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  • Advanced Simulation and Computing - A U.S. government initiative to develop simulation capabilities suitable for weapons testing. Program details and links to university partners.
  • Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing - Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing promotes an Australia-wide computing and communications systems infrastructure. Press releases, description of programs.
  • Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation - Links to member institutions and published papers.
  • CompInfo - High Performance Computing - Technical articles, news, events, publications, and manufacturer links.
  • HPCwire - Online journal of the high performance computing industry.
  • NPACI - The National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure was created to develop a national supercomputing infrastructure. Links to resources, current research projects, and outreach programs.
  • PC World News: A $1000 Supercomputer? - Within 18 months, Star Bridge Systems claims, you may be able to put the equivalent of today's supercomputer on your desktop - for about $1000.,1510,11336,00.html
  • Primeur - Monthly newsletter about European high performance computing developments. Back issues available.
  • Scandal Supercomputing Project - Development of a portable environment for programming supercomputers. Project information and resources about parallel programming.
  • SCCD at Lawrence Livermore National Lab - Scientific Computing and Communications Department. Current scientific and networking research.
  • Scientific Supercomputing - Parts of this book are available online, with ordering information for a printed copy.
  • SI 2001 - A summer program for high school students to learn about supercomputing. Program information and application.
  • Standard Interface Methodology - Writing interfaces for the AS/400.
  • Supercomputers - A history of supercomputing.
  • Supercomputing Online - Includes news, analysis, and discussion about supercomputing.
  • - National Science Foundation effort to build and deploy the world's largest distributed infrastructure for open scientific research. Information about partners and funding.
  • The Journal of Supercomputing - Available in print and online. Searchable archives available to subscribers.
  • Top 500 Supercomputers - Ranking of supercomputers according to the LINPACK benchmark. Links to news articles.
  • The National Center for Supercomputing - Information about supercomputing applications and research in the United States.

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