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  • Reference Index - Provides background information on current events including country profiles, biographies of newsmakers, and transcript archives.
  • American Federalist Journal - National news, opinion and analysis of politics, culture, and current events from a conservative perspective
  • American Prospect - News and analysis of issues from liberal and progressive viewpoint.
  • American Spectator, The - Monthly magazine of investigative reporting and commentary.
  • Bad-World.. The Reality is Shown here - This site is related to News, Articles related to Kashmir , Afghanistan, palestine. It also contains quran with urdu translation. It is also an islamic site. It also contains history about palestine, kashmir, Afghanistan etc etc.
  • BBC News In Depth - In-depth background and news on current events and issues. Additional backgroundcoverage available within individual news topic sections.
  • Boston Review - Since 1975, an award-winning forum for political, cultural and literary ideas.
  • Canada daily online analysis - Online analysis of of the Canadian press
  • Chicago Tribune - Editorial and opinions from The Tribune: Requires Registration
  • CNN In-Depth Specials - Special reports on issues and events from Cable News Network.
  • Current Events: US - Examine the latest news, events, and issues from around the US, and explore their impact.
  • Current in Truth Matters - An Objective analysis of current events in the Bush Administration twice weekly.
  • Daily Zogby Wartime Tracking - Zogby Internationals' "America at War" a new daily tracking service of in-depth public opinion
  • Dissent - Commentary and analysis of politics and culture. Left orientation, but encourages independent thinking and conflicting views.
  • backgrounders - Background information on key issues in global and regional news. Backgrounders are able to read and link to past Economist articles.
  • Electronic Times - Op Ed - News domain featuring political commentary, opinion articles and editorials from several columnists.
  • - Fox News Channel presents the latest news stories related to politics.
  • Global Policy Forum - News, information, analysis and resources about global issues from organization that monitors UN activities and international events to foster democracy, social justice, human rights and economic fairness.
  • - Coverage of politics, policy, management, technology, environmentand other topics for and about state and local governments.
  • Idea Central - The virtual magazine of the Electronic Policy Network. Issues and commentary from a progressive perspective.
  • In These Times - Weekly publication with news, analysis and features from the progressive left
  • Institute for Public Accuracy - IPA - News releases from consortium of policy researchers, who seek to broaden public discourse for perspectives commonly overshadowed by corporate sponsored influences.
  • - Edited by Pete du Pont, IntellectualCapital is an e-zine that explores social, political and cultural issues affecting the world today from a variety of perspectives.
  • Le Monde - English edition of French newspaper with left European perspective. (Site has mix of free and paid-subscription articles)
  • Mark My Word - Conservative commentary on current events including news, religion, government, health care, politics, humor, economics.
  • MSN Special Reports - Microsoft Network/MSNBC Special Reports
  • National Review - William F. Buckley's newsmagazine with news analysis from conservative perspective.
  • News Unlimited - The Guardian and The Observer newspapers, featuring extensive UK and international news, features and analysis.
  • Northern City Journal - Weekly commentary and opinion on current civic, political, and religious events and issues.
  • On Line Opinion - Monthly Australian journal of political and social opinion, with contributions from experts, commentators, community leaders, academics and public intellectuals. Edited by Graham Young.
  • OneWorld Perspectives - Background, analysis and links on global issues from coalition of global organizations with progressive perspective.
  • Open Source Intelligence - Open Source Intelligence Site provides you with insightful feedback on todays world situation.
  • Opinion-Pages - Searchable, browsable by publication title, databases of editorial, opinion, comment, and columnist pages from online English newspapers and magazines around the world.
  • Out There News presents World News Megastories - Documentaries on issues using format that encourages user to explore information in new ways.
  • Pacific News Service - Multicultural news, features and information from unique and diverse media organization. Site includes several online publications.
  • - Updated news and analysis of issues, with analysis, forums and links to think tanks, advocacy groups and organizations from left to right.
  • Public Agenda Online - Non-profit research organization, provides non-partisan reporting on public opinion and public policy issues, and an interactive resource to assist the news media in public policy research.
  • SourceRunner - Devoted largely to providing insightful commentary on national and international affairs, politics, business, technology, sports, arts & entertainment, and life trends.
  • Strategic Analysis Malaysia (SAM) - An independent political research organisation integrating all aspects of political analysis.
  • The American Partisan - An e-zine that describes itself as an "ideological free-for-all" with opinions on political and social issues from many points of view.
  • The American Reporter - News, analysis and commentary by daily electronic newspaper owned by its writers.
  • The Economist Analysis and Opinion - Contains The Economists trenchant editorials expressing the newspapers opinions on world politics, business and finance.
  • The Ethical Spectacle - Online monthly journal that tries to shine a lantern on the intersection at which ethics, law and politics meet (or collide) in our civilization.
  • The Forum for International Policy - FFIP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association of foreign policy experts committed to independence, We develop policy options to further US international interests.
  • The Nation - The Nation magazine, America's oldest weekly journal of politics and culture.
  • The New American - Online magazine of the conservative John Birch Society. Index of past articles, sorted and grouped by subject.
  • The New Republic - Online edition of journal of politics and culture, with selected articles from print magazine.
  • the Opinion - Comprehensive portal to Opinion sites on the Web. Helpful Links and more.
  • The Razor - Online current affairs journal offering a Center-Right analysis of events.
  • The Story behind the Story - In depth facts about the historical background to top stories of the day.
  • The Weekly - Commentary on current events, political, economical and financial. It is independent critical and non-establishment.
  • The Weekly Standard - Online news and commentary from conservative perspective.
  • Newsfiles - News coverage, background and other resources about ongoing topics in the news from Time Magazine
  • To The Contrary - The only female owned all women's news analysis television program in the country on PBS. Discussing issues concerning women, children and families.
  • - A journal of news, opinion and alternative views, inspired by Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and The Rights of Man.
  • Town Hall: Issues Library - In-Depth background on current events and issues from conservative perspective.
  • Washington Monthly Online - Analysis and commentary on politics and society.
  • Washington Post Special Reports - In-depth background, articles, links on current issues from the Washington Post
  • Weekly Wire - Compilation and links of news and commentary from the alternative press
  • World Magazine - Commentary and analysis of current events and society from conservative Christian viewpoint.
  • World Socialist Web Site - Index organized by topic and region of recent and past news and analysis articles from socialist perspective.
  • The Online NewsHour: Forum - Reports on issues in depth, and relevant links from PBS News Hour. Live RealAudio feeds and special online material.

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