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  • 1999 WFDF Overall Tournament - Located in Kalmar, Sweden with freestyle, accuracy, double disc court, disc golf and distance events.
  • 2001 WFDF Overall Tournament - 2001 WFDF World Overall Championships July 23rd through the 28th in beautiful San Diego, CA
  • Beach 4X4 - A sport played on the beach, a court, or a yard with a net that is similar to volleyball. Provides a list of regulations, varients of play, and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Disc Jam - London, England event comprised of competitions in disc golf, ultimate frisbee, goaltimate, double disc court and freestyle.
  • Fricket Rules - The unofficial rules of a sport also known as "Cups" which is played by two teams of one or two people taking alternating attempts to knock cups off the other teams two bamboo stakes with a frisbee.
  • Guts Frisbee - History of the sport, rules, player hall of fame with videos and related links.
  • Kalmar Frisbee Klubb - Located in Sweden with a listing of upcoming events, results, descriptions of various disc sports and pictures.
  • online disc golf store - provides a great selection of golf discs at great prices.
  • NEFA Schedule - Schedule and results of flying disc tournaments and events in New England.
  • New England Overall Flying Disc Championships - A competition with events in double disc court, distance, disc golf, freestyle and guts.
  • Scientific American: Working Knowledge: The Flight of the Frisbee - The flight of the frisbee.
  • The D Store - A Disc Golf and Ultimate Store with golf discs, golf disc gear, disc golf apparel, disc golf supplies, flying disc sports, frisbee golf.
  • WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports - Official rules of guts, double disc court, discathon, ultimate frisbee, freestyle and disc golf in an outline form.
  • World Disc Games - World Disc Games 2003 in Santa Cruz California. Sport our gear and play disc sports.
  • World Flying Disc Federation - Upcoming events, administration, official sport rules, membership details, meeting minutes and related links.

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