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  • 2pics Picture Ratings - Users can rate and submit photos or send messages, bookmark each other, and give each other ratings.
  • All Bikini Vote - Rate models, amateurs and guys wearing bikinis.
  • Always Babes - Rate babes or hunks from 1 to 10. View the top 10 or submit a picture.
  • Am I a 10? - Rate pictures and profiles of women and men on a 1 to 10 scale.
  • Am I a Celebrity? - Users can rate photos based on their resemblance to celebrities. Also includes an online magazine.
  • Am I a Look Alike? - Rate the similarity of contestants to celebrities. With online submission and top 10 lists.
  • Am I Buffed or Not? - Rate bodies of men and women.
  • Am I Goth or Not? - Rate how goth photos are on a scale of 1 to 10. You can also submit your own picture.
  • Am I Hot? - Rate the attractiveness of people on a scale of 1 to 10, or upload your picture. Includes top score listings, personal profiles, personal message boards and a thumbnail gallery.
  • Am I PHAT (Pretty Hot And Tempting) - On-line rating service with personality profiles. Registration required.
  • Am I Phat or Not? - Rate these ladies and men based on their Phatness.
  • Am I Sexy - Rate sexiness of pictures. Features top male and female lists, private messages and referral payments for members.
  • Am I The Bomb - Add your picture or rate others. Categories for men, women, couples, pets, and artistic.[popups]
  • Am I the Fox? - Allows users to look at pictures of men and women in their local area. Requires registration.
  • Am I This or Not? - Includes many different categories for ratings and allows the users to create new categories.
  • - Rate breasts as either fake or real.
  • Attention Attention - Vote on pictures or post a picture and profile.
  • Babe Ranks - View and rate pictures and profiles of women.
  • Babes of the.US - Vote on women from across the United States.
  • - Babe voting system. Features picture upload, latest 10 and top 10.
  • Bangable or Not - View the most and least bangable and send private messages.
  • - Rate pictures on a scale from -1 to 10. Includes listings of top 10 and bottom 10 guys and girls, profiles and posting of comments.
  • - Vote yes or no and leave a comment.
  • Bar Factory Buzzfactor - Rate men or women in the number of beers needed to take the person home. Features top 10, bottom 10 and newest picture.
  • Beauty or the Beast - Rate pictures from 1 to 10, and decide if they are beauty or the beast.
  • Beauty People - Users can rate photos of men or women, celebrities or amateurs.[popups]
  • Belli e Brutti - Italian hot or not site.
  • Best Picture - Users can rate pictures of men, women or couples. Upload photos to be rated, or view the top 10.
  • Bike or Not - Users can rate bikes or submit their own bike to be rated. Includes classifieds and top 10.
  • ColdHardTruth - Rate photos of people, but also find out what types of people find you attractive. Registration required.
  • Curpic - Users can rate pictures of men, women, animals, or holiday snapshots.
  • Cute Meter - Users can submit their own photos to be ranked, see latest members or participate in the chat room. Who is cuter and 1 to 10 ranking.
  • Cutie Pageant - Select one from three images presented. With top 25 men and women.
  • Cyber Pageant - Scoring is based on authenticity, mail personality rating, and looks rating and face off.
  • Cybiko Photogallery - Users can submit photos to be viewed and rated from -2 to +2. Registration required to vote.
  • Dimes Only - Rate user's submitted photos, or submit your own picture to be rated.
  • Do I Have the Look - Rate by face, figure, fashion, hair or overall. Top 30 lists for these categories.
  • Double Fake - Rate the similarity of celebrity look-alikes.
  • Dud or Stud - Users can rate the dudliness/studliness of people on a scale from 1 to 10. Includes personal profiles, message boards and chat.
  • EasyMixing - Online dating and picture rating single site with photo rating and profile questions.
  • Face the Jury - Includes top 20 lists for guys and girls, profiles and message boards, and each member can make a public top 10 list (hottest and best personality).
  • Face Wars - Choose between two pictures. Includes profiles, private messages and top 100 list.
  • Face Your Face - Users can rate pictures and videoclips of men and women.
  • Fancy a Swim - Submit or rate bikini pictures. Includes beach discussion forum.
  • Foto Face Off - Select between two pictures, submit your own pictures, view scores and read user profiles.
  • Girl For Ruste - Users can submit photos to be ranked in hopes of becoming Ruste's girl.
  • GotRanked - Users can rate photos of men and women or submit their own photos to be ranked.
  • Groovy Booty - Rate pictures and send personal messages.
  • Hot or Hot - Database of women's photos from, sorted by highest rated.
  • Hot or Not? - Visitors can vote for the attractiveness of ordinary people on a scale of 1 to 10 - or submit their own picture to be judged. Includes general forums.
  • Hotbeans - Darwinism of the dating pool. Submit your photo and be rated.
  • - Rate people, cars and funny pictures.
  • How Hot - Users can rate photos of men or women. Includes personal profiles and personal message boards.
  • How is my Hair? - Rate others' hair, post messages, and take part in the howismyhair polls.
  • - Includes rankings for guys, girls and both. Also has a funny pictures section.
  • - Users can rate photos of men or women and read submitted comments.
  • - Users can vote for the most popular boy or girl or submit their own photos. Includes forums and member profiles.
  • LookFactor - Rate people by their face, hair, body and overall. Submit your picture and get results showing which types of voters are most attracted to you.
  • Looking for a Ten - Rate photos, leave messages and meet new people.
  • Love From India - Rate girls from India and Pakistan.
  • Mike Project - Categories include backs, boobs, butt, eyes, hair, piercings, shirt, shoes, style, swimwear, tattoos and thong. Rate from 1 to 10 with comments and forum.
  • Norwich Top Ten - Ratings of people from Norwich, England.
  • People With Signs - Rate photos of people with signs that express their inner thoughts or submit a picture and create a sign of your own. [requires Flash 6]
  • Photo Rate - Rate or submit photos. See top ten or bottom ten ranked pictures.
  • - Rate pictures one at a time. Can choose the type of picture to rate.
  • Pick The Hottie - Instead of rating pictures from 1 to 10, visitors are presented with two random pictures and simply have to choose the best one.
  • Picture Judge - Rate pictures on a scale from 1 to 10; categories include celebrities, models, ordinary people, kids, couples and pets.
  • - Upload your pictures to be voted on, you can also create picture albums and edit your pictures on the site.[Requires registration]
  • PlayazPage.Com - Rate people's pictures or submit your own picture to be rated. Includes discussion forum.
  • Primebutts - Rate butts of the contestants on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • Rank My Pet - Take a look at the different photo submissions and rate them from 1 to 10.
  • Rank My Photos - Submit and rank photos. See top ten or bottom ten ranked photos. Categories for men, women, couples, bikini shots, bare-chested men and cars.
  • Rank My Tattoos - Show and have pictures of tattoos voted and commented on by other users. Leave messages for other users. [popups]
  • Rate a Player - Rate men or women. Displays the time since the person last checked their score.
  • Rate My 'Stang - Submit and rate photos of Mustangs. Comment on posted pictures.
  • Rate My Body - Member pictures and profiles. Discussion forum and chat. Search by sex or loction.
  • Rate My Dorm - Ratings of college dorms, bedrooms and apartments.
  • Rate My Face - Includes listings of top 100 guys and girls. Registration and photo required to vote.
  • Rate My Face Off - Select between two contestants. [popups]
  • Rate My Fish - Post a picture of your fish or just rate other people's fish pictures. With freshwater, saltwater and joke categories.
  • Rate my Foto - Vote on pictures from 1 to 10. Select men, women, groups, couples or funnies. With top and bottom 10 and viewer comments.
  • Rate My Ho - Decide if the picture is a beauty or a beast.
  • Rate My Info - Rate people's pictures, send instant messages, submit your own picture or participate in discussion forums.
  • Rate my Ink - Post pictures of tattoos or just rate tattoo pictures. Features celebrity tattoo pictures.
  • Rate My Kitten - Rate pictures of kittens and add comments.
  • Rate My Picture - Rate the attractiveness of people on a scale from 1 to 10. Pictures are sorted by score. Includes personal profiles and personal message boards.
  • Rate my Pooch - Dog rating with top 10 and bottom 10.
  • Rate My Rave - Submit your favorite rave pictures for others to rate by poll. Includes pictures and links.
  • Rate My T-Shirts - Decide whether the featured t-shirt designs are cool or not. Purchase tee shirts or upload images of shirts to sell.
  • - A panel of judges rate submitted photos for physical attractiveness.
  • - Rank photos of people and read their biographical information.
  • - People can submit their photos and rate the photos of others.
  • Rating Babies - Rate pictures of babies on scale of 1 to 10, or submit your own baby photo to be rated.
  • Rating My Looks .Com - Users can vote on photos of men and women or upload their own pictures and get them rated. Includes top ten lists for males and females.
  • - Rate pictures of art on a scale of 1 to 10, or submit your artwork to be rated.
  • - Rate photographs of cars on scale of 1 to 10, or submit a picture of your own automobile to be rated.
  • - Rate photos of people on scale of 1 to 10, or submit your own picture to be rated.
  • - Rate pictires of dogs and cats on scale of 1 to 10, or submit your own pet's picture to be rated.
  • RatingYou.Com - Rate pictures or submit your own for rating. Includes chats, forums and top 5 lists.
  • Ride Judge - Readers can rate cars on a scale of 1 to 10, based on photographs and written descriptions. Special galleries are presented for top ten and bottom ten vehicles.
  • Score Personals - Users can rate photos, upload their own and send private messages to other members. Includes member profiles.
  • Sex in the City - View pictures and profile. Submit a rating and leave a message.
  • Sexiest Models Alive - Users can rate photos of Macedonian models.
  • - Rate people from one to ten according to their beauty, try to guess their age and choose the most attractive person in combat mode.
  • Shag or Gag - Rate pictures and submit comments. Features top 100 guys and top 100 girls.
  • Show Your Car - Submit and rate pictures of cars. Discussion forum.
  • - Includes sections for men, women, couples and butts.
  • So, Would You Do Me? - Rate pictures and profiles of men or women. Journals, top 10 and matchmaking.
  • Style Judge - Users can submit and rate photos of art, cars, people and pets.
  • Tasveer Hot or Not - Post and rate tasveers (picture in Hindi).
  • TenTaTo - Rate Slovak people, animals, and works of art.
  • Test Your Ego - Rate photos of people, and find out what types of people find you attractive.
  • The Hot Meter - Rate the pictures from 1 to 10. [popups]
  • The Hottest Survive - Visitors vote to eliminate pictures. The hottest remain.
  • USA Dream Girl Model Search - Rate aspiring models competing in an online model search between 10 and 1.
  • Vote For My Car! - Find out how your cars ranks against other Netizens.
  • Vote For My Photo - Rate the visual appeal of people, or upload a picture and get it rated. Includes a top/bottom list for males and females, personal message boards, and a regional/age search feature.
  • Vote Station - Vote for babes, cars and hunks. Top 10 list for each category.
  • Web Talent - Submit and rate pictures in a spokesmodel contest.
  • What's Better? - Users pick "what's better" from pairs of pictures of absolutely anything - either completely randomly, or the pairs that were submitted. With top 10 and bottom 10.
  • Who's Sexier? - Users select which of two pictures is sexier. Can also upload pictures and initiate contact with other users via Let's Meet feature.
  • Wonderful Moments - Users can view and rate snapshots of everyday life or upload their own.

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