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  • British Society for Sexual and Impotence Research - Professional organization informs about research activities and annual meetings; site includes application form for new members.
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction - Information on diagnosis and treatment; includes a facility to submit questions to a board-certified physician.
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction: Evaluation and Treatment - The American Academy of Family Physicians discusses causes of female sexual dysfunction and explains treatment options.
  • His and Her Health - Sexual and medical news and views for men and women; covering treatments for sexual dysfunction and other urology-related conditions.
  • International Society for Sexual and Impotence Research - Professional organization informs about its structure and schedules of meetings; site also includes publications on sexual dysfunction in English and other languages.
  • Male Sexual Dysfunction - Information about male sexual dysfunction and loss of libido or sexual desire in men.
  • Medical Celibates Network - Information for and about those who are unable to have sex due to medical reasons.
  • Microwave Sex - Frank advice to women who don't know, or can't believe their husbands are impotent.
  • National Foundation for Sexual Health Medicine - A nonprofit organization informs about sexual dysfunction and its treatment for both men and women; site addresses the medical community as well as the general public; includes schedules of educational programs.
  • NewShe - Dr. Jennifer Berman's and Dr. Laura Berman's site with articles, videos, and resource lists for women seeking advice on sexual function problems such as lack of desire, arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.
  • Orgasmic Life - The author evaluates the use of testosterone replacement therapy, dopaminergic medications, and herbal aphrodisiacs in the treatment of sexual dysfunction or for sexual enhancement; reference to personal experience and scientific studies.
  • PJB / Scrip Report - An analysis for the pharmaceutical industry: The Therapeutic Market for Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction. Free-access summary; full report requires subscription.
  • Sex and Health - An introduction and discussions on human sexual response, sexuality and aging, sexual variations, sexuality and illness, sexual problems requiring treatment and promotion of sexual health.
  • Sexual Counselling - Sex questions, problems and concerns answered here with periodic updates.
  • Sexual Dysfunction - Evaluation and treatment of sexual dysfunction.
  • Sexual Dysfunction and Depression - Female sexual dysfunction may be linked to clinical depression. Antidepressant drugs, particularly SSRIs, are known to interfere with libido and arousal.
  • Sexual Dysfunction Classifications - Provides information on classifications of sexual dysfunctions.
  • Sexual Dysfunction in Women - Online chapter of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, with diagnosis and treatment suggestions intended for physicians.
  • Sexual Dysfunctions - Provides the reader with information on female sexual dysfunctions, male sexual dysfunctions, dysfunction of both males and females, and likely causes of the various dysfunctions. some case examples
  • Sexuality and Reproductive Health - SIECUS has developed this booklet to help program planners, providers, and policy makers understand the connection between sexuality and reproductive health.
  • Veritas Medicine: Sexual Dysfunction - Clinical trial listings and in-depth treatment information; those interested to participate in clinical trials can apply and submit personal information.

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