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  • A Priori - History Directory - Searchable directory of resources and educational material.
  • - A selection of stories about historic people and events.
  • Allexperts History - Volunteers answer all your one-on-one questions about all aspect of history.
  • Alliance History Directory - Reviews and directory of history websites catalogued by university experts.
  • AOL Research and Learn Web Channel: History - Research and reference tools from AOL and its partners.
  • Argos - Limited area search engine and site list concentrating on ancient and medieval history resources on the Internet.
  • Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative - Scholarly initiative to create a comprehensive interactive electronic historical world atlas combining mapping, imagery, and texts. Aims, technology, scope, themes, news, membership, conference.
  • Historical Text Archive - Articles, books, and links for historical texts from several countries.
  • History and Historical Information Resources - Resources for professors and students in History, including a database of historical movies.
  • History Center - Short biographies of famous historical figures, descriptions of historical events, plus this day in history.
  • History Explained - Examines the background history that is needed to understand the major economic and political problems in the world today.
  • History Guide - Internet-based subject gateway to scholarly relevant information in history, maintained at the State and University Library at Göttingen, Germany. Searchable by subject and by source type.
  • History House - History like you should have learned it. Bizarre stories, trivia, and books every week.
  • History Hub - History and world events; book reviews and links.
  • History Portal - Links to history sites organized by topic, time period, region, and historical figure.
  • History Wiz - Source for history, original content, including multimedia exhibits, as well as links to other sites. Topics include world history, American history, and current events.
  • InHeritage - A history Web site development firm specializing in historic preservation and historical documentaries.
  • Mr Heitmann's History Page - Comprehensive collection of links to history resources aimed at high school students.
  • Net's Educational Resource Center - Directory of sites covering American, ancient, world and modern history, social studies, reference sources, study tips and related resources.
  • Of the Ages - A history forum dedicated to those who want to learn more about history and even see their their own articles featured on the site and their manscript length writings on history published.
  • Ragz-International - Provides an overview of Western history From ancient Sumeria to World War Two, including profiles of major figures, timelines, photos, and interactive features.
  • The Dead Media Project - Our culture is experiencing a profound radiation of new species of media. This project is an attempt to catalogue many past forms of media so future generations might remember them. It's an anthropology study, a media history and a memorial.
  • The Historian Underground - This site provides articles, links, and other resources related to historiography and historical methodology, as well as philosophy of history.
  • The History Page - A comprehensive directory of links, organized by period.
  • The History Ring - A web ring which links over a thousand historical web sites.
  • The History Web - Dedicated to specific historical events which are surrounded by mystery, conspiracy and lies.
  • TheHistoryNet - Expansive site with categorized history articles, weekly features, thumbnailed picture gallery, discussion board, and special events and exhibits.
  • - List of history links sorted by period, without anotation.
  • True Stories - Offbeat and unusual stories taken from history.
  • Virtual Quincy Directory - A collection of links to various sites related to historical events and institutions.
  • Western Culture - Links to websites about Western Culture and an online book on the topic.
  • Wm. Murray'sTime Page -
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project - An extensive set of collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, maps, and articles on a wide variety of historical areas and subjects. Compiled by Prof. Paul Halsall at Fordham University.

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