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  • Digital Dojo - Martial Arts in film production for professional martial artists, actors and stunt people. Includes links to resources, news and individual biographies of actors and directors.
  • - Directory resource listing training venues, styles, martial artist profiles and general interest articles.
  • - Information on popular martial arts and self defense systems. Features Taekwondo, Kendo, Judo, Jujitsu, Capoeira, Karate and Kung Fu amongst others. Includes descriptions of the style and photographs.
  • Electronic Martial Spirit of Southern Africa - Information and discussion forum for Southern Africa on all styles of martial arts. Includes FAQs, members and general links and events calendar.
  • Everything for Martial Arts - Comprehensive information on all styles of martial arts.
  • Fight Authority - Martial arts resource with information on techniques, styles, books, videos, pictures, forum and general information.
  • - Online self defense publication. Listing every style and tradition of martial arts from Aikido to Thai Boxing.
  • International Hoplology Society - An organization founded by Major Donn F Draeger (USMC Ret.) in the late 1950's for the study of the evolution and development of human combative behavior.
  • Martial Arts Network - Forum, events and links on a variety of martial arts related information.
  • Martial Arts Search and Information - Contains links to clipart, posters, graphics, books, movies, shopping, music, software and auctions for all styles of martial arts. Also features a chat room and discussion forum.
  • Martial Arts Web - Catering for all martial arts styles. Includes information for all levels of students, forums, shopping and advice sections.
  • Martial Arts World Search - Over 1200 links in this Hypermart based search engine. Has lots of pop-up and banner adds.
  • Martialarm Martial Arts Centre - Information on movies, directory, styles and supplies. Includes a definition of martial arts.
  • - Forum discussing a variety of martial arts.

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