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  • "Mrs Dot" - Freelance editor for Lace (the Lace Guild magazine), Deb's site contains knitted, bobbin and needle laces, plus plotted grids for designing your own lace patterns.
  • Alencon Lace - Site describes history of, and techniques used to make, alencon lace.
  • Alissa's Lace - Alissa shares her work in buck's point, flemish, honiton and torchon.
  • Allhallows Museum - Based in Honiton, Devon UK, the museum features the laces famous to this region.
  • Ana's Lace Page - Daffodils, dragon and coasters are made in bobbin lace.
  • Angela Thompson - A lace collector shares her photo of a romanian point mat.
  • Annelies de Kort - An amazing bobbin lace cake buffet and miniature lace shop shown here.
  • Antique Handmade Lace - A variety of antique laces from Marla Mallett's collection are displayed here.
  • Antique Lace Bobbins - These personalized tools were made in England from 1820 to 1880.
  • Arachne Web Server - Organizes information as a service to the members of the arachne news group.
  • Arachne's Web of Atlantia - The Atlantia region of the Society of Creative Anachronism holds lace workshops.
  • Atlanta IOLI - Georgia chapter site contains member's gallery, workshop information, calendar and tips.
  • Australian Lace Guild - ALG's site is full of articles, competitions, museum and supplier links, and patterns.
  • Avital's Fibers - Avital designed a printable pricking for a bobbin lace tablecloth, a Star of David tatting pattern, Her gallery contains 25+ examples of 7 different lace forms.
  • Batten Lace - These simplified instructions for making battenburg lace include photos.
  • Beautiful and Practical Netting - Rita creates doilies and edgings, sharing patterns and 'how to' information.
  • Belgium Lacer - Inge D'heere 's works include 3 lace pieces, plus a photo of a block pillow in use.
  • Beveren Lace School - German school offers lace classes to children after school and during holidays. Gallery holds a classic and modern piece. Large links list at end of page.
  • BJ's Laces - BJ describes different forms of handmade laces, including bobbin, tattting, needle and chemical.
  • Bobbin Lace European Network - This database has entries in the following categories: laces, census and biographies of lacemakers, designers, bibliographies, glossaries, historical documents, museums, news and online training. Travelling exhibits are expected to be added soon.
  • Bobbinburg - Mark Myers has organized information on bobbin lace as a town with 75+ links. Shops, home pages and chat groups are easy to find and are regularly updated.
  • Bobbinlace Chat Group - A group of 200+ bobbin lacers chat about projects, supplies and patterns.
  • Branscombe Parish - This article describes the lace industry and school in this English village.
  • Brazilian Laces - This site contains photos of laces made in Brazil.
  • Brigette's Bobbin Lace - Brigette Romer has created butterflies and a set of musicians in lace.
  • Calontir Arts and Science Lace Criteria - The lace judging criteria set out here was established by this division of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
  • Camarinnas - This town in Galicia holds an annual "Display of Bobbin Lace" and related events.
  • Canadian Lacemaker Gazette - The newsletter of this guild is printed in French and English.
  • Carolina's Lace Site - Carolina presents her original milanese works, patterns and a history of lace in Catalunya.
  • CD 2000 GALLERY - This unusual collection of over 400 laces was exhibited in England and the USA.
  • Celtic Dream Weaver - Sherry is a lacemaker who creates unique bobbins using paints, decoupage and tatting.
  • Chicago Area Lace Guild - This guild offers support to lacemakers from any genre. Tips on how to make battenberg, bobbin, knit, and needle laces are at this site, plus examples of teneriffe, tatting, tonder and more.
  • Christine England - Chrisine has posted photos of her honiton projects.
  • Cipka Lace - Professor Janez Bogataj shares an essay on this Slovenian lace.
  • Claeys Antique - An illustrated article on the history of a lace piece is added regularly (with ten articles currently on site). Vintage photos and paintings of lacemakers share a gallery with antique lace tools.
  • Costume Classroom - Bjarne Drews, Denmark, teaches bobbin lace with an emphasis on costume design.
  • Cross-Twist (Kreuzen-Drehen ) - Click a photo, then follow the arrows to explore the works of Lace-Artist Eva Baumgartner.
  • Czech bobbin lacemaker - Site shows a variety of Honiton pieces and discusses Slovak, Milanese and Point Ground.
  • Dalla Lidia Merletti d'Arte - This museum and shop in Venice shares a series of photos that chronical a piece of needlelace from design to finished masterpiece.
  • Design for Communicating - 17th-century Portuguese needlelace border illustrates the biblical story of Judith.
  • Dora the Knotter - Dora's sense of humor shows in her Margareten-Spitze laces.
  • Dreams of Lace - Works by Lace Artist:Christiane Eichler. Information in both English and German.
  • Eitel's Bobbin Lace - Eitel shares 3 examples of lace projects.
  • Embroidery and Lace - Bjarne Drew shares photos of the costumes he's created and his lace projects.
  • Emily Clare, lacemaker - Photo and historical background of victorian era lacemaker.
  • Falkink - A lacemaker has evaluated design software and created a table stand for a vertical cookie pillow.
  • Fine Filaments - A Basic Guide To Lacis written by Tomi McNaughton.
  • Frauke Lorenz - The modern works of this lace artist are displayed here.
  • German Bobbin Lace Association - Founded in 1983, this group has 3800 members. It promotes lacemaking thru congresses, competitions, classes and exhibits.
  • Gloria Valli - Gloria's laceworks include multiple contest entries. She specializes in modern lace jewelry.
  • Golden Bobbin Lacers - One of the groups that make up the North Carolina Regional Lacers, the site contains their newsletter and information about lace deomonstrations and other activities.
  • Gon Homburg - Based in Amsterdam, this certified teacher/bobbin lacer shares her lace heritage with students.
  • Great Lakes Lace Group Inc. - This group sponsors teacher certifications in bobbin, tape, and tatted laces.
  • Heartland Lace Guild - "Pillow Talk" is this group's newsletter. Heartland sponsors open challenges: the three yards club, leaves and tallies, and an annual contest.
  • Helen - makes bobbin and tatted laces. She shares 25 photos of work done by her and her friends.
  • Howfen - Glenys Pople has written a clear and well illustrated definition of bobbin lace.
  • Hungarian Kalocsa Lace II ICC - The Embroiderers Guild of America offers a correspondence course in advanced Kalosca Lace.
  • Hungarian Lace - American Hungarian Folklore Centrum presents an essay, with photos, on Hungarian Lace.
  • Idrija Lace - Three pictures of lace, one of tools, and a link to an article in Lace magazine.
  • Ieperse Huiskant - A lace nativity scene was created by this Belgian group.
  • International Forum of Lace - Conference in 2003 at Rimini, Italy, will study technical, artistic and historic aspects of lace.
  • International Old Lacers - International association based in the USA shares information about events, contests, conferences. Site also contains pattern of the month.
  • Introduction to Bobbin Lace - Thre are sixteen online pages in this comprehensive beginning lesson taught by Jennifer McNitt.
  • Irish Carrickmacross Lace - - This Arduin Lace Collection was handmade by Mary O'Neill in Ireland.
  • Isis Lacemakers - Homepage of lacemakers in Oxford UK includes calendar of events.
  • Iva Proskova - A unique lace ruff, and a pillow on stand, plus tips on cleaning nonwashable lace.
  • Jana Onuskova - Bobbin Lace Artist shares nine of her original modern works.
  • Janine's Lace - With 3 bobbin lace edgings and 6 small circulars, this is a nice little gallery.
  • Jean's Lace Definitions - Jean Bullock illustrates and defines 6 types of handmade lace.
  • Jo Edkins' Lace School - This online bobbin lace school has twelve lessons covering over forty topics. Each topic is well illustrated; some are even animated. The ten beginning patterns are organized into four categories; all are illustrated.
  • Judging Lace on Period Costumes - The Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism sts the standards for judging handmade laces at their Arts and Sciences Faire.
  • Kantklossen - Dia-album at this dutch site contains over 30 photos of a wide variety of bobbin lace works. Some patterns are classic; some interpretations are modernistic.
  • Kate's Lace - Kate posts photos of her bobbinlaces: bonnet, booties, collars, doilies and tablecoths.
  • Kenmare Lace - Illustrated site contains history of this Irish lace. Photos included two full length lace dresses.
  • Keystone Lace Guild - Homepage of the Pennsylvanian guild.
  • Kloeppeln - Hiltraut tells why she loves bobbin lacemaking and shares fifteen photos of her work.
  • Knitted Heirloom Lace - Author Gloria Penning shares 18 knitted lace works, plus information about her books.
  • Knotwork - Frances defines knotwork and offers assorted bobbins.
  • Knypplad Spets , the Crowning Touch - Rita Leydon writes an essay on bobbin lacemaking in Sweden.
  • La dentelle de Binche - Photos of bobbin lacemaker at work.
  • La Dentelles - Rosanna has compiled articles, photos, reports and diagrams of lacemaking in France, including an unusual collection of lacemakers in miniature.
  • La Encajera - The Lacemaker - Home page of the Spanish lace magazine. Patterns, competitions and calendar, plus 'Letter to the Reader' from revious issues.
  • Lace Book List - Arlene has compiled a booklist, in 30 categories, for lace enthusiasts.
  • Lace Centre - Lacemakers demonstrate craft at Jerusalem Church.
  • Lace Created by Katja - Photos of bookmarks in russian tape, bobbin and tatted laces.
  • Lace Design and Patterns - Three lace artists encourage bobbin, and needle, lacemakers to give designing a try by offering case studies, tutorials, patterns and awe-inspiring galleries.
  • Lace Exhibitions - This comprehensive well maintained list, sorted by country, lists lace events all over the world.
  • Lace Magazine - This site contains a short introduction to princess, bobbin and needle laces.
  • Lacemaker's Cottage - Scroll to the bottom of the page to find lace histories from 1500-1900, plus a gallery of laceworks.
  • Lacemakers of Calais - Homepage of this historic Australian Society of Lacemakers.
  • Lacemakers of Puget Sound (LPS) - Seattle's lace guild welcomes all lacemakers.
  • Lacemakers Tie Past to Present - Article from the Abilene Reporter, dated 8-99, tells of lacemaking in local area.
  • Lacemaking - Thirty eight sites are linked to this web ring.
  • Lacemaking - Italian site describes works in buckspoint, torchon and milanese, and holds a gallery of over forty photos.
  • Lacemaking Circle - Free membership allows lacemakers to buy bobbins at a discount.
  • Lacemaking in Bedfordshire - Shares the history and current activities of the Aragon Lacemakers.
  • Lacemaking in Czek - Site contains animated video of bobbin pairs in action.
  • Lacemaking in the 17th century. - Sheila Sharpe demonstrates lacemaking in period costume.
  • Lacenotes - The complete instructions for Tamara's milanese work "The Swan" can be found here, also a discussion of unbroken trails in torchon, and how to resize patterns.
  • Landelijke Organisatie Kant Kunst - The official site of LOKK, the Dutch Lace Organization, contains photos of modern and classical laces created by its members. Click kantbrief to reach the gallery.
  • Lefkara Lace - The history and patterns of lace on Cyprus can be found here, plus a photo index of local lacemakers.
  • Legacy of Lace - Lace historian and maker, Joeanna Smith documents western european laces with photos and essays.
  • Lego Bobbin Winder - Kieth Enevoldsen shows how to make a bobbin winder from legos.
  • Leisa's Gallery - Contains photos and essays on eight different types of laces.
  • Liberty Lacers - A gallery of challenges is presented by Philadelphia lacemakers.
  • Lone Star Lacers - This IOLI chapter's site contains a member's showcase with the works of 6 different artists, plus a crown created with combined effort. Past events are recorded and future workshops listed.
  • Looking for the Big End - Jean Goldberg translates humor into art through needlelace. This extraordinary gallery contains 20 masterpieces in lace depicting life in the twenty first century.
  • Lorelei Halley - Lorelei documents methods of identification and describes bobbin lace in the 17th through the current century.
  • Louise Verschueren, Brussels, Belgium - The family heritage of lacemaking is detailed, also photos of current lace products.
  • Lynda Libby's Lace - Lynda shares pictures of her bobbin laces, grouped by type.
  • Macra of Chiavari - A lace of moresque origin is illustrated here.
  • Mainly Lace in This Place - Gary and Jean share photos of friends, define spanish bobbins, and show how to wind them.
  • Mallee Lacemakers - Home page of guild based in Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia.
  • Manie Kriel from Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa - Mr. Kriel describes himself as a passionate lacemaker. Although he's only been making lace since 1996, he's already completed projects in torchon, bedfordshire, brugges, duchesse and russian tape lace.
  • Marie-Jo Quinault - New filet lace is created from 16th century patterns.
  • Mary Margaret Nousek - offers a small gallery that includes a man and a woman in profile.
  • Miniature Bobbin Lace - Jan, from Crete, creates miniature lace and lacemaking supplies - including a complete lace shop.
  • Needlelace - A nice introduction to the various forms of needlelaces, this site also illustrates the stitches.
  • Needlelace Club - This news group provides a forum to discuss needlelace techniques.
  • New England Lace Group - This page holds the basic information needed to contact this Maine-based group.
  • OIDFA - The International Bobbin and Needle Lace Organisation provides bulletins, patterns, competitions and congresses.
  • Penny's Page - An Australian lacer, Penny shares a dozen photos of her bobbin laces.
  • Pittsburgh Lace Group - Newsletters are posted, plus a large Christmas gallery and workshop photos.
  • Poole Bobbin Lace Circle - Lacemakers share a pattern page, photos of their exhibits, Miss Channer's mat, plus information about their 4 year lace course.
  • Radyr Lace Group - Welsh bobbin lacers meet in Cardiff. They share patterns and gallery at this site.
  • Reclaiming Your Heritage, Lace and Linens - Elizabeth Kurella identifies, repairs and appraises fine laces.
  • Rose Ground Lace Guild - The Tyler, Texas, chapter of IOLI shares their projects here.
  • Rosemary Richards-Steck - Rosemary's hobby is making bobbin lace by the pond.
  • Roxburgh Lacemakers - This group from Kelso, Scotland, exhibits their work and provides information about meeting times.
  • Saraphi Handmade Silk Lace - Janya Sugunnasil, in Thailand, designs and teaches bobbin laces.
  • SCA Lace - News group discusses topics relating to making lace during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  • Sheelin Antique Irish Lace Museum - Museum shares several photos of lace dating from 1850 to 1900.
  • Sheringham Lace Makers - Guild presents Milennium Project to church. Find meeting times here.
  • Sieglindes Twinetime - Lace Artist Sieglinde Grigat's 'Occhi' gallery holds over 40 pieces of tatted artworks. Most pieces employ advanced techniques. She also works in bobbin lace, crochet and hairpin laces, knotted and knitted laces.
  • Silver Pin Studio - Lace Artist: Lenka Suchanek uses wire as a medium to create bobbin lace jewelry and sculptures. She also shares photos of her studio in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Steph's String Related Stuff - Stephanie Peter's provides free bobbin lace software, stitching charts and tatting patterns, including complete illustrated instructions for cluny leaves.
  • Susan Roberts - Susan shares her gallery of honiton works, plus notes on her life as a lacer.
  • The Lace Museum from Castilla y Leon (Spain) - This site contains photos of bobbin displays, and 16th - 20th century laces.
  • The Art of Irish Lacemaking - This history of Irish lace contains photos of antique laceworks.
  • The Costumer's Manifesto - Dr. Maginnis documents laces used on apparel from the 16th -19th century.
  • The Dallas Lace Society - A calendar of events and lace tips from members are on the home page of this guild.
  • The Lace Guild - British Lace Guild educates on all aspects of lacemaking through their Lace Magazine and other publications, conferences, certifications, and young lacemakers program.
  • The Lace Museum - The site of this California museum shows current displays, workshops and classes. Also calendar of events, newsletter and patterns.
  • The Lacemaker's Mailing List FAQ - Mimi Dillman maintains this page of mailing lists and FAQs for Arachne.
  • The Mary Rose (1509 1545) - Bobbins were found on board the ship The Mary Rose.
  • The Tangled Web of Lara the Lacemaker - Lara offers history and how-to's for period costumes plus patterns.
  • Theo Brejaart - Theo's international list of lace books is arranged by language. He also offers lace calendars.
  • Traditional and Modern Bobbin Lacing - Click the buttons labelled 'moderne' to view 14 years of the work of Lace Artist, Beate Agten.
  • Tussah - Photos, and descriptions, of bobbin lace pieces made by Lara's mom.
  • Types of Lace - Lisa defines different lace forms.
  • Ville de Retournac - The Lace Manufactures Museum records France's lacemaking history.
  • LaceFairy, Lori's Lace Pages - This site is part museum, part master's degree in lace. Consistently maintained, it holds information on lacemaking and lacemakers, identification and preservation, collecting and collections. You'll also find practical instructions, patterns, postcards and graphics, bobbins, stamps, art, bibliographies, poems, historical photos and galleries galore.

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