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   Web Sites
  • 24 Hour Games - Online and downloadable games. Also contains links to other sites.
  • 386 Games - Download fast games (demos and shareware) for old computers.
  • - 3D accelerated games, patches, utilities and screensavers that work with Glide, OpenGL and Direct3D.
  • Absolute Authority on Computer Games - A collection of links to reviews, previews, hints, and cheats.
  • Absolute Gamer's Files Archive - Hundreds of free downloads - demos, patches, add-ons, skins, weapons and extra levels.
  • Absolute Games - Free and trial game downloads including puzzles, arcade, tetris, lines, and chess.
  • - Freeware, shareware, online games and reviews.
  • Ace Zones Games Downloads - Offers freeware games, demos, screen savers, movies, and utilities.
  • Adventure Games - Screenshots and reviews. Includes a listing of some of the games by their speed requirements.
  • Alphagamers Game Discussion - Game discussion boards created for "die hard" gamers. Topics include troubleshooting, roleplaying games, strategy, first and third-person shooter, adventure, race, flight simulation, and multiplayer.
  • Coliseum Game Central - Helping gamers download, play, purchase or learn about the latest PC games.
  • DemoFleet - Demos for all types of games.
  • Drakken's Game Domain - Downloads, cheats, and information on various games.
  • Edge Network - Contains network information and list of hosted sites.
  • Eraser's Game World - Offers cheats, downloads, newsletter and free email accounts.
  • Forum Gateway - An online forum for games like Tribes, Quake, Warcraft, Starcraft, Red Alert, Rainbow Six, and Diablo.
  • Freeality Download Computer Games - Features links to download sites.
  • Game-site - Offers free games and downloads.
  • - Information about the emerging sport of professional computer gaming.
  • GamersList - Top list with links to all types of games.
  • Games Nostalgia - Features information about old computer games such as Commander Keen. Includes downloads, library, timeline and links.
  • Games Radar UK: PC - News, reviews, hints, columns, and reviews.
  • GamesExplorer - Cheats for popular PC and N64 games, release dates, demos, trainers, message boards, and cool links.
  • Gaming Online - Includes fansites, text and voice chats, and an online store.
  • Gem's Games - Freeware and shareware games. Also some jokes and some links.
  • - Contains reviews, cheats and news.
  • KickAss Games - Contains action PC computer game demos, cheats, screen shots and mini reviews.
  • LadyDragon.Com - Mostly reviews about PC and console games. Some demo, trailer and patches downloads.
  • Load It Free - Download free games and demos.
  • - PC game and hardware reviews.
  • Maxmedia Interactive Drama - Interactive drama games utilizing the "Mood Bar" interface and full-motion video.
  • Media and Games Online Network - Game information, news, java chats, forums, interviews, screenshots, features, reviews, previews, articles, and demos.
  • Mike's Gaming Official Site - Game producer that uses TGF and KNP.
  • Mikes Universe of Downloads - Information on games, Brood War and Starcraft files , and Flash help.
  • Mindless Games & Entertainment - Offers daily news, patches, reviews, interviews and forums.
  • Nahoo - Games - Information on several PC games.
  • PantaraSoft - Download games (freeware, demos and shareware) for your computer.
  • Pc Game Galaxy - Games, reviews and main focus on AoE II.
  • PC Gamers - Features components, systems, quotes, contact information, hardware and game reviews, and links.
  • - Offers daily news, demos, patches, and reviews.
  • Proving Grounds - Offers competitive gaming ladders for first person shooters such as Half-Life, Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament in Team, 1vs1 and 2vs2 styles.
  • Games - Features game downloads and reviews and streaming previews to learn about games before downloading.
  • Rookie's Games - Downloadable demos, links to game reviews and game forums.
  • SavageZone - Boosting your performance through tweaking your system to perform better than the rest. Support for Savage 4 and S3 tweaked drivers, also overclocking how-to's.
  • Sci Fi Chat - This forum is for all gamers. Sign up, and talk about all your favorite games.
  • SmartGirl Reviews - Girl game reviews written by girls.
  • The Daily Telefrag - Computer games, hardware, downloads, news and reviews.
  • The Electric Brain - Offers information on games and hardware.
  • The Patches Scrolls - Bug fixes, game patches, enhancements, upgrades and updates for PC, Macintosh, Amiga, and Linux games.
  • The Productive Play Company - The Productive Play Company. Kids' games and award winning educational multimedia based on TV cartoon characters.
  • The Wireworld Cyber Cafe and Network Arena - Based in Somerset, offers on-site LAN games, tournaments, and activities in an Internet Cafe setting.
  • Top Load Games - Offers demo downloads and cheats. Also offers free screensavers and wallpaper.
  • Triwolf Gamer Resource - A directory of links to developers, peripheral manufacturers, and games.
  • Voodoo Files - Games, patches, utilities, screensavers that work with Glide, OpenGL and Direct3D.
  • World of Free Games - Features a database of reviewed games, news, messageboards, chat, patches, screenshots, previews links to other gaming sites.

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