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  • Special Reports - Expanded coverage on various news issues, plus investigative surveys and reports including media coverage of Africa. Africa.
  • BBC: News In Depth - Collection of news and commentary, photographs, video and audio clips on various topics of global and national interest. External links, forum and talking point. UK.
  • Boston Globe: Special Sections - Stories including photos from multi-part series which ran in the newspaper. USA.
  • CBC: News Indepth - Collections of news and commentary, background information, photo galleries, audio and video clips, interactives and related links. Message boards. Canada.
  • CNet: Special Reports - Collections of news articles on tech news and issues, plus background information, video clips and links to stories in other newspapers. USA.
  • - In-Depth Specials - News and commentary, photos, video and audio clips. Depending on the topic, timelines, maps and other resources, reader reactions and online polls may be included. USA.
  • CNNfn: Special Reports - Full coverage of business issues, including related links and resources. From the CNN Financial Network. USA.
  • Financial Times: Special Reports and Surveys - In-depth coverage about general news and business subjects, including news and commentary, background information and related links. UK.
  • Guardian Unlimited: Special Reports - Ongoing coverage by subject, including news, commentary, audio and video reports, press reviews, maps, timelines and interactive graphics. UK.
  • ITN: Special Reports - In-depth analysis, included related stories, video and resources. UK.
  • MSNBC: Special Reports - Collections of news and commentary, including photos, interactives, audio and video clips, related links and bulletin boards. USA.
  • Pocono Record: Special Reports - Special editions and multi-part series about regional and national topics. Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Hot Topics - Ongoing collections of articles. USA.
  • The Age: Issues in the News - Archive of stories, including background and features. Australia.
  • The Irish Times: Special Features Archive - News, issues and analysis, audio and video clips, online polls and links to additional resources. Ireland.
  • The Nando Times: Special Reports - Coverage and commentary, including background information and forums, on various news and sports events. USA.
  • The New Zealand Herald: Features - Collections of archived news and commentary. New Zealand.
  • The News: Special Issues - Collections of articles and photos. Pakistan.
  • The Washington Post: Special Reports - News and commentary, plus background, graphics, photos and related links. USA.
  • Time: Special Features - Collections of stories, photo essays, eyewitness accounts, maps and timelines. USA.
  • Yahoo! News Full Coverage - Collections of news stories, opinion and editorials, magazine articles, audio and video. Also links to related web sites, news sources, full coverage topics and Yahoo! categories. USA.

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