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  • BabyCenter -- Choosing an OBGYN - Includes tips on how to choose, and what to do if you don't like the doctor you've chosen.
  • Family Health International (FHI) - Provides the highest quality research, education and services in family planning, STDs/HIV and family health to improve the health and well-being of populations worldwide.
  • Family Life Association of Swaziland - Provides information about sexual and reproductive health. It's focus is on youth and one of its aims is to increase awareness and therefore reduce the spread of HIV.
  • Global Reproductive Health Forum - Research library, discussion forums, listservs, e-zines and links on issues such as reproductive health and rights, gender issues and politics, population policy, international women's public health issues, and gender and technology. [English/Español]
  • International Centre for Reproductive Health - Improve the acceptability, accessibility and quality of health services, with the emphasis on reproductive health.
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) - A worldwide movement providing reproductive health and family planning services in over 180 countries. Site includes a manual on reproductive health interventions in refugee situations and other materials on delivery of reproductive health services.
  • Pathfinder International - a non-profit family planning and reproductive health organization working with developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia
  • Planned Parenthood Federation of America - Information and resources covering sexual and reproductive health topics. Research on sexual health problems and directory of health centers in the US.
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health FAQ - Answers to questions asked during educational workshops and in Planned Parenthood of New York City health centers. Topics include abortion, birth control, masturbation, puberty, sexual orientation, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Reproductive Health Gateway - A search engine on reproductive health topics, intended for reproductive health professionals. Searches about 30 selected websites. Managed by the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs.
  • Reproductive Health Initiative - American Medical Womens Association works with physicians across the U.S. to improve existing medical education courses and create new courses in reproductive health.
  • Reproductive Health Outlook - Summaries and links on topics including family planning, AIDS, reproductive tract infections, infertility, harmful traditional practices, safe motherhood, cervical cancer, and refugee reproductive health.
  • Reproductive Health Resources - Virtual library at the Reproductive Health and Rights Center.
  • Reproductive Health, An Update - CME monograph on contraception, menopause, and emergency contraception.
  • ReproLine (Reproductive Health Online) - Provides up-to-date reproductive health information. Full-text reference manuals and articles. [English, Français, Español, Português, Russian]
  • Women's Health and Action Research Centre - WHARC is a non-governmental organization based in Benin City, Nigeria devoted to reproductive health research.
  • Women's Reproductive Health - Provides information on all aspects of PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, infertility, menopause and breast health. Medical resources as well as health experiences listed.

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