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  • Blacksburg Tactical Research Center (BTRC) - A little game company based not in Blacksburg, but Collinsville, Virginia. BTRC produces a number of role-playing games, board games and supplements.
  • Briarpatch - Developer of board, card, and puzzle games for children.
  • Cardinal Industries - Developer of board, card, and travel games.
  • Conceptual Math Media, Inc. - Designs and produces math educational products. Site offers game and company information.
  • Divinity Games - Produces Catholic family and bible trivia games.
  • DVS Games - Developer of card and board games.
  • Ferdinand Piatnik and Sons of Vienna - Produces toys, games, puzzles, memo games, children cards, activity, and playing cards. One of the oldest game producers in Europe. [English, Deutsch]
  • Freak Factory Game Studios - Creates RPGS, CCGs, and board games such as Red Tape, Game: The Gaming, and Porn Star.
  • Game Publishers Association - Professional association of small press publishers, focusing on adventure hobby games and related products.
  • Games to Remember - Developers of ZooMania and Funky Monkey.
  • Goliath Games - Distributes card and board games to a mainly UK market.
  • Guild of Blades Publishing Group - Provides ordering and wholesale catalog, company information, and product lines.
  • Hasbro World - Producer of toys, board, and video games.
  • KraiSoft Entertainment - Developer of arcade computer games, screensavers, internet games and other PC software.
  • Locust Games - Publisher of strategy board and card games.
  • Mattel - Developer of card and board games.
  • Mythrole Games - Manufacturer of board, card, and role-playing games.
  • Out of the Box Publishing, LLC - Developers of Apples to Apples and Bosworth.
  • Playful Minds - Card, computer, and shareware games. Green Thumb cards is a delightful card or computer game for gardeners of every age.
  • Q.E.D. Games, Inc. - Maker of board and card games. Site contains company information, online game ordering, game information.
  • Snarling Badger Games - Makers of microgames since 1993.
  • Startup Games - Offers board and computer versions of business games including IPO, Startup, and Venture Capital. Provides message boards and downloads.
  • Steve Jackson Games - Maker of card, board, and roleplaying games. Site contains game overviews, general company information, e-zines, and a catalog.
  • The SilverWyrm - Developer of card, board, and computer games.
  • ZenoGames - Develops and distributes family board, card, and strategy games. Site contains product news and information, and online sales.

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