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  • #History - Official site of the #History channel of the Undernet. Discussion board, historical texts submitted by members, polls, links to other historical sites.
  • Access: History - Dedicated to excellence in undergraduate history studies.
  • Alice's Virtual Restaurant - A collection of articles on the various history subjects from ancient history to modern times.
  • American Historical Review - Appears in February, April, June, October, and December of each year.
  • American History Discussion Forum - Post and read messages about many aspects of American History.
  • Anistoriton - A magazine of history, archaeology and art history.
  • Australian Historical Studies - A refereed journal based at the University of Melbourne dealing with Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific regional heritage, archaeology, and history. Includes archives, selected reviews, style sheet, and editorial board listing.
  • Canadian Journal of History - Publishes high-quality articles, historiographical articles, review articles, and reviews concerning all countries and periods of history - excepting the history of Canada, which is left to other Canadian journals.
  • Chronicon - An annual electronic journal of history published by University College Cork freely on the internet. Contains articles relating to all branches of history, with a particular focus on Irish history.
  • Civil War Campfire - Online discussion forum regarding the American Civil War.
  • Civil War Forum Frigate - A discussion forum and live chat devoted to the American Civil War.
  • Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR) - A journal on colonial Latin American history and culture. As a refereed quarterly, CLAHR is dedicated to publishing and promoting scholarly works about the Americas. We invite professional manuscripts by colonial Latin Americanists from all the Americas, as well as by experts in other fields when they are relevant to colonial Luso-Hispano American history.
  • Dispatch - Journal of the Scottish Military Historical Society, covering all Scottish military subjects from the 1660s to the present day. Gives current table of contents, subscription information, and selected extracts.
  • Explorations in Renaissance Culture - an annual scholarly journal edited by Tita French Baumlin of the English Department of Southwest Missouri State University.
  • Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies - A collection of writings, studies, and information about research on The Book of Mormon and other manuscripts at Brigham Young University.
  • German History - Journal of the German History Society. Provides subscription and submission information, related links, and editorial board list; no articles available online.
  • Historia Constitucional - Electronic journal about constitutional history. Information about the referees and submissions, as well as articles in Spanish and English available on the web or in Microsoft Word format.
  • Historical Media Review - Reviews new historical books and multimedia titles. Also provides message board.
  • Historicom - Illustrated history e-zine which accepts submissions from the public, with archive of scholarly and amateur articles.
  • History and Theory - an academic journal which publishes articles, monographs, book reviews, summaries,and bibliographies principally in four areas: theories of history, narrativism, historical method, and related disciplines.
  • History News Magazine - American Association for State and Local History
  • History Today - UK-based magazine, publishing articles and book reviews covering all types and periods of history. Site includes discussion forum, organizations directory, encyclopedia, young historians center, and history topics in the news.
  • History-Info Forum - Discussion forum on a variety of history subjects.
  • Historylinks - History-related articles, news, announcements and an extensive links page.
  • International History Review - An English-language quarterly focusing on the history of international relations and diplomacy based at Simon Fraser University. Includes index of references, list of recent contributors and articles, and submission info; no articles provided online.
  • Itinerario, European Journal of Overseas History - Quarterly journal of the history of European expansion, published by the Institute for the History of European Expansion (IGEER) of Leiden University
  • John Adams Discussion Forum - Welcome to the forum and live chat site, which is devoted to the life and works of John Adams.
  • Journal of the History of Ideas - Electronic and print interdisciplinary scholarly journal on intellectual history and the evolution of ideas.
  • Journal of the Indian Wars (JIW) - A quarterly publication of the study of the American Indian Wars. JIW's primary focus is on warfare in the U. S. and Canadian West from 1848 to 1890.
  • Journal of Women's History - Devoted to the international study of women's history through the eyes of multiple feminisms.
  • Left History - A refereed semi-annual journal which features articles from a variety of theoretical approaches including feminist, marxist and postmodernist on topics such as race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, culture, the state, the environment, theory and method. Each issue may feature poetry, photography, art, fiction, debate, book reviews and film reviews.
  • Loyola Student Historical Journal - A large selection of historical articles written by the students of Loyola University, New Orleans.
  • Lycos Historians Club - Public message board open to any historical topic, with an emphasis on local historical markers.
  • Michael Jabara Carley - Contains information on the historian Michael Jabara Carley's publications, courses, editorial, and publishing activities.
  • Midland History - Electronic journal published under the auspices of the University of Birmingham. Subscribers can search for and download full text articles relating to the history of the Midlands.
  • Military History Fleet - Forums and live chats devoted to Military History.
  • Naval History Discussion Group - Forum for discussing all aspects of naval history from ancient times to modern day naval warfare.
  • Oral History Review - Explores the recording, transcribing, and preserving of conversations with people who have participated in important political, cultural, and economic social developments in modern times. The official publication of the Oral History Association.
  • Prologue: Quarterly of the National Archives and Records Administration - Features articles based on the holdings, resources, and programs of the United States National Archives and Records Administration, its regional archives, and the Presidential libraries.
  • Radical History Review - Analyzes and challenges hierarchies of class, race, gender, sexuality, and empire from a variety of oppositional perspectives.
  • Real Aula Mallorquesa - An Italian academy of art and science. Site provides tables of contents and submission information.
  • Simaqian Studio Forums - Discussion on world history, Military history, European, Asian and chinese history. Also features discussion on animation, sounds and graphics design.
  • Slavery and Abolition - a journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies.
  • Smithsonian Magazine - All the best from the Smithsonian Institution's award-winning monthly magazine, plus extra online photographs, games and contests!
  • South Asian History Project - Web journal of Indian history. Offers several essays on the History of India and the South Asian region including science, technology, philosophy, culture, social relations, colonization and independence.
  • The Early America Review - A journal of fact and opinion on the people, issues and events of 18th Century America.
  • The Flinders Journal of History and Politics - Seeks to provide a forum for scholars concerned with the study of history and politics who are at the beginning of their careers. Publishes progressive and innovative graduate research for an international audience.
  • The Journal of Modern History - An American journal for the study of European intellectual, political, and cultural history. The journal's geographical and temporal scopethe history of Europe since the Renaissancemeans that it explores not only events and movements in specific countries, but also broader questions that span particular times and places.
  • The Mediadrome: History - An online magazine featuring original articles, history news, primary sources, and today in history. Updated daily.
  • The Medieval Review - Publishing reviews of current works in all areas of Medieval Studies. Searchable archive of past reviews. [//]
  • The New England Quarterly - Seeks to encourage the study of New England's history and culture and, through quarterly publication and related activities, to enlighten the public about their significance and diversity.
  • The Sixties Project - Discussion forum on the 60s.
  • Victorian Studies - Devoted to the interdisciplinary study of English culture on the Victorian period. Published by Indiana University Press.
  • ViVa Women's History - A bibliography of women's history in historical and women's studies journals
  • Winterthur Portfolio - Publishes articles on the arts in America and the historical context within which they developed. Art, in this context, is used in its broadest sense and includes all the material objects of human ingenuity that satisfy functional, aesthetic, or symbolic needs.
  • WWW¬≠Virtual Library: The History Journals Guide - A web directory for history and archaeology journals, discussion lists, and periodicals organized by time period, institution, geography, language, and topic.

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