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  • Adaptive Merchant Systems - Internet based electronic business technology and the most advanced commerce application solutions for web sites throughout the world.
  • Aleph Computer Systems - Offers custom software and hardware for the ground transportation industry.
  • Auratech Software - Brisbane based company specializing in development of business application, and automation software for small to large sized organizations.
  • Bicne Ebiz - Application for online sales, order processing, invoicing, accounting, inventory control for internet, intranet and extranets for UNIX and Window NT.
  • Comtrell Systems - JCore, a backoffice solution for inventory management in the retail industry.
  • Cybro Tech - Developers of a software management tool that schedules staff, projects, and departments for architects and engineers.
  • Database Creations, Inc. - Microsoft Certified Solution Providers specializing in the development of award-winning business applications and development tools for Microsoft® Access and Microsoft® Office.
  • DataCraft Software Systems - Software systems that are directly suitable for your business, or can be quickly modified to meet your special needs. Training administration, courses schedules and bookings, contact management, warehouse and retail operations software systems.
  • Dennisoft - Newspaper route management systems. Offers technical support for users of Newsmate.
  • Emendo Software Group - Products and services for documentation, maintenance, re-engineering and business rules extraction of software systems.
  • Eqos - Market leader in e-Collaboration software - software that facilitates the integration of people, process and data across company boundaries.
  • Exactium - Provider of internet selling ,configurator, software.Revolutionizing how companies configure and sell complex products and services.
  • FactorNET - Internet web-based software for the factoring market. Multi-language and multi-currency.
  • Frandocs - Offering software that allows you to franchise your business.
  • Global Kiosk Systerms Ltd. - Providing solutions to commerce problems.
  • Graticule - Software development for desktop and Internet mapping.
  • Icommunicate - A web-based, e-support solution for improving customer retention and satisfaction by automating call and e-mail tracking, problem resolution, and the delivery of customer service through a Web browser.
  • Informatic Systems - Commercial solutions provider, services include applications development, expert analysis and solutions, with internet strategies, tools, designs and services. Mumbai, India.
  • iNODE - Company produces a configuration management utility for networked-PC workstations. A solution provider for networked desktop maintenance and deployment, provides round-the-clock IT support at a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full-time on-site IT support staff.
  • Interet Corporation - Develops software applications for the leasing industry.
  • iTech - Security identification systems, real estate management solutions, image manipulation software.
  • JEBIS - Java Enterprise Business Information.
  • Keystone Software Development - Custom development of business systems with Bespoke applications for East Anglia and the UK.
  • Libra Software Systems - Socrates, a desktop tender evaluation system for the procurement professional.
  • Logiciel - Logiciel produces software packages for construction management and custom made applications e.g. costing of public works, cost estimation in aerospace industry
  • MATA Technologies - Provides customized software using Access, VB and OO programming techniques.
  • Midwest Technologies - Cover all aspects of e-commerce from simple marketing websites through to a full B2B Internet presence. Products include software for creating and delivering Electronic Documents and web cam solutions.
  • NewScale - Provider of web-based shared servicesmanagement software for Global 2000 service organizations such as information techology, facilities, human resources, finance, and telecommunications.
  • Newton Computing Corporation - Georgia firm offering consumer affairs software designed to manage customer questions and complaints for both pre and post sales support.
  • NIC Enterpriser - Publishers of Website publishing and software management tools. Products include software NetCalendar, NetCatalog, NetTransfer and the Software Inventory System.
  • Orbits Technologies - Primary area of specialization is Telecommunications, ERP Solution, Financial Management and Retail solutions, Points-Of-Sales and Time Attendance systems.
  • OST Business Rules - Provides enterprise application integration (EAI) and e-business integration (eBI) software for the financial services sector.
  • Paradigm Consulting Group - The Cashier software offers all of the functionality a service utility requires to improve over the counter payment procedures and to ensure the more timely and efficient collection and processing of payments.
  • Portolan Commerce Solutions - Provider of advanced enterprise value management and enterprise cost performance software.
  • Presence Online - Producers of Aptrix, a Domino based e-commerce environment for internet, intranet and extranet solutions.
  • Propane98 - Software system designed specifically for the propane business.
  • Renaissance Software - Providing companies with internet application systems that are JAVA user interfaced and server designed and which address supply chain, order management, and warehouse management requirments.
  • RockPort Trade Systems - Application software that provides complete sourcing, purchasing, costing, logistics and international finance functionality. It has been designed to meet the cross-industry global trading needs of retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and service providers.
  • Sales Proposal Consulting - Sales proposal content development, software, and services.
  • Saligent Software - Develops marketing automation software designed to serve the needs of business-to-business marketing and sales.
  • Small Business System Developers - Consultancy for building of customized database systems for small businesses/individual needs. Pre-packaged systems available.
  • SmartSources - Internet technology company producing powerful solutions and specialized technologies for business.
  • Solution-Soft - Company develops high-quality storage and system management software solutions for corporate data centers, ASP Infrastructure providers, and storage solution providers.
  • The Right Resume - Windows-based resume and cover letter word processor package. Shareware from Whirlwind Technologies.
  • TouchNet Information Systems - Provides mission-critical web, voice, kiosk and enterprise integration solutions for enabling e-business. LogiXstream is the core technology for leveraging legacy systems.
  • Webflo Pte Ltd - An Intranet Ready Application provider based in Singapore, providing a wide suite of applications for government and corporate clients.
  • Xensis - Xen-IP is a fully featured, proven intellectual property management system, manages patent, trademark, designs, and domains. Software can operate via linked servers located across the world to support global organizations.
  • XRT: The Secure Financial Flow Architect - Provides financial executives and treasurers with truly global IT solutions for controlling financial risks and optimizing cash flows.
  • YASHTEC Solutions - Provides world class products and services in the field of Information Technology with special emphasis on software development, multimedia-based software and web solutions.
  • ZIP Code Dealer Locator - Bridger Systems - Software allows customers to instantly find the nearest dealers and distributors of products and services. CGI, COM, standalone, and hosted solutions.
  • ZLC Software - Software systems for Facilities Management, room, equipment, and people scheduling, calendars, vehicle fleet maintenance, and specialized (e.g. churches, caterers, conference centers) administrative tasks.

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