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  • 2600 Computer Security - Computer and Internet Security Resource. With news, links, and tools.
  • 4ComputerSecurity - Guide to computer security from
  • Aisle to the Computer Security Info - The Computer/Internet security information, links and news for the academic researcher. Also provide free email.
  • AntiSearch Computer Security - Index of sites that give technical and specific information about security as related to computers, networks, and software. Also a listing of other related links for books.
  • Bomb The Box - Essay on "The Truth about Computer Viruses" and tutorials on Visual Basic for beginners, intermediate, and advanced.
  • - Comprehensive security portal offering computer security information for governments and corporations.
  • Canada's export controls - Summary of Canada's export controls on cryptographic software
  • CERIAS - Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security; computer, network, and communications security.
  • Newsgroup FAQs - Security related FAQ covering a variety of subjects
  • Complete list of Computer Security Resources - Probably the most complete linklist of Computer Security Resources on the Internet, updated regularly.
  • Computer Security 2000 and Beyond Conference - March 16, Lincoln, NE. Authorities from Washington, DC discuss known risks.
  • Computer Security Book List - Provides a list of security books with their online availability and short review, currently has 105 books and growing.
  • Computer Security Intelligence Briefings - Integrates over 2000 intelligence sources into a computer security knowledgebase. Read security news. Find other security sites. Learn to secure your systems.
  • Denis Trcek - Information systems, e-business, computer and network security, research projects and papers.
  • e-TimeStamp - Commercial TimeStamping service that provides digital third-party witness of any file on a computer system.
  • eSecurityOnline, LLC - Offering security and eBusiness professionals with immediate access to one of the industry┬╣s most complete security-related information resources.
  • - Provides links to organisations involved in one or more aspects of forensic computing.
  • General Computer Security forum at Tek-Tips - General Computer Security technical support forums and mutual help system for computer professionals. Selling and recruiting forbidden.
  • Information Security - From principles to policy. Two papers and links.
  • InfoSysSec - Computer, network and information security resource portal. Meta index of security resources maintained by students of Algonquin College.
  • InfoWar.Com - Information Security Portal, a global clearinghouse for information warfare on the Internet, computer security, internet security, cybercrime reporting, firewalls, encryption, viruses, cyberwar, y2K.
  • InfraGard - Cooperative Effort - FBI's program for distributing information on securing internet sites.
  • ISSA - International Systems Security Association - An international non-profit organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities.
  • IT Baseline Protection Manual - Standard security safeguards for Unix, Novell, Windows NT, Firewalls, PBX, Databases, Email, ITSEC Management, Infrastructure, and ISDN.
  • IT Security Cookbook - Excellent online book including: Computer/Network security, Internet, Risk analysis, UNIX, NT, Oracle, Sybase, Applications etc.
  • Kruse Security Advisement - Many security topics in English and Danish.
  • LockDown - Home Computer Security Centre - Security information and free advice for home computer computer users about choosing passwords, encryption, steganography and securing your PC.
  • Nomad Mobile Research Centre - Research into Novell, UNIX, and NT Security and Insecurity. Makers of Pandora for Novell networks.
  • North Texas Chapter ISSA - The Dallas and Fort Worth chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA).
  • Novell Security Services - Information about Novell's network security solutions.
  • O'Reilly Security Center - O'Reilly is a leader in technical and computer book documentation for Security.
  • OpenService, Inc. - Open Service is a recognized leader in Information Security, Firewall Management, Intrusion Detection, and E-commerce Security.
  • RCMP Technical Security Branch - Canadian organization dedicated to providing federal government clients with a full range of professional physical and information technology security services and police forces with high technology forensic services.
  • Security Bugware - Excellent source for security information and patches on a wide range of exploits.
  • Security Focus - is designed to facilitate discussion on security related topics, create security awareness, and to provide the Internet's largest and most comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public. It's also the home of the BUGTRAQ mailing list.
  • Security Forum - Security Forum was created to bring together industry professionals to present and discuss information security challenges and solutions.
  • Security Forums - Portal and forum to discus security issues.
  • Security Information Directory and Hacking Portal - Comprehensive directory of security and hacking articles, links, downloads, FAQs, tools, utilities, virus, anti-virus, trojans, cellular, phreaking, physical security, tutorials, telecommunications, and daily security news.
  • Security Web Sites, Inc. - Ready to use content rich security web site with policies, contingency plans, security awareness presentations, and security tips and countermeasures to protect your computer and network information assets.
  • - Resources and information on securing your internet transactions and computer data.
  • SecuritySearch - Industry news, security headlines and books as well as various security-related communities.
  • - Global e-security knowledge portal includes security news, technical advice, vulnerability database, hacking/virus info, industry analysis, events calendar, careers, and related resources.
  • Terra Networks - IT security website with links to the most popular sites and book review and recommendations. News around the world will be captured on a regular basis.
  • The Encyclopedia of Computer Security - A complete one-source location for information security news, products, whitepapers, events, and definitions requires the use of JavaScript for navigation and display purposes.
  • The Shmoo Group - Privacy, crypto, and security tools and resources with daily news updates.
  • Underground Security Systems Research (USSR) - Advisories, vulnerabilities, exploits, patches, tools, cryptography, bibliography, hacking tests; HNC member.
  • US Dept of Defense Information Security Product Evaluation Programs - Programs for US government accredited commercial evaluation facilities to rate information technology security products against internationally recognized security criteria.
  • - Tutorials on viruses, trojans, firewalls, and sypware. Includes forum, news, and free downloads.
  • CERIAS Hotlist - The CCERIAS hotlist is the most comprehensive security site on the WWW, covering all aspects of security.
  • Information Systems Security Resource - A large collection of links to computer and network security, physical and site security, viruses and trojans, programming language tutorials, resumes, security employment opportunities. (Algonquin College)

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