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  • 101-Sci - Science Portal with breaking news from Asia, Europe and America. Features a science search engine and links to magazines, radio and tv streams, research and learning resources.
  • ACFnewsource covers Science news. - ACFnewsource is a nonprofit organization specializing in research, development and production of news stories on substantive issues, including science and techology, for commercial radio and television.
  • Science and Technology Top News - Principal newsfeed source for news and reports on scientific issues in Africa. Bilingual English and French.
  • AlphaGalileo - Internet press center for European science, engineering and technology. Provides journalists with access to press releases, event details, an address book of researchers and press officers, and background press information.
  • Ananova - Breaking Science and Discovery stories from around the world
  • Artigen Science Newswire - Articles in Science from around the world updated hourly with archives.
  • Asiadragons Science News - Science headlines from around the world.
  • BBC News Science and Technology - Latest global science headlines and stories from the British Broadcasting Company.
  • BBC News | Sci Tech - Daily science stories as posted on the BBC News English-language Web site.
  • BBC WorldService - Science and Technology News - Analysis of global science and technology from around the world. Covers the latest developments and advances. Includes on-demand BBC audio.
  • Beyond 2000 - is the on-line incarnation of the long-running TV program. It provides daily science news coverage, extensive TV archives, interviews with scientific luminaries and a forum to ask or answer questions and discuss issues.
  • Bioethic News - Official website of the European Association for Global Bioethic
  • BioMedNet News - Daily, original, life science news written specifically for life scientists. Full archive of news stories available. Free access for registered BioMedNet users.
  • Bottomquark - Science and technology news and discussion forum.
  • - Directory of annotated links giving information scientific events and discoveries, supplemented with background material.
  • Bubble Chamber - Science and Technology News Weblog
  • Science and Technology - Offers resources, information, and articles related to science and technology.
  • California Scientist - Science news from California and its labs.
  • Chemical and Engineering News - Weekly news magazine of the chemical world. Provides late-breaking news and worldwide coverage on scientific, technological, educational, business, and governmental aspects of chemistry and related fields.
  • CORDIS News - Updated every working day. News on EU research and innovation and related activities. The service is aimed at those participating in, or with an interest in, the full range of European Union research and innovation programmes.
  • Current Nano-News - Summaries of the latest developments in nanoscale science and technology.
  • Daily Science News from - Science news updated throughout the day.
  • Daily Science News Update - Daily science articles written by the editors of the Nature Journal, a round-up of what's new in science research.
  • Discover Magazine - News and features from the world of science.
  • Discovery Channel Online News - Explore the latest science news, track natural disasters around the planet and follow adventurers in real time.
  • EarthNews Radio - Listen to audio reports (or read the text versions) on science and environmental topics ranging from astronomy to recycling. Also hosts the Teen Environmental Media Network.
  • Elemental Discoveries - Chemical happenings on the Web from award-winning British science writer David Bradley
  • Eurekalert - Science news releases from multiple sources (Mostly medical)
  • EurekAlert! - Homepage of EurekAlert!, the online science source, with a searchable database of scientific, technological, and medical news.
  • - Daily science news and animated reference on asteroids, earthquakes, hurricanes and more.
  • FAST (French Advances in Science and Technology) - A free review of mainstream French press on topics of science and technology. It currently appears twice weekly.
  • - Science News - Find the latest science news, publications, programs and more.
  • HHMI Research News - Research news from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), a medical research organization that employs scientists at many of the top universities and research institutions.
  • House of Baloney - Science, Technology, Linguistics, Art
  • In The News - Daily news items on the biological, physical, space, and environmental sciences, as well as select NASA and research overviews, are presented.
  • inScight - daily science news from Academic Press and Science Magazine
  • Inside Science News - News on space, astronomy, medicine, and the environment.
  • iQ NewsNet - Newsletters on important science and technology articles in the previous month from QinetiQ, Europe's largest science and technology organisation.
  • Jupiter Scientific - News items and book reviews.
  • Mind.Wire - Mind.Wire offers a free and open forum for math, science, technology, and ethics discussion.
  • Moreover Science - Headlines and links to science news from a wide variety of sources.
  • National Geographic News - Get the latest news on archaeology, paleontology, animals, nature, space, and the environment.
  • Natural Science - A web-based science magazine with links to stories on many major news websites.
  • News of Russian Science and Technology - Recent achievements of Russian scientists in all areas of the modern science and technology.
  • NewsSynthesis Sci-Tech News - News search engine pulls articles from around the net.
  • NOVA: Science in the News - Articles discuss the "science behind the headlines."
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review - The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Review is a quarterly magazine highlighting research and development activities at the Laboratory.
  • Oil and Gas Journal - energy and petroleum news - Energy, business, stock and world news online.
  • Pickover Report - Science news and links to other science news resources.
  • Plant Biotech Week - A weekly review of the latest developments in Plant Biotechnology, Agricultural Genomics, and leading companies.
  • Popularizing Science and Technology - Personal web site includes current science news, "great old news," as well as stories about science, all with focus on topics of popular interest. Articles on old and new myths, shape and symmetry in Nature, evolution and metaevolution, hot molecules, advanced materials, superconductors, lithium batteries. Also Science Humor.
  • Reactive Reports - Reactive science communication (RSC) from UK science writer David Bradley and ACD/Labs
  • Reuters science news - Science news and headlines with frequently updated videos, pictures, reports, articles and a daily video feature from Reuters.
  • Russian science news - Weekly coverage of Russian science news in natural science, life science and technology.
  • S.A.T.- Science and Technology News - S.A.T. provides the latest news in science and technology. SAT contains updates on genetics, genetic engineering,space exploration, scientific discoveries, and news in technology. It's an informative site for research, educational, and intellectual purposes.
  • SciCentral - Gateway to the Best Science and Engineering Online Resources and Research News
  • Science - New York Times - Newspaper offers breaking science news and current events on genetics, space and health as well as earth, life, physical and social sciences.
  • Science @ NASA - Regular scienctific stories from NASA, presented in an accessible format. Shedding light on the work of this fascinating organisation.
  • Science and Technology News - Scientific and Technical development news from all over the world, covering major laboratories, universities and corporates, archived and classified in various categories
  • Science and Technology News Briefs - An online source of news and opinions about science, medicine, health and technology.
  • Science and Technology News Network - Current science and technology news with video and multimedia content. NSF-funded and contains a Spanish-language section.
  • Science Friday Online - Science and Technology News
  • Science GoGo - Regularly updated science articles with a youthful slant.
  • Science Lives - Articles on a variety of science topics, links, and more.
  • Science Matters - Regular news updates from the world of science including coverage of cloning, space travel, health and paleontology, along with a monthly media guide to science on the net, TV and radio.
  • Science News weekly - weekly digest of the week's top science stories, from Anthropology to Zoology, plus original features and departments
  • Science Outlook - The site focuses on science, technology, education, health and environmental news, with continually updated news headlines, search and highlights. It also provides a Reference Section and reviewed site links.
  • Science Surfing - Suite101 - Come and surf the web with me, visiting interesting science sites. New topic weekly.
  • Science World News - Selected stories from the world's news wires, updated daily. Focus on natural science and the environment.
  • ScienceDaily Magazine - updated three times a day
  • ScienceNOW - daily news from Science magazine
  • Scientific Cage - Interesting and easy-to-read articles about scientific issues with links to more detailed information, updated monthly.
  • Scientific Computing World - Online version of the magazine with news, features, and reviews.
  • Scientifics-Today - Science site with news, research papers,links and free newsletter,message board services.
  • SciTech Daily Review - Hot links updated daily to the best in science publishing on the Web, including links to most online science and technology publications.
  • SciTecLibrary - Latest technological developments, innovations, analytical reviews, and news in the field of science and technology.
  • Tech Central - News, commentary and interviews on current topics in science, technology, environment, and business, generally from a free-market perspective. U.S. is primary focus.
  • The Atom - is a great way to release your own science/technology articles/reviews and comments for free. Also gain access to science news updated every 30 minutes. A small but growing education resource for the science/technology community.
  • The Edge of the Known - Science News and thoughts from the edge of human understanding
  • The Naked Scientists Online - Cambridge University Doctors Chris Smith and Shibley Rahman bring you the latest news from the fields of science technology and medicine. This site uses streamed audiovisual multimedia.
  • The Voice of Industry - Monthly comment on the laboratory supplies industry.
  • - A free online magazine that brings you the latest news on science and technology discoveries.
  • This Week In Science - Weekly science news radio show featuring topics such as genetic engineering, nanotechnology, and digital privacy. Site includes streaming audio archives of past shows and weekly text articles.
  • This Week In Science - Science news and technology radio show broadcast live on the web every Tuesday at 8:30AM PST. Features cutting edge topics such as gene patenting, space exploration, and digital privacy
  • Tomorrow Today - News briefs covering space, health, biotechnology, and computing.
  • Top news stories from this week's Nature magazine. - Highlights of scientific news as published in the pages of Nature, the international Scientific Journal
  • TRN Technology Research News - Weekly, independent, online news publication covering developments in technology research and computer science.
  • ultraGeek - Space, Physics and Computer news - Space, computer, and physics news stories. The stuff that interests me, an ultraGeek.
  • University Science-all science news in one place - - UniSci, founded in 1995, is the earliest daily science news site on the Web. Based largely on news releases from laboratories.
  • What's New by Bob Park - Weekly news briefing from the American Physical Society.
  • World Scientist - News service dedicated to science, updated daily with stories from news agencies all over the globe. Also lists links to a wide range of science news sites.
  • WWW Space and Mystery - News and Information from mainstream and alternative sources.
  • Yaworks - Portal with links to several sci-tech news sites.

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