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  • Adaptive Technology and Universal Design - Provides examples, discussion and resources that explore how accessibility improves designs for everybody.
  • Ask Tog - Human interface evangelism and practical design advice from Bruce Tognazzini, with reader responses.
  • Color Test - Results of a survey and experimentation, by Dr. Lauren Scharff and Alyson Hill.
  • Computer Gripes - This site is devoted to problems experienced with computer products.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome - Information about CVS including causes and remedies.
  • Cyber Behaviour Research Center - Articles, white papers and resources on HCI from CIO magazine. Includes research on other web related topics.
  • Don Norman - Author of The Design of Everyday Things, list of books and articles in human-centered design.
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems - Information, articles, development tools, design gallery, books and links about designing and developing performance software.
  • EServer Technical Communication Library - Comprehensive site offering links to articles, academic programs, journals, professional organizations and materials of importance to user interface design and other aspects related to technical communication.
  • Euclide - Enhanced human machine interface for on-vehicle integrated driving support system.
  • For Better Software - Different articles in the HCI field, by Sedelnikov Andrei.
  • Graphical Interfaces to Support Information Search - An annotated bibliography of graphical interfaces to information retrieval systems, including 2D and 3D visualizations of query results.
  • HCI Bibliography - A list of publications and resources on human-computer interaction.
  • HCI Index - Mailing list, books, publications, conferences, interest groups, organizations and links.
  • HowStuffWorks - Illustrated article shows a ubiquitous networking system that allows your program applications to follow you wherever you go.
  • Human-Computer Interaction Resource Network - Papers, tutorial, books, events, discussion list, links and job opportunities.
  • Human-Computer Interaction Resources on the Net - A collection of information covering documents, researchers and practitioners, organizations and companies, databases and search engines. By Mikael Ericsson.
  • Hyun-ho Kim - Articles and papers on digital TV, brief history, glossary, list of books, information on cognitive modeling and science.
  • Interaction and Information Design Resources - Books, articles, conferences, examples about interface design, information design, interaction design, multimedia, visual design.
  • Interaction Design Beyond HCI - A companion website for the book, includes case studies, interactive educational tools, links, authors' comments and teaching materials for each chapter.
  • Kessu Project - A co-operative Tekes-project between Department of Information Processing Science in University of Oulu and Helsinki University of Technology. Includes publications and links.
  • Knowledge Tracking - Markov-based remote analysis of sequential symbolic data and cognitive structures.
  • Man Machine Interface - The study of communication between machines and humans, gain knowledge of what kinds of usability problems to be aware of in the design process how to test the quality of a particular user interface, and how to improve it. By A. Fog, Copenhagen Engineering College.
  • Matt Jones - News, publications and articles on emerging ubiquitous technologies.
  • Microsoft Agent - A set of software services that supports the presentation of software agents as interactive personalities within the Microsoft Windows interface. Conversational interfaces, software agents, and interactive characters.
  • More Time People Spend Using the Internet - Results of the Stanford Institute for the Quantitative Study of Society study on social impact of computer use.
  • Planning-Based Control of Interface Animation - A Microsoft research paper on user interface management system and animation.
  • TaskZ - User-centered technology books, articles and links.
  • The Delta Method - Describes a method that is to be used for building varying interfaces on the basis of the users' needs.
  • The Digital Car - Conversational interface between people and automobiles using natural language for onboard and offboard systems.
  • The Shared Meanings Design Framework - Dedicated to promoting the design of semiologically valid website content through the development of the Shared Meanings Design Framework (SMDF).
  • UI Design Webzine - Articles on interaction designers, book reviews, editorial and interviews.
  • Usability and Beyond - Authors, books, quotes and links.
  • Usability News - Information in usability and human-computer interaction.
  • User Interface Designs - Discussion of UI and interaction design. Design examples, forums, and list of related readings.
  • User Interface Engineering - Getting development teams the information they need to make design decisions.
  • User Interface Programming - Articles, books, source code and links about user interface programming under Microsoft Windows.
  • What You See Is What You Deserve - A column from the BSD Unix "Daemon News" e-zine about how GUIs are not always the way to go.
  • Nooface - Articles, news and discussion on next-generation user interfaces.
  • Useit - Jakob Nielsen's alertbox, reports and books on usable information technologies.

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