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  • ALA/Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) Homepage - Links to resources important to individuals who work with government information on a regular basis. Such as the Handout Exchange, GPO Purl Alert, Frequently Used Sites and much more.
  • Basic Depository Library Documents - HTML versions of U.S. government publications used in the management of federal depository libraries.
  • Browse Topics - Partnership between GPO and the University of Central Oklahoma which arranges U.S. Government sites by topic. Nearly 4000 links to 150 subjects. All links are to government or government partnership websites.
  • Canadian Government Information on the Internet - Includes the federal, provincial, and municipal levels. Also provides access to discussion lists, library catalogs, and electronic journals. Part of the Depository Services Program website.
  • Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Homepage - A central repository of defense-related scientific and technical information within the Department of Defense. The majority of holdings are unclassified. Collection covers a broad selection of topics of importance to the defense research community.
  • Documents Service Center - Columbia University - Subject oriented guides to US Federal, New York State, New York City, and international government documents.
  • FDLP Desktop - News, Information, and Communication for and about the Federal Depository Library Program
  • Florida Electronic Federal Depository Library - A directory to Florida state, county, and local websites.
  • FOIA Request - Basic FOIA Request Letter for Florida residents.
  • Gateway to All 50 Secretary of State Web Sites - Contains links to all 50 Secretary of State Internet Web sites with specific links to Internet addresses for online access to public records and information on corporations, partnerships,businesses and other entities, as well as Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings.
  • Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center - A selective depository, it is located at the University of San Francisco. The Government Documents depository collection serves California's 8th Congressional District.
  • Government Document Displays: A Tutorial and Clearinghouse - A tool for government information librarians interested in promoting government documents through displays.
  • Government Information @ UCO - Contains Federal, Oklahoma, and International annotated links. Pages include Popular Paper Topics, How to Cite a Document, GPO Partnership Browse Topics, Ask A Librarian and many other government resources.
  • Government Information Center - The Government Information Center provides access to US, California & San Francisco documents, and to materials on law and politics. It is also a Patent and Trademark Depository Library. The Government Information Center also houses the Wallace Stegner Environmental Center collections.
  • Government Information Connection - Provides guided access to the Web publications of all levels of government agencies. Featured are subject guides and research collections that preserve the Web sites and publications of now-defunct federal agencies, including the Adisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR). From the library of the University of North Texas, Denton.
  • Government Information Resources - A site designed to assist the Internet public in locating and using Government Information in libraries and on the Internet.
  • Government Information Sources:an Electronic Library - Links to Federal, State, and International government information on the Internet from the University of Missouri-Rolla
  • Government Publications - Ekstrom Library, University of Louisville - The web page has Kentucky, Louisville, U.S. government and international information. There is also a large collection of U.S. government periodicals available on the Web. The web page also has information available by subject area and there are cross-references to related information.
  • GovSites : Middletown Thrall Library Government Information - A comprehensive list of government web sites including a virtual tour of government documents, a locator service and access to digitized government documents.
  • Ingram Library -- Government Documents Department - The Government Documents Department at the Irvine Sullivan Ingram Library of the State University of West Georgia is dedicated to providing free access to government information.
  • Intellectual Property Institute - The mission of the Intellectual Property Institute is to promote awareness and understanding of intellectual property law and its contribution to economic and social welfare, through high quality, independent research: to provide knowledge and expertise for industry, policy makers, professionals and the general public, in order to foster a legal, social and regulatory climate which supports an innovation-based economy
  • IntellNet Documents - Government documents from various sources categorized by broad topic, date, and author. Does have searchable news archives. Indexed sites are also mirrored.
  • Joyner Library, East Carolina University - Government Documents Department of Joyner Library at East Carolina University. Joyner Library was designated a depository in 1951.
  • Oklahoma Department of Libraries Government Information Division - ODL has been receiving publications from the three banches of government since 1893. It is one of two regional depositories in Oklahoma.
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty Published Applications - Provides searchable access, in English and French, to published PCT applications. Part of the World Intellectual Property Organization Intellectual Property Digital Libraries Project.
  • The Agency Records Disposition Online Resource (ARDOR) - The Agency Records Disposition Online Resource (ARDOR) prototype provides access to selected agency records disposition schedules and manuals, including General Records Schedules (GRS), and includes a current list of Federal Records Officers.
  • U.S. Historical Documents from - A non-partisan research web site that presents summary information and opposing viewpoints on major national issues. Links to think tanks, news sources, advocacy groups, candidate web sites and historical documents.
  • University of Kansas Government Documents Library - University of Kansas Government Documents Library, featuring the award-winning High School Debate Topic Online site.
  • University of Michigan Documents Center - The Documents Center is a central reference and referral point for government information, whether local, state, federal, foreign or international. Its web pages are a reference and instructional tool for government, political science, statistical data, and news.
  • UTK Libraris Government Documents and Microforms - The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries is a selective Federal Depository Library and provides free public access to U.S. Government information. The Documents and Microforms Department currently selects about 83% of publications, maps, and electronic data distributed by the Government Printing Office.

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