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  • Ag Data Management Services - Offers sound cropping programs which will increase the rate of return per acre on each dollar spent for crop inputs.
  • AgLine Software - Simple software designed specifically for the agricultural industry.
  • Agri Visser - Product information, and contact details for a company which providers software for agricultural purposes.
  • Agri-Labs Information Systems - Software for agricultural, environmental, and industrial testing labs.
  • Agri:FACT - Software package for agricultural commodity traders that provides a complete trading platform to keep track of all the information needed.
  • Agricultural Software Directory - Directory of software available by specific industry.
  • Agricultural Solutions - Accounting and management software for agricultural based industries.
  • AgriData - Farm management software for European dairy and cattle farmers.
  • Agridata UK - Easy to use computer software for beef, dairy, sheep, and arable land farmers - including database management and calculators.
  • Agripros - Client server based software for commodity traders, grain elevators, seed processors, feed mills, and agronomy operations. Located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
  • AgVision - Software and hardware systems for grain accounting, fertilizer management, feed management, and fuel accounting.
  • ALDATA Software Management Inc. - A company that develops customized forestry, wood and fibre management software which allows forest companies to better manage their woodlands operations. Based in Hinton, AB, Canada.
  • Almanac Characterization Tool - A resource base for characterizing natural and human environments (Windows 95/98/NT).
  • Argos Software - Software for agri-business, nurseries and landscapers. Production management, inventory control, equipment management, wholesale and retail/POS software.
  • Argos Software - ABECAS Insight software for the nursery industry including billing, inventory, planning, and accounting.
  • Beekeeping Professional Software - A Danish company focused on the development of beekeeping software for the windows and Palm(tm) handhelds with barcode support.
  • Bersoft Image Measurement - It is intended to measure length, angle, segments, perimeter and area in digital images.
  • BisonPro - Bison herd management software developed specifically to meet the needs of the Bison industry.
  • Brilliant Alternatives, Inc. - Developing and marketing programs to help in the development of livestock feed formulas. Offices throughout most of the world.
  • Carol Ann Houghton - Offering Farm Solutions, an easy to use software package for farmers for cattle tracing, BCMS Emailing, Arable Farm Accounts, Beef, Dairy, Sheep, Animal Health, Cost Management and Electronic Tagging. Offering full computer training. Offering knitting and sewing software packages. Located in The United Kingdom.
  • CDMS, Inc - Agricultural chemicals database and software for growing companies. Based in Marysville, CA, USA.
  • ChemTrak Online - Software for pesticide application management and regulatory reporting in a new internet browser based version that supports all computer platforms, mobile users, local and wide area networks, and foreign languages.
  • Control Concepts - Computer automation and control of grain drying and grain handling.
  • CottonLOGIC - Software for cotton crop management. On line demo version available.
  • Country Soft Pty Ltd - Distributors of agricultural accounting and paddock recording software. DOS and Windows based software.
  • Countryside Data - Specialists in agriculture and small business financial and field management software. Provides field management series which keeps field data on chemicals, and fertilizer.
  • CowPat Software - Designed to make cattle movements and passports to MAFF and BCMS simple. An easy to use system that allows data entry in any order and checks for compliance with MAFF standards.
  • Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. - Founded in 1983, the company provides software service to access crop protection product label, MSDS, WPS and DOT information.
  • D.R. Systems Inc. - Hand-held and PC-based forestry software experts and consultants in the development of ecologically-based forest management plans.
  • Dairy Finance Tools - Free PowerPoint tutorials, QuickBooks start files, and Excel spreadsheets from the Dairy Focus Team of the University of Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program.
  • Dairy Net 2000 - TMR Profit Analyzer calculates feed cost, feed usage, dry matter efficiency, dry matter intake, and income over feed cost.
  • DaryCalc Inc - Decision making program for the dairy industry.
  • Dataclix - FarmAssist land and animal management package aimed at those involved in the UK farming sector. Multi client versions for agents, accountants and others.
  • Datag Farm Management Systems - Specialize in providing software for the first time user with programs ranging from farm accounts, livestock and arable management to a market leading suite of Dairy Farm Costings and Farm Planning software.
  • Datatech - Accounting software for growers, farm labor contractors, produce brokers, shippers, and packers.
  • dbc SMARTsoftware - Developers of full-function, Windows-based, Client/Server, commodity management and accounting applications for the grain and food processing industry.
  • DiComp 3D Garden Composer - Garden and landscape planning software.
  • Diverse Software Solutions - BareRoots is designed for greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers. Create and print signs, tags, and stickers. Free trial version.
  • Equisoft Bloodstock Systems - Developers of horse management systems, horse insurance systems, and jockey club administration.
  • EquiSports Software - Multi-media software CD programs of Western and English horse sport descriptions, order forms, links to horse sites, and other high technology equine products for sale.
  • Ewe Byte - Sheep management software. Demo version downloadable.
  • Famous Software - Quality accounting software for growers, packers, shippers, brokers, and wholesalers of produce.
  • Farm Files - A farm software package that tracks farm crop information, expenses, and income, field mapping, harvest data, planting, tillage, chemicals, fertilizer, forward contracting.
  • Farm Notes - A farm management software package providing recordkeeping for all farming activities including planting, field operations, yields, weather, marketing, USDA reports, chemical and pesticide applications, and inventory. Based in Catron, MO, USA.
  • Farm Works Software - Creates a comprehensive farm management system while keeping it simple and fun.
  • FarmAssist - A software program that helps farmers record pesticide and fertilizer inputs, weather conditions, irrigation, seasonal performance and profitablity.
  • Farmer's Software Association - Offers information and assistance to those implementing site-specific technology or any type of on-farm computer information system. The FSA charter calls for FSA to research, test, distribute, and support fine agricultural software and hardware for users within the farming community.
  • Farmplan Group Ltd. - Supplies software and computer equipment to the agricultural industry.
  • FBS Systems - Integrated production/financial management systems for crop and livestock producers.
  • Feed Supervisor Software - Management tool for dairy producers to monitor their feeding programs.
  • FeedLIVE - Livestock feed utilization and formulation software.
  • Firth Maple Products - Timberland management and forestry consultant specializing in low impact timber harvesting utilizing horse logging technique.
  • Flagship Technologies Online - ManagePLUS farm accounting software, and The Quicken/QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook book of tips on how to use these personal finance software packages for farms, with limited online version.
  • ForesTech - Offering forestry consultant services for data analysis and software development globally. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Format International - Software for use in the animal feed, human food, pet food and other allied industries to determine formulation and optimization of feeds.
  • Format International - Produces feed formulation software that optimizes ingredient utilization and nutritional performance.
  • Formulate2 Dairy Ration Optimizer - Provides both an overview and detailed information about the function, capabilities and use of the Formulate2 Dairy Ration Optimizer. Software features advanced capabilities in formulation, ration analysis and inventory and financial data.
  • Franwell Software, Inc. - Producing Agware - Software for the food or produce broker, processor, grower, packer, shipper and distributor. Integrated logistics and accounting for agribusiness; supports multiple locations, inventory and financial management with tight system security. Located in Plant City, Florida, USA.
  • Galaxy PrecisionAg Services Ltd. - Providing innovative precision farming products and services to Farmers and agribusinesses including Farmsense Enhanced Satellite Imagery, Mapping software and GPS solutions.
  • Gart Plan - Precalculation and Planning system for pot plant and cut flower growers. The system is available in Danish, English, German and Dutch language.
  • Gavish - Produces software and equipment that operates, monitors and controls many functions within greenhouses, fish farms and dairy farms.
  • GCB - Cattle Management software was designed and programmed to allow cattle producers to maintain herd records with a minimum of effort and computer expertise.
  • GCS - Grounds Management Software - Easy to use software for golf courses and landscape professionals. Company based in Austin, Texas, USA.
  • Greenhat Software - Simulation modelling software in the soil, plant, crop, agricultural and environmental sciences for anyone interested in the interaction between plants, soils and the environment. Home of WaterMod and PlantMod.
  • Grossman & Associates Inc. - Provider of agribusiness software products and a full-service agribusiness consultancy.
  • GroundsKeeper Pro 2000 - Software to the landscaping and lawn care industries for managing business tasks. Create invoices, schedules, routes, job estimates and a free demo.
  • GrowIt Gold Works - Garden and landscape design software. Project planning and monitoring tools.
  • Hi-Plains Systems, Inc - Sspecializing in agriculture software.
  • HorseTrak Software 2000 - Horse management software from health and pedigree records to a complete equine business solution.
  • Integrated Knowledge Group, Inc. - Provides strategic consulting services to the perishable produce industry by combining agricultural software with a cutting-edge knowledge of the changing business practices in the industry.
  • International Crop Information System - ICIS is a database system for managing and integrating diverse information on genetic reources, crop improvement, and crop management.
  • Kaniteo Information Service - Specializing in equine ration balancing software, farm management software, feeder cattle software and distance learning opportunities for agriculture.
  • Kavouras, A DTN Company - Kavouras provides professional weather information and software to numerous industries worldwide.
  • Keltec Systems, Inc. - Offers animal and crop management software.
  • Kingswood Computing Ltd. - Software for cow/cattle, sheep, crop/tillage and farm accounts.
  • Kirkey & Associates, Inc. - Software for growers, packers, shippers, aales organizations, and brokers
  • Land Allocation Decision Support System (LADSS) - Land use planning by suggesting possible combinations of land uses to meet multiple-objectives. Analysis of data by which the financial, social and environmental consequences of changes in land use may be evaluated.
  • Landscaping and Lawn Professional Business Software - Designed for the landscaping, lawn care, lawn service or lawn maintenance industry. Manages customer accounts and prints bills. Free download version.
  • Lawn Monkey - Management system for lawn care and landscaping companies. Features include billing, scheduling, routing, invoicing, job costing, estimating, word processing and mailing labels.
  • Making the Grade - Learning software designed for the lumber industry to teach the methods of grading lumber.
  • Miller Forest Products - Training and service for the wood products industry including seminars and consulting on timber harvesting, appraisal and log sales.
  • PastureGauge - Farm pastoral management software and hardware. Includes system specifications, software downloads, and contact information.
  • Paul Matthews Consulting - Forestry and natural resource data services including internet/intranet development, bespoke software, GIS, modelling and data acquisition. Based in The United Kingdom.
  • Pedigree - Genetic Resource Inventory System - Windows version program to track trace characteristics, draw pedigree and view images of 37 horticultural fruit crops.
  • Performance Software Technologies, Inc. - Routing and accounting software for lawn care, pest control, and irrigation services.
  • Poplar Land Company - FarmCentral is a straight forward, affordable, software solution for farmers and ranchers.
  • Produce Tracking System - Offering an inventory tracking system designed specifically for sweet potato growers and packers, custom programming, and web design.
  • ProPak Software, Inc. - Central Florida Business Solutions. Creators of Citrus Pro, CFBS Web Design, and other agriculture-related business software.
  • Q-Com Corporation Greenhouse Controls - Provides advanced, computer-controlled greenhouse, irrigation and fertilizer software and systems and a complete line of stand-alone controllers for the horticultural industry.
  • Ranch Vision - Ranch management software that brings the technology used by Fortune 500 companies, to the grazing livestock industry.
  • Red Wing Business Systems - Produces Management and Production Management software for agricultural operations and agri-business.
  • Report Generation Services - Modular management software for dairy goats, meat goats and sheep.
  • Ridgeway Science Ltd - Programs for the farming community to enable farmers to apply for cattle passports (Cattle-Pass) over the Internet, and to advise MAFF/BCMS of cattle movements.
  • RSNE - offering irrigation sheduling based on measured soil moisture from neutron probe (503DR), Diviner2000, ProfileProbe and other sensors. Actual crop water use, irrigation and yield efficiency calculated. Located in Australia.
  • RUMNUT - Computer program for dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep. UK and French feeding standards. Downloadable demo software.
  • Rutten Technology Services - A small business specializing in the design, development, training and support of agricultural computer software such as In-Control, Agrimaster, Graphic Control and Pin.point. Located in Kelmscott, Western Australia.
  • Seamere Software - Harvest Master arable computer recording program.
  • Silver Creek Software - Accounting software solution designed especially for agricultural producers.
  • Simplified Software - Working with shippers, brokers, coolers and distributors to reduce the complexities of the agricultural business by streamlining the flow of information and paperwork. Based in Salinas, CA, USA.
  • Soft Systems Pvt Ltd - Software solutions for floriculture and plantations.
  • SoftAgro - OviRation and CattleRation - Easy to use animal nutrition software for Windows 95. CattleRation and OviRation allow cattle and sheep producers to formulate their own animal nutrition program. Diet formulation software for cattle, sheep and lamb. Demo available.
  • SoftPro Agricultural Software - ProCow is an easy to use beef cow/calf herd management program that was created to help make sound management decisions concerning your cattle operation. GrazePro is a rotational grazing pasture management tool to help the rancher/grazier make sound decisions.
  • Software Solutions Integrated, LLC - Developers of Agvance, an interated software package designed specifically for the ag chemical/fertilizer industry. Featuring Agvance Mapping, Field Planning, Blending, and Accounting.
  • SoilVision - Offers geotechnical, geoenvironmental, and soil science properties database management software to estimate and manage unsaturated soils and laboratory data.
  • Specialized Data Systems - Accounting program designed for farm and ranch businesses.
  • Spokane Software Systems, Inc. - Accounting software for growers, packers, shippers, brokers, canners and freezers of produce.
  • Starcom Computer Corp. - Greenhouse and nursery production and sales software, featuring space planning, labor tracking, materials handling, and web site integration.
  • Tarver Program Consultants, Inc. - Offering Cruisecalc for Windows - software for the timber industry used to calculate cords and boardfeet of standing pulpwood, chip and saw, and sawtimber. Located in Meridian, MS, USA.
  • The Form-U-Share Support Company - Blending, product specifications, and customer information for fertilizer dealers.
  • The Short Group Inc. - Offering the CropTrax family of record keeping systems allowing farmers to manage and analyze historical crop data. Free demo version available.
  • Thede Ward Systems - Custom designed management systems for the agricultural industry.
  • Topstud - Computer software for sheep and lamb producers.
  • Tree Professional - 3D and 2D vegetation modeling program. Photorealistic brodleaf and conifer trees, palms and bushes.
  • UDS - Green Industry Software - Designed for growers, garden centers and landscapers. Includes accounting and landscape design features.
  • Vampp - Dairy management software for dairy farmers.
  • Vertical Software, Inc. - Grain accounting system designed to track storage and shipment of grain and to prepare statements and invoices.
  • Weather Systems Company - Weather stations and software. Also includes irrigation scheduling helper.
  • Wine Farm Systems - Software for Production Management and Cost Control for Vineyard Management and farm analysis.
  • Woodplan - Software systems for forest and woodland management.
  • Yield Benchmarking with CANESIM - A computerized management procedure to assist with general agronomic management of sugar cane.

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