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  • Aliso Viejo Soo Bahk Do Community Karate - Soo Bahk Do training in Aliso Viejo, CA. Contains general information.
  • American Tang Soo Do Alliance - Personal information by black belt, including thoughts and philosophies.
  • American Tang Soo Do Association - Tang Soo Do organization providing style description, directory, products, events, news and techniques. [Malden, MA]
  • American Tang Soo Do Karate - A style of Korean martial art based on Moo Duk Kwan in Glenside, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. Video clips of self-defense and sparring are available, as well as terminology and other materials.
  • Arrowhead Martial Arts Academy - A member school of the World Tang Soo Do Association located in Glendale, Arizona. Features pictures, location, schedule, links, events, news letters, articles and regional information.
  • Austin Martial Arts Academy - Progressive Tang Soo Do instruction. [Austin, TX]
  • Australian Tang Soo Tao Federations - Tang Soo Tao is the scientific use of the body, mind and spirit in self-defense. Locations in Melbourne, Geelong, Darwin, Maroochydore, Canberra.
  • B. Geronimo Redfield's Tang Soo Doo Page - Tang Soo Do history with links to all organizations in the USA. Discussion board, pictures and video downloads.
  • Barkers Tang Soo Do - Located in Brownstown, MI. Tang Soo Do is offered as well as karate, weapons training, kenpo, and jujitsu.
  • Black Belt of Karate - Information on Black Belt of Karate school location in Calgary, Alberta. Canada.
  • Brandywine Martial Arts - A member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association with classes offered in Coatesville, PA and Downingtown, PA.
  • Buckeye Tang Soo Do - Member of the World Tang Soo Do Association. [Columbus, OH]
  • C S Kim Karate: Bloomfield, A traditional Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Karate School - A traditional Tang Soo Do martial arts karate school dedicated to the advancement of Tang Soo Do practitioners in the United States and abroad.
  • Cary Tang Soo Do - Internationally certified By the World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation. Traditional, basic, sound Korean martial art. No long term contracts.
  • CCSU Karate Club - Information on Tang Soo Do, the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation and the Central Connecticut State University Karate Club. Includes history, terminology, directory and links.
  • Chatteris Tang Soo Do Club - Details on the club and the World Tang Soo Do Association. Includes links, events, weapons and related information.
  • Chon's Korean Karate - The history and belt requirements for promotion of Tang Soo Do. Features instructor profiles, schools, class schedule, events, photo galleries and rules. Member of the Asia Tang Soo Do Federation. [Belle Vernon, PA]
  • Cintron's Karate - International Tang Soo Do Federation (ITF) school in Indianapolis. Learn Chuck Norris style of Korean karate. Learn self-defense, discipline, and gain self-confidence. Also offer aerobic kick boxing.
  • CS Kim Karate, Inc. - Master CS Kim's official website for traditional Tang Soo Do martial arts karate corporation which is dedicated to the advancement of Tang Soo Do practitioners in the United States and abroad.
  • Dan Nolan's Tang Soo Do - Dedicated to the history and philosophy of Tang Soo Do. Features pictures, establishing a club, famous instructor and miscellaneous information.
  • First Canada Tang Soo Do - Information on First Canada Tang Soo Do and the Association with the (KTMS) and the (NTF) for all of Canada.
  • Gardena Soo Bahk Do Tang Soo Do - A U.S. Moo Do Kwan Federation certified studio in Gardena, CA.
  • Gentle Palm Tang Soo Do Academy - Tang Soo Do, Cardio Kickboxing and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) in Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Godmanchester Tang Soo Do - Homepage of Godmanchester, UK, Tang Soo Do club.
  • Grantown Tigers - Tang Soo Do training in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Members of Scotland Tang Soo Do.
  • Hedges Family Karate Centres - Soo Bahk Do Karate training for students of ages from 5 years old upwards. Based in the UK.
  • International Martial Arts of Waterloo - Martial arts and self-defense studio in Waterloo, IA. Member World Tang Soo Do Association.
  • Josefik's Korean Tang Soo Do Web Site - A member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association. Includes links, gallery, locations and general information. [Phillipsburg, PA]
  • Karate Achievement Center - Martial arts and fitness center featuring Soo Bahk Do Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and aerobic kickboxing. Lists programs, schedule and general information.
  • Kim's Karate - Teaching authentic Korean Tang Soo Do. Features gallery, school information, news, demo team and related articles.
  • Lakewood Karate Studio - Teaching Soo Bahk Do (Tang Soo Do) Moo Duk Kwan Korean Style Karate. Lists classes, terminology and general information. [Lakewood, CA]
  • London Black Belt Academy - Martial arts school practicing the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do, as well as teaching an appreciation of other styles. Features news, instructor profiles, calendar, events, classes and links.
  • Long Beach Tang Soo Do Academy - Martial arts training, self defense and cardio-kickboxing. Features schedule and links.
  • Master Collins Tang Soo Do - Listing classes, location, background, events and links. [Michigan]
  • Master Kim's Karate Tang Soo Do Academy - Tampa Karate - Karate for the whole family from the masters that instructed Chuck Norris in traditional Tang Soo Do Karate. Special women's self-defense classes, karate for kids, and all ages adults class available now in Tampa Bay Florida.
  • MBS Karate - Tang Soo Do training. Includes instructors, membership, programs, schedule and general information. [Newburgh, NY]
  • Miramar Martial Arts Academy - Soo Bahk Do and fitness kickboxing training. Class schedule, features and gallery. [San Diego, CA]
  • Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Network - A source of information about the art of Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do and martial arts as a whole. Includes links.
  • North American Tang Soo Do Association - This is a website about the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. The North American Tang Soo Do Association was founded by Master Peter Oien in 1990. The site has a lot of information about Tang Soo Do as well as Haidong Gumdo (Korean Sword Art)
  • North American Tang Soo Do Federation - Members, background, history and general information relating to the Federation.
  • Ohio Moo Duk Kwan - Style based on Soo Bahk Do. Features background, school information, pictures and links. Member of the International Tang Soo Do Federation.
  • Pak's Karate Academy of Mandarin - Teaching Tang Soo Do. Lists instructor profiles, goals, directions, newsletter, terminology, gallery and general information. [Jacksonville, Florida]
  • Pine Bush Tang Soo Do Karate - A member of the International Tang Soo Do Federation. Schedule, pictures, events and general information. [Pine Bush, NY]
  • Pittsburgh Tang Soo Do Karate Club - Information on Tang Soo Do including history, forms, sparring, class ideas, and teaching philosophy. For entertainment there is also a dancing Karate baby page.
  • San Kil Tang Soo Do - An informational site for the International Cutting Edge Association of San Kil Tang Soo Do. Lists photographs, merchandise, events, schools, announcements, webrings and links.
  • Sawtooth Martial Arts - Soo Bahk Do training in Hailey/Sun Valley, Idaho. Includes general information.
  • Scotland Tang Soo Do - News, forums, general information and links.
  • Soo Bahk Do karate institute - Studio specializing in the traditional Korean martial art of Soo Bahk Do in Miami, FL.
  • Soo Bahk International - For practicioners of Soo Bahk and other martial arts, including those interested in Eastern philosophy, history, health and fitness.
  • Tampa Bay Martial Arts Academy - Teaching Tang Soo Do Karate. Lists gallery, tournaments, school details, links and general information. [Tampa, FL]
  • Tampa Bay Tang Soo Do Center - Tang Soo Do martial arts instruction. Lists key concepts, gallery, history, benefits, instructor profile and links.
  • Tang Soo Do Karate Association - An organization based in San Antonio, Texas dedicated to the study, teaching, and promotion of American Tang Soo Do and other martial arts. Features tournaments, history, belts, promotions, terminology and links.
  • Tang Soo Do Masters Alliance - a not-for-profit alliance located in Connecticut
  • The Karate School - A traditional Tang Soo Do school. Lists classes, summer camp and general information. [Atascocita, Texas]
  • The Lake House Karate School - Offers adult and children's training classes in Korean martial arts with an emphasis on self-defense and personal safety. Located in St. Leo, Florida. Training schedule, directions, and student information.
  • United Kingdom Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan - Background, gallery, classes in the UK and world presence, terminology, calendar, merchandise and links.
  • United Kingdom Tang Soo Do - Moo Duk Kwan Federation - United Kingdom organization affiliated with the International Tang Soo Federation. Site offers news, TSD history, information on classes in the UK, and grading information.
  • USFK SooBahk - Soo Bahk information for USFK personnel and all others interested in the art of Soo Bahk.
  • Warrior Scholar - An excellent resource for practicioners of Soo Bahk and Tang Soo Do.
  • Webster's Karate Studio - Tang Soo Do studio located in Decatur, Alabama.
  • World Union of Korea Martial Arts - An independent organization setup for Korean martial art instructors and black belts. Includes membership information, FAQs, school lists and seminars. [Alberta, Canada]
  • WTSDA Region 12 - This page may be used as a supplemental information source regarding the various events sponsored by the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) in the Latin American countries of Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, and Mexico. This area is referred to as Region No. 12.
  • World Tang Soo Do Association - General information, regional listings, studio profile, master profile, events, membership and FAQs.

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