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   Web Sites
  • Chemnitz Cluster Computing Homepage - Links to programming projects, calls for papers, software and documentation, and other resources.
  • Clustet Computing Info Centre - Links to parallel computing resources.
  • Concurrent Systems - Links to research groups, parallel tools, journals, and conferences.
  • Grid Computing Info Centre - An initiative to establish a global grid of computing power. Links to conferences, development, and related information.
  • High Performance Cluster Computing Resources - Links to cluster management systems, environments, software, documents, conferences, and teaching slides.
  • HOISe - News on high performance computing from Europe. Newsletters and conference calendar.
  • IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing - An international forum promoting cluster computing research and education. Publications, event calendar, news articles, and committee information.
  • IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems - Monthly peer-reviewed journal. Archives available to subscribers.
  • IJHSC - International Journal of High Speed Computing. Sample copy available, archives accessible to subscribers.
  • Internet Parallel Computing Archive - Links to information about parallel algorithms, computing environments and tools, newsgroups, and general references.
  • Is Parallel Computing Dead? - Article about the future of the parallel computing industry.
  • Nan's Parallel Computing Page - Links to online books, tutorials, and research projects.
  • Parallel Crunchers - News about cluster computing.
  • Parallel Tools Consortium - A group that brings together tool users, developers, and researchers with the goal of improving the usability and availability of parallel tools. Links to projects.
  • Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups - Academic research groups and projects related to parallel computing.
  • The Grid: The Next-Gen Internet? - Discussion of the Grid.,1282,42230,00.html
  • UK E-science Grid - Information about a government project to develop a supercomputing grid.
  • Vas's Parallel Computer Taxonomy - Discussions of past classification systems and development of a new one.
  • Who Wrote the Book of Life? - NASA uses a parallel computer to classify new life forms.
  • ParaScope - Links to supercomputing centers, high performance computing journals, vendors, conferences, and governmental agencies.
  • Scientific Applications on Linux: Parallel Computing - Links to and descriptions of parallel languages, message passing libraries, parallel tools, and other resources.

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