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  • Angry Beavers - Nick's official site with show background and episode listings.
  • Anime Page - Includes a site search, information on animes.
  • Anime's Angels - Web/Site Ring - Offers a site ring so you can link to there page.
  • - A collective domain with sites on different animes and web cliques.
  • Anne - The Animated Series - The animated series about the irrepressible redhead, whose independent spirit makes Avonlea the heart of the action. Site includes educational component.
  • As Told By Ginger - Ginger is a complete nerd. She's also in junior high school, which is probably the worst place for a nerd to be. Find out more about the characters, play some games, and add your thoughts to the online slam book.
  • Cartoon Characters - Printable templates for children's crafts and coloring pages featuring some of their favorite characters.
  • - Devoted to all things He-Man and She-Ra. Includes video and sound clips, fan art, downloads, episode guides, forum, picture galleries, news, and links.
  • Drawn to Be Wild - The British Film Institute's celebration of animation aimed at children and their teachers.
  • Fangface - Character information, pictures, sounds, video clips, fan fiction, and links provided.
  • I.C.G. - International Comics Group (I.C.G.) site showcases their homemade comics and introduces the cast of villains and heroes.
  • Jungle Cub Lair - Information on the TV series "Jungle Cubs". Includes character profiles, small animations and transcripts.
  • Little Trix's Kitty Corner - Includes a personal picture gallery, graphics for Hello Kitty.
  • Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - Sing, make art, and play games with Maggie the explorer and her ferocious beast friend.
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action - Official site for the Olsen Twins' new Saturday morning cartoon.
  • Max Steel - Exchange digi-cards, meet team Steel, read the Dread files, and play Operation Danger Bay with all the characters from the KidsWB action series.
  • Monster by Mistake - Take a walk through the 3D animated sets of the tv series. Enter the site as your favorite character, play the games and join the Monster Club.
  • Moon Tears - Contains pictures representing different characters from various anime series.
  • My Anime Kitten - A personal anime site with reviews of anime DVD, manga and soundtracks. Reviews also include story and basic information about each product. Also includes tips for various PS2 games, as well as a couple original anime winamp skins.
  • My Fairytale - Angel Sanctuary - Includes the story, details about the characters, an image gallery and quotes.
  • Ninku: The Anime Series - Fan site about the animated martial art series, Ninku. Features a poll, character information, game facts, and links.
  • Oddlings - If you've ever felt different, like you don't quite fit in, you know what it's like to be an Oddling. Explore the world of Yonder through poems, stories, drawings, dolls, journals,characters, and the history of this site.
  • Ollie's Under The Bed Adventures - There are some scary creatures and places under the bed. Find out in Ollie's flash site with games, video clips, and a character guide.
  • PlanetCybertron - A complete guide to Transformers. Storeguide, voice credits, episode guide, database, profiles, catoon links, and a transformers music guide.
  • Redwall - Brian Jacques wrote 12 books about the creatures living in Redwall. The site is based on Nelvana's animated series, and contains episode information, character descriptions as well as some downloads.
  • Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat - Sagwa lives with her friends and family in the intriguing and unfamiliar setting of ancient China. The site includes games, stories, character descriptions, and printable coloring pages.
  • Sanriotown - The official home of Sanrio characters and friends. Requires registration and password to enter. Several cute games, address book and composer, forum, mailing list, poll, and a chat area.
  • Smurfs Live On - Meet the main characters, Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, and Gargamel. Links to Smurf webring.
  • The Beaver Dam - A fan site for The Angry Beavers, a show on Nickelodeon. Take a TAB Quiz, send in your Fan Art, and read some stories.
  • The Cartoon Factory - Send in your artwork to be displayed on the site, learn to draw and color Zelda or create a Smiley face.
  • The Magic School Bus - TV schedule, episode guide, activity lab and a kids' art gallery. Club membership requires a fee.
  • The Spookies - Follow the adventures of six strange children as they struggle to fit in
  • The Toons Park - An archive of old and new cartoons.
  • The Twins - Site includes episode guide, screensavers, and character descriptions for the CITV series.
  • Warner Brothers - Drop in for fun and games. Learn to draw, read a story, or let the Looney Toons teach the Internet.
  • What About Mimi - With a hippy mother and father, Mimi does tend towards flakiness. Kinda cool too. Site has an episode guide, photos, character biographies and downloads.
  • Xcalibur - Djana is a 16-year old princess and the keeper of the magical sword Xcalibur in this CGI animated series for kids.
  • Yvon of the Yukon - Bumbling Yvon Ducharme was kicked out out of France 300 years ago, then accidentally frozen in the Arctic ice. Now he's awake, and creating trouble all across the frozen north.
  • Zoids: - The official Zoids website. Includes episode summaries, basic introductory information, character and team profiles.

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