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  • 3M Electronics Division - Manufactures materials and components for PCB manufacturing and assembly, semiconductor manufacturing and electronics products. Online product search, selection and specifications.
  • AimSat - Manufacturer of high-accuracy composite dishes and equipment for satellite television systems.
  • Antsat International Ltd. - Distributors, installers and manufacturers of TVRO satellite equipment and accessories. Based on Malta.
  • ART Video - Manufacturer of professional electronic cards for the process of video and audio signals: decoders, translators, encoders, correctors, synchronizers, distributors, resamplers, and generators.
  • Bitel Co., Ltd. - Manufactures and distributes point of sale payment terminals, karaoke players, voice mail systems, and digital satellite receivers. Seoul, Korea.
  • Catron AB - Design electronic equipment for audio and video, and military and airborne applications. Sweden.
  • Center for Board Assembly Research (CBAR) - Today, more and more companies are leveraging the breakthrough results of the CBAR research program to optimize their processes and systems. The primary areas of this advanced research include: -Process Technology and Development -Production & Manufacturing Systems -Factory Information Systems -Electrical Test and Automated Optical Inspection
  • Cooper Industries - Manufacturer of electrical products that distribute and control electricity, provide circuit protection, illuminate facilities, support electronic and telecommunications components and offer fire and security detection.
  • Delta Products Corp. - Manufactures switching power supplies, supplier of video displays and electronic components for computer, telecommunication and networking industries.
  • Design News - Bi-monthly publication for designers in the mechanical and electromechanical products industries. Technical articles. Library of past articles. Resources and engineer search. OEM directory.
  • Eltex - Manufacturer of equipment and systems for measurement, grounding, neutralization and utilization of static electricity. Based in Germany. Site in German and English.
  • Entrelec, Inc. - Manufactures rail mounted terminal blocks and electronic interface modules, printed circuit board connectors, cam operated rotary switches, circuit breakers, contactors, electronic timers, monitoring relays, micro PLCs and remote I/Os, safety relays, and complete marking systems and accessories.
  • Envoys Electronics Pvt Ltd. - India based manufacturers of road traffic signals, plant machinery for TV and picture tubes, fire detection systems, and other industrial systems. Product descriptions and list of clients.
  • FKI Electrical Engineering - Global supplier of capital goods, including transformers, switchgear, motors, generators and drives.
  • Genix Electronics Inc - Develops high performance satellite/terrestial broadcasting reception devices and accessories.
  • HuaBang Electronics Mfty - Manufacture of power transformers, adapters, audio transformers, ballasts, micro-motors, power supply, and motors. From China.
  • ID3 - Design and production consulting for electronic cards, ASICs, and ICs, plus product design for biometry, radio and RFID electronics. Based in France, site in French and English.
  • Imminent Inc. - Distributors of surge protection and power backup equipment.
  • Intea Engineering Tecnologie - Manufacture of electronic control equipment. From Italy.
  • JBT Engineering - Controls design and manufacture including mechanical , electrical hydraulic or pneumatic specializing in data acquisition, bespoke software, human-machine interface and supervisory control technologies for process and machine control.
  • Leviton Mfg. - North American producer of electrical and electronic products.
  • Lewden Electrical Industries - Manufacturers of breaker panels, extention cords, plugs and sockets, and transformers. From UK.
  • Scantec - Independent wholesaler and supplier of communication equipment, amplifiers, multi switches, satellite accessories, cable and t units to the radio and television industries.
  • Skardin Industrial - Manufacturers of satellite receivers, video sender, audio senders and I/R extenders.
  • SSAC Inc. - Manufacturers of OEM timers, time delay relays; flashers; phase, voltage and current monitors and sensors; liquid level, HVAC, vending, motor, speed, tower and obstruction lighting controls.
  • Telsat Communications Ltd - Global importers and exporters of quality satellite TVRO hardware.
  • The Satarm Corporation - Manufacturer of the Satarm IV Satellite Dish Mount System. Gets a DBS dish above the roof line without direct attachment to the roof. No poles, no roof leaks.
  • Ventronics Inc. - Manufacturer of electrical components, including batteries, battery packs, printed circuit boards, capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, varistors and thermistors.
  • Waves Electronics Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of electrical, marine and instrumentation control systems, industrial alarms, cable trays and ducts, sirens, battery chargers, electronic hooters and flashers.
  • Western Solid State Systems Ltd. - Manufacturer of battery monitoring systems, temperature and direction sensors, disconnect switches, and relays for the automotive, marine, and vehicle markets. Also offers printed circuit board design and prototype manufacturing. Site lists product photos and specifications.
  • Yueyang Industry - Manufacture of miniature circuit breakers, ac contactors, thermal relays, pushbuttons, residual current circuit breakers, terminal blocks, fuses, transformers, distribution boxes, cable accessories, carbon brushes and drawer slides . From China.

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