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  • AAANewsletters.Com - Newsletters that provide the latest free information from several categories.
  • On TV - Upcoming events, show schedules and links.
  • AARP Webplace - A list of current email newsletters that AARP has available. Subscribe or unsubscribe from here.
  • ADSM - Searchable archives of IBM ADSM mailing list and online discussion.
  • AllForFree Directory of Free Newsletters - Single page listing of free lists on the web.
  • Amazing Lists Free Newsletters - Offers hundreds of useful free newsletters.
  • AP Computer Science Teachers List - Directions on how to subscribe, plus to resources such as list archives, file library, list management options and an article submission form.
  • apd-linux Mailing List - Full list of APD-Linux mailings sent and a way to join in the list.
  • Buy Opt-In Email - Affordable opt-in email lists.
  • - Designed for serious computer users, news and analysis on IT. Articles on varying topics, including tech news, software and hardware, laws and government, on line version of print magazine sign up middle of page under summaries.
  • Chicago Tribune | Silicon Prairie - Traditional paper magazine but its free. Bi-weekly E-mail updates and news with selecting this option. Must divulge name and address to receive magazine.
  • COMP Mailing list - A mailing list for all computer-related topics. Often a general help list, many find it a source of information and entertainment. A list for newbies and pros alike.
  • Computer Related E-mail Lists - Computer-related email lists, first computer, building a computer. Located in ONElist web site, as a free membership archive only site with 247 posting members.
  • Content-Management Mailing List - Discussing the task of managing large corpora of electronic documents over the internet and other electronic networks.
  • CoolNews - Free weekly PC/Mac ezine which includes reviews of PC and Macintosh programs, interesting sites to visit, and a free joke.
  • Dr. Dobbs Compression Newsletter - Provides recent information on techniques, algorithms, products, tools, utilities, and other relevant details.
  • Dummies Daily - Internet tips and cool sites. Various lists available.
  • Durango Network Systems - Monthly computer newsletter from Durango Colorado. Contains tips and tricks from certified computer professionals, inside information, hot products, sale items, quotes, facts, and humor.
  • Dynamic Drive DHTML newsletter - Popular DHTML newsletter that provides web developers with tips, news, and updates on the DHTML technology.
  • eClippings Daily Technology Newsletters - A daily double-dose of current tech news and an examination of its impact on online learning.
  • Esoteric Prosperity Email Workshop - Daily metaphysical principles for creating a wealth consciousness.
  • FPlist - Front Page mail list - Microsoft: Front Page discussion type mail list for help and tips on using all versions of frontpage.
  • Great Canadian Shopping Info List - Newsletter and information about online shopping in Canada including new stores, who's offering free shipping, and promotions.
  • j.ello report - Sarcastically sweet daily HTML e-Zine focusing on everything remotely cool or interesting in technology, internet, free/shareware, graphics or anything else worth spouting off about.
  • Methods & Tools newsletter - A free PDF and HTML based newsletter focused on all areas of software development
  • - AS/400 related discussion mailing list. Topics include RPG programming, Java programming (on and around the AS/400), and various ERP application that run on the AS/400.
  • Mobile IN - All about mobile communications, intelligent networks and applications.
  • Modec Instruments Ltd. - Reference site for PC tips and tricks with parts and an active discussion list called PC-HELPERS.
  • Noises From The Basement - Free weekly for Windows/MS Office Users with high-quality tips, delivered with a humorous touch by MOUS-certified expert/teacher.
  • Open IT Exchange - Email-based groups for IT problem-solving and decision-making.
  • OS/2 Warp Mailing List - A very good mailing for OS/2 with archive on the web with a search engine.
  • PCWorks Mailing List - Dedicated to helping PC users find solutions to computer and internet related problems.
  • Pineapplesoft Link - A free email magazine discusses technologies, trends and facts of interest to web developers. Recent past issues have covered XML, Java and e-commerce.
  • Redneck-Puters Gazette - Free weekly newsletter filled with interesting websites, Windows software downloads, the latest computer news, computer terms and what they mean, and tips.
  • StayOnline - Free Newsletter. Reviews of online courses.
  • Strategic News Service - Newsletter covering the computing and communications industries for strategic thinkers who depend upon business technology planning.
  • SurvPC Mailing List - A mailing list for discussions of old or low resource PCs and DOS internet.
  • The Daisy Users Newsgroup Website - Dairy information software users newsgroup website
  • The FAQchest from Thierry's Shack - Full text and contextual searchable archive of selected mailing lists on various fields of computer science, mostly internet technologies oriented. Archives date back from the mid nineties.
  • The Internet Insider TipLetter - Free weekly email newsletter from nationally syndicated radio show Internet Insider with David Radin that provides helpful innovations, articles, tips, tricks and secrets for computer and internet users.
  • The Mac EvangeList - The Mac user's resource for fighting the windows world's FUD. A place for humor, evangelism, Mac related polls, and general Mac news, the Mac Evangelist has been in operation since 1995. Daily giveaways.
  • The Mezzenger NewsLetter - The newsletter opens with a quote of the week, and closes with an amazing fact of the week, in between there is interesting pointers to web sites and software, tips and tricks and short useful blurbs of computer related items.
  • The NOSPIN Group - Offering free PC tech support since 1991 via PCBUILD, PCSOFT and ComputerLady listserv mailing lists.
  • The Windstorm Computing and Technical Support Newsletter - Source for Microsoft Windows and browser tips, links, articles and tutorials about troubleshooting, technical support issues and general usage information.
  • TipWorld - A comprehensive collection of free tip oriented newsletters on subjects from AOL for Dummies to Advanced Photoshop. Also home of Mailing List of the Day newsletter.
  • Virtual Book Of Knowledge (VBOK) - Monthly newsletter for newbies as well as the experienced users with all sorts of fascinating articles that explain how the internet and computers work as well as helpful tips/tricks.
  • - JAVA, XML, Perl, HTML, marketing, 3D graphics and design. Comes in text only weekly or HTML daily . Also accepts freelance articles.
  • WebSkulker Newsletter - Daily email newsletter covering Windows, security issues, shareware, interesting web sites, hacking, phone phreaking.
  • Wilson Internet Services - The largest collection of web marketing and e-commerce articles, book listings/reviews, links and resources to be found at any single place on the planet.
  • Windows-Help.NET Newsletter - A free weekly news service from Windows-Help.NET, includes Windows related news, bug reports, software announcements, book reviews.
  • Wrox Resource Center - Support and resource centre run by programmers for programmers, provided by Wrox Press
  • Your Resource For IT Newsletters - Meeting place for publishers of IT newsletters and professionals who want to read them.
  • ZDNets Need Help? - Editors scour all of ZDNet to bring the best tips, how-to's, downloads, and quick-fixes for your computing needs.
  • - Mailing List Archives - Archives and indexes thousands of emails a day from an array of mailing lists. The goal is to archive, organize and preserve the vast stores of knowledge that resides in these lists.
  • Lockergnome's Free Windows 95/98/NT eZine - Packed with 32-bit downloads of freeware and shareware, websites, games, media, fonts, updates, patches, themes, tips, tricks, and computer news.

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