events, and co-op shop.
  • Cooperative Business Archives - Archives for UWCC's Cooperative Business mailing list.
  • Cooperative Communicator's Association - Organization assisting cooperatives in better managing themselves. Includes links and press releases.
  • Cooperative Hall of Fame - The Cooperative Hall of Fame honors those distinguished individuals whose contributions to cooperative business have been genuinely heroic. Includes biographies of inductees and general information on the organization.
  • Cooperatives and Nonprofits on the Internet - Directory of co-op links, organized by business sector.
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension - An educational system that enables people to improve their lives and communities through partnerships that put experience and research knowledge to work. Includes course goals and general information.
  • European Community of Consumer Cooperatives - General information on European cooperatives; members site includes forum, message boards, articles, and coop chat.
  • Food Co-op and Natural Foods Directory - A directory of registered food co-ops, health food stores, and natural foods stores located in America.
  • Hanover Consumer Cooperative Society - Includes history and general information, and a weekly recipe and bulk foods directory.
  • ILO Cooperative Branch - Cooperative publications, articles, and links by the English-based International Labour Organization.
  • International Co-operative Alliance - Information about co-operatives worldwide and from all sectors of the economy from the ICA, their apex organization.
  • Iowa Institute for Cooperatives - Legislative Action, education & training business development assistance from this state organization.
  • National Cooperative Business Association - Contains general information on American cooperative businesses, a co-op events calendar, and NCBA membership information.
  • North American Students of Cooperation - Federation of campus-based housing and retail cooperatives in Canada and the U.S.
  • Orion Counselling and Research Co-operative - Handbooks about managing cooperatives, and links to worldwide cooperatives. In English, French and Spanish.
  • Rural Illinois Cooperative Development Center - Assists groups with all issues related to the establishment and operation of new and existing cooperatives.
  • United Norwest Co-operatives - A UK consumer co-operative active in northwestern England, offering services and products as diverse as food, furniture, travel and funerals.
  • University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives - Extensive source of news and information about cooperatives.

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