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  • Air Gun Fun - Collection of disparate articles on airgun shooting.
  • Air Gun Maintenance and History - Basic air gun maintenance and interesting facts about the history of air guns. Photo galleries of vintage and modern air guns. Free targets and air gun reviews.
  • Air Pistol Test - Reports, reviews, performance notes and feature comparisons on competitive target pistols.
  • Airgun BBS - Bulletin board service for online chat with other airgun enthusiasts. One of the best online resources for the airgun shooter that wants answers from experts.
  • Airgun Forum - Enthusiasts' discussion area.
  • Airgun Forum - BBS Service for all kinds of airgun shooters. There are target shooting, hunting, Field Target and maintenance categories.
  • Airgun Sport - News and information on air gun products and accessories.
  • Airgun Warehouse - Offers airgun products from manufacturers such as Daisy, Crosman, Beeman, RWS, and Gamo. Also includes safety information that pertains to the shooting sports.
  • - Airgun site featuring, news, reviews, clubfinder, airgun forum, on-line shops, readers adverts, hunting and field target shooting.
  • Airgunners World - Personal site dedicated to the people who enjoy air-rifle shooting. The site accepts article contributions from airgun enthusiasts.
  • Airgunning Atlanta - American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) member club based in Atlanta, Georgia. Competitors use modified Olympic 10-meter air rifles (.177 pellets) to knock down animal-shaped field targets placed at ranges from 10 to 55 yards. Open to public.
  • Airgunning in Portugal - This is the personal site of Pedro Mateus. There are details of Field Target shooting and air rifle hunting, and lots of photographs.
  • - British fanzine.
  • Airgunology and the Scientist - A wide-ranging site by Dr. Robert Beeman, founder of Beeman Precision Airguns. Includes airgun selection, history, collecting, use, general information, legal aspects, expert witness CV, literature review, parts and items for sale, and safety. Beeman history and art.
  • Airguns Canada - Airgun sales & service, Crosman Benjamin - Sheridan warranty station, new and obsolete Crosman parts.
  • Airguns Today - Netzine with shooting links and information on hunting, pest control, equipment, beginner's help, clubs, laws, latest issues and reviews.
  • American Airgun Field Target Association - AAFTA is dedicated to promoting the sport of air rifle field target shooting, air pistol, and a wide range of other airgun related interests.
  • American Airguns - Pages dedicated to serious airguns, airgun products, and the sports that use airguns.
  • Armagh Sporting Air-Rifles - Sporting air-rifle and field target shooting club.
  • Badgerland Air Gun Association - The club caters for several popular airgun disciplines: 10 metre rifle and pistol target shooting, Field target, and Field Position shooting.
  • Barbury FTC Swindon, UK - All-weather firing points on a concrete-surfaced range together with a permanent woodland target course. The club offers year-round shooting and comfortable clubhouse facilities.
  • British Field Target Association - Find out the latest information on competitions, events, clubs and items for sale surrounding the world of air-rifle FT shooting.
  • Bushvalley Field Target Club - Northern Ireland field target club.
  • California Airgunners - Airgunners forum for Californians.
  • Can-Manglers of Ohio - Air gun club located in South-West Ohio. Informal shoots 3 times monthly. Field Target quarterly.
  • Chester Field Target Club - The club caters for airgun shooters of all ages and abilities, for plinkers or competitors.
  • Chinese B3-1 Air Rifle - Notes and information on the B3-1 or Tech Force 38. A great air rifle for the money.
  • Combro Chronoscopes - Chronoscopes suitable for use with airguns.
  • D&H Woodcrafters - Custom QB78 & Crosman 160 airgun stocks.
  • Daystate Owners Club - For owners of any Daystate air gun.
  • Firepoint Sights - Firepoint manufacture an illuminated 'Red Dot' sighting device to aid rapid target acquisition.
  • German Field Target - This site covers all aspects of Field Target shooting in Germany.
  • German Field Target Club 2000 - FT club near Duesseldorf in the Rhineland. The club has several air rifles for use by visitors.
  • Guns of the Lewis & Clark expedition - Includes discussion of the large bore air rifle carried by Captain Meriwether Lewis in the 1803-06 exploration of the U.S. northwest.
  • Harriers Field Target Club - West Midland based Field Target club.
  • Hawaii Precision Airgun Club - The club is dedicated to the promotion of International shooting disipline. Disciplines shot are: 10 Meter Air Pistol, and 50 Meter Free Pistol. We also have some Air Rifle and Air Rifle sporter activities.
  • Ian Pellant Airgun Notes - Information, notes and reviews of airgun topics. Ballistic software for airgun users is available for download.
  • Iron Plate & Practical Pistol Shooting - Steel drop down action air pistol shooting for use in countries where cartridge pistols cannot be used.
  • Jonger's Airgun Pages - Notes about airgun shooting, pest control and field target shooting.
  • JSB Airgun Pellets - JSB pellets from the Czech Republic are comparable in quality to the major brands, excep cheaper in price. Also see fine airgun accessories.
  • Lea Valley Air Gun Club - Air rifle and pistol club. Field target and plinking. outdoor ranges, 55 yard ranges. Based in Hertfordshire
  • Mac1 Airguns of McMurray & Son - Custom airgunsmithing, retail and distribution. Wide range of manufacturers available. Precharge pneumatics and pellets are included in the product range. Owned and run by a long-standing family team.
  • Milbro Sports - Airgun pellets and shotgun cleaning equipment.
  • Montys Miniguns - Miniguns in all variations, They shoot Bullets, BB's Or Airsoft Pellets
  • Moxons Farm Air Rifle Club - Air rifle and pistol club, Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK.
  • Northern Ireland Field Target Association - Primarily aimed at keeping members of NIFTA informed about events and news, and to other, potential Field Target shooters.
  • Oehler Research, Inc. - Ballistic chronographs and software.
  • Oklahoma Field Target - Enthusiasts site for anyone in the Oklahoma region.
  • Phillips Pelletholder - The pelletholder is an after-market device that will hold pellets in the correct position near the chamber of a rifle or pistol for one-hand loading.
  • Piper Precision Products - For lovers of air powered BB guns, Gatlin guns, collectors items & more.
  • Pontefract Air Rifle Club - The Club, located in Frog Hall Quarry at Brotherton, has the following facilities: All weather plinking/zero range, two Field Target courses, Catering, and night target shooting.
  • PPP Shooting - Wide ranging information about PPP shooting: Whats involved, what the stages (courses of fire) are like, and the equipment required to take part.
  • Precision Pest Control UK - Airgun pest control in the Charnwood, UK area by Airgun enthusiasts.
  • Rimfire and Airgun Magazine - Publication with a focus on rimfire and airgun rifles, handguns, and everything associated with shooting them.
  • Shooting Chrony Inc. - Measures the speed of projectiles from 30/fps. to 7000/fps.
  • Sportsmatch UK - World leader in the manufacture of telescopic scope mounts for all types of hunting and field target air rifles.
  • Spue's Airgun Site - Personal site of a keen airgun hunter.
  • The Air Rifle Network - Resource site for air guns: history and collecting, types of powerplants, shooting, cleaning and maintenance, pellet selection, hunting, caliber selection, and solving accuracy problems.
  • The Airgun Board - Forum for the airgun community in general.
  • The Airgun Letter - A monthly newsletter for airgun users and collectors.
  • The Vulcan Air Rifle Site - A site for all airgunners, especially hunters. Includes tips, tactics, targets, gun types, quarry, sights and zeroing.
  • Total Airguns - Webzine devoted to the airgun enthusiast.
  • Total Pest Control - Airgun enthusiasts who shoot vermin, and organise their shooting schedule to assist land owners in eradicating pest species - whilst enjoying some top class air gunning.
  • UK airguns - Includes detailed information about airguns, field targets, and various other competitions.
  • UK Gun Products Dynamic Pellets - Non-toxic, non-lead airgun pellets both Dynamic and Prometheus Paragon.
  • Vectis Airgun Club (Isle of Wight) UK - Runs Hunting and Field Target competition shoots using some of the most modern and precise airgun systems available.
  • Vintage Airguns - A site for collectors of vintage airguns.
  • Vintage Airguns - Dean Fletcher's page for Crosman and other collectible guns, includes a listing of items for sale.
  • Welsh Airgun and Field Target Association - The governing body of field target shooting in Wales, WAFTA promotes field target shooting and the safe and responsible use of airguns.

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