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  • 5.10 Climbing Club: Double Butterfly - Explanation, illustrations, and instructions.
  • Active Angler's Knot Tying - Learn to tie knots. Instructions for common fishing knots.
  • Animated Knot Tying Software - Downloadable demonstration software
  • Australian Scouts - Covers knots used in the Australian Scouts award scheme. Illustrations and descriptions.
  • Baggy's Rope Box - Covers the Angler's loop, the Fisherman's knot, and the Friendship knot. Step by step illustrations and instructions.
  • Basic Rock Knot Booklet - Covers the ring bend, overhand, fisherman's, figure-8, munter hitch and clove hitch. Also covers emergency harness construction and belay techniques. Diagrams.
  • Beer Knot - Photos and instructions for tying this variant of the water knot.
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group - Covers climbing and rescue knots including how to make a seat harness from webbing and the bowline-on-a-coil. Photos and instructions.
  • Boating Knots - Covers knots for sailing, fishing, and general outdoor usage. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Boy Scouts 42nd Brighton - Covers scouting knots including the Rolling hitch, Thief knot, and Thumb knot. Animations, tips, and common uses.
  • Boy Scouts Troop 700 - Covers the square knot, clove hitch, bowline, half hitches, timber hitch, sheet bend, and tautline hitch. Animations. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint Animation Player.
  • Canoehead Canada - Covers surgeon's knot, sheep shank, grass bend, trucker's hitch, rolling hitch, harness loops, and others. Diagrams.
  • Climerware - Analysis of the strength loss caused by using a girth hitch. Climbing variations of the girth hitch, the dogvine, the mule knot, and the Figure-8. How to tie a bowline and clove hitch one-handed.
  • Essential Scout skills explained | 4th Tyldesley Scouts - Covers common scouting knots including the Harvester hitch, Timber hitch, Thumb knot, and Rolling hitch. Step by step illustrations and common uses.
  • Fishing Cairns - Covers fishing knots including the Clinch knot, Palomar knot, Scaffold knot, and Blood knot. Illustrations, instructions, and common uses.
  • Fishing Knots to Know-Animated Knot Lessons - Animated Knot Lessons for the most popular Fishing Knots. Great description of a Hook Snell.
  • - Tackle Talk - Covers fishing knots including the Float stop, Spider hitch, Paternoster rig, and Bimini twist. Step by step illustrations and instructions. Common uses.
  • Flyfishing Knots - Basic Advice on Tying Knots
  • Forty Boy Scout Knots - Common scouting knots including the Halyard bend, the Tiller's hitch, the Granny knot, and the Lariat loop. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Idaho Fly Fishing - Covers the new Pitzen knot, the Double-Surgeon knot, the Blood Knot, the Clinch Knot, and the Nail Knot. Illustrations.
  • Irish Climbing - Covers common climbing knots, including five friction knots for ascending the rope. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Knot Knotes - Trivia, jokes, records, projects, and games. Knot basics. Downloadable fonts.
  • Knot Knowledge - Covers single loop knots, double loop knots, hitches, friction knots, bends, and stopper knots. Step by step instructions with photos. Definitions of terminology.
  • Knot Tying Charts for Sale - Fishing, Navigation Charts, boating and Hunting refrence Charts. All charts are 3mm Laminated to ensure 100% percent Waterproofing, and can be rolled up to fit into any tackle box.
  • Knots on the Web - A collection of knotting resources.
  • Learn2 Tie Basic Knots - Covers knot to secure a line, join two lines together, and make a loop. Instructions and animation.
  • Marinews Boating - Covers common boating knots including the Cleat wind, Clove hitch, and Wagoner's hitch. Animations and common uses.
  • Marinews Fishing - Includes common fishing knots including the Albright, the Butterfly Dropper, the Centauri, and Dropper loop. Animations, step by step illustrations, and common uses.
  • Naut Bob's - Covers the Clove hitch, Bowline, Reef knot, and Sheet bend. Illustrations.
  • New Zealand Speleological Society - Covers common caving knots including the Figure 8, Figure 9, Alpine Butterfly, Italian hitch, and Tape knot. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Notable Knot Index - New, useful, and interesting bends, loops, hitches, knots and more.
  • Pike & Zander - Covers fishing knots including the Palomar, the 5 Turn Grinner knot, the 4 Turn Water knot, and the Knotless knot. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Prusik Rappel "Safety" - Analysis of the safety practice of backing up a rappel with a prusik knot.
  • Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine - Step by step illustrations for useful fishing knots. User contributions welcomed.
  • Rec.crafts.knots FAQ - Frequently asked questions for the newsgroup, covering resources, recommendations, and links.
  • Rock and Ice: Basic Climbing Knots - Covers the figure-8 follow-through, figure-8 on a bight, clove hitch, overhand and prusik. Illustrations and instructions.
  • Rope Rescue - Covers common rescue knots including the Tensionless hitch, Mariner's knot, and Inline Figure 8. Illustrations and appropriate uses.
  • Ropers Knots Pages - Index of knots with links, illustrations, and descriptions.
  • Ropeworks - A book of knots, hitches, splicing, lashing and rope making.
  • Ruckus Society - Covers the Fisherman's knot, Bowline, Prusik, Water knot and several hitches. Illustrations and common uses.
  • Sailfree - Common sailing knots, including the Figure 8, Square knot, Sheet bend, Clove hitch, and Bowline. Illustrations, instructions, and common uses.
  • Scouting Resources - Covers hitches and lashings. Alphabetical listing with illustrations and common uses. Also includes terminology definitions.
  • Semaphore - Covers the Figure 8, Fisherman's Bend, Reef knot, and Marling hitch. Illustrations.
  • Shooting Star's Marlinspike Page - Covers common boating knots including the Anchor bend, the Carrick bend, the Buntline hitch, and several variations of the Bowline. Animated illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Table showing the relative strength of the knots.
  • Six Exploding Knots - Covers six knots that untie easily, including the Sliding Butterfly, Double Carrick bend, and Clove Hitch Biting a Bight. Step-by-step illustrations with instructions and a table of properties.
  • Sophia-Antipolis Speleogical Society - Covers common caving knots including the double figure-8 on a bight and the farmer's knot. Illustrations.
  • Sporting Adventures Kids Knots - Covers the Bowline, the Fisherman's, the Clove hitch, and the Blood knot. Animated with instructions. Requires Shockwave Player.
  • Team Whiskers Knots - Catfishing Team. Includes information on baits, knots, rigs, tackle, recipes, tournaments, and more.
  • Tennessee Outdoorsman - Covers common fishing knots including the Arbor knot, the Berkley braid, the King Sling knot and the Nail knot. Step by step illustrations and instructions.
  • The Knotting Dictionary of K√§nnet - Covers some common and some uncommon knots, including the Reef knot, Square knot, Sheepshank, Simple Simon Over, Monkey's Fist, and Vice Versa. Illustrations and common uses. What the knot is called in other languages. User-submitted comments.
  • The Lehigh Group - Covers common marine knots, plus the Hangman's knot, the Scaffold knot, and the Gallows knot. Illustrations and common uses.
  • The Pitzen Knot - Illustrations and step-by-step instructions.
  • The Prusik Knot - Discussion, comments, and tips regarding the use of this knot for both sailing and climbing. History.
  • Troop 9 - Common scouting knots including the Tautline hitch, the Trucker's hitch, and the Sheet bend. Animations and photos of the finished knots.
  • University of New England Mountaineering Club - Covers the Alpine Butterfly, Bowline, Clove hitch, and Fisherman's knot. Animation and common uses.
  • Tying Knots - A collection of tutorials, guides and instructionally oriented websites dealing with knot tying.

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