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  • American Science and Surplus - A retail outfit carrying everything from toys and novelties to motors, tools and science kits.
  • - Offers specimens and gear for biological, paleontological, and geological collecting. Also offers appraisal services.
  • Crystal River Gems - Large selection of jewelry, fossils, crystals, and object d'art.
  • Discovery Scope - Scopes for magnifying small objects. Site includes accessories and t-shirts for sale, also.
  • Edmund Scientific - Offers a wide range of products for science enthusiasts.
  • Efston Science - Science and astronomy superstore, with a wide variety of equipment and supplies for sale.
  • Evolution Nature Store - A wide variety of science and natural history collectables for sale.
  • Exploratorium Museum Store - Science toys and games, puzzles, gifts, books, classroom resources, charts and posters, videos, and software.
  • Explore - Science and nature apparel, accessories, and educational toys and activity kits.
  • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center - Constantly changing selection of the items available at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Art, jewelry, educational tools and apparel.
  • Geographics - Purveyors of decadence in academia, T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other paleontology and science-themed materials.
  • Mother Natures - A diverse gallery blending the arts, science, and natural history for an alternative and eclectic mix.
  • National Wildlife Federation - The online shopping site for the NWF featuring nature-themed products.
  • Nature Nets - Manufacturer of butterfly, nature, and nautical nets.
  • Nature's Gifts - Full line science and nature store.
  • Nature's Gifts of Texas. - Seller of products with a nature theme.
  • Nature's Wildlife Window - Offers nature-themed sculpture, home accessories, and clothing.
  • Nature, Etc. - A large selection of science and nature products for sale.
  • Omni Optical - Optical science, prisms, illusions, fiber optics, microscope, telescopes, optical science activity kits, magnifiers and binoculars are a few of the items offered.
  • Oregon Scientific, Quality Items of Montana - Offers a full line of Oregon Scientific products. Provides online shopping and cart, product search, catalog by categories, shipping, payment and contact information.
  • Polarization - Everything polarized, from variable sunglasses to science kits.
  • Precious Earth - Authorized Meade telescope dealer. Also provides other educational science and nature products.
  • Science Fair Projects Online - Purchase and download science fair projects with step by step blueprints.
  • Science Line - Offers a large variety of science items.
  • Science Shirts - T-shirts and other apparel with a variety of science themes. Also offers mugs, mouse pads, and other accessories.
  • Tech Museum Online Store - Science toys, gadgets, gizmos, models, and reconstructions.
  • Technika Gadgets and Gifts - Source for scientific equiment, gadgets and gifts.
  • The Natural History Emporium, Ltd. - Offers a variety of natural items (e.g., skulls, fossils, and insects) and artifacts.
  • The Science Company - Sells a selection of weather instruments, microscopes, telescopes, GPS and related accessories.
  • The Science Warehouse - Offers a wide variety of science and educational products. Site includes guidelines for Science Fair projects.

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