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  • 2 Rad - Manufactures ski and snowboard carriers, windsurf and kayak carriers, bike carriers, multipurpose roof racks, and luggage boxes.
  • 3L Sports Co. Ltd. - Manufacturer and wholesaler of sport training gear, swinging practice gear, tennis, baseball and golf practice toys, giftware.
  • Advantage Tennis Supply - Manufactures and distributes tennis court equipment, supplies and related products globally. Located in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Alpina - Manufacturer of sports sunglasses as well as high-end frames, snow goggles and helmets for biking and skiing.
  • American Athletic, Inc. - Produces athletic equipment for gymnastics, volleyball, baseball and basketball, as well as mats, shapes and padding solutions for stadiums and arenas.
  • Armadale Canvas Works - Specializing in the manufacture and repair of tents and annexes, tarps, frames and canopies, shade cloth, blinds, motor trimming, boat trimming and custom canvas goods. (Australia)
  • Arne K H Wang Graphite Inc. - Manufactures electronic darts, snowboots, skateboards, scooters, inline skates, and sports rackets.
  • Arnette - Produces sports sunglasses, goggles and accessories. Requires Flash.
  • Asdi & Ansi - Manufactures and exports sports gloves and balls; also offers custom labeling.
  • Asia Bicycle Trading Company - Asian supplier of bicycle, sporting, and fitness equipment.
  • asics Tiger corporation - Manufacturer of sports shoes, apparel, and accessories.
  • Bahety Group: Sportsfolio, Jay Laminart - Indian manufacturers of fishing tools, sports goods, leather products and laminates.
  • Best China Corp. Ltd. - Manufacturer of tents, camping equipment, kites and sporting goods. Based in Hong Kong with factories in mainland China.
  • Best-San Trade Co., Ltd. - Chinese maker of sports shoes, sandals, sports bags, school bags, backpacks, and imitation jewelry. Includes product description and company information.
  • Bhaseen Sports Pvt Ltd. - India manufacturer and exporter of sports and fitness equipment.
  • Bluewell - Pakistan manufacturer and exporter of boxing and martial arts equipment, soccer and volley balls, and many types of leather sports gloves.
  • Boblbee - Researches, develops and designs consumer products for the sports and recreation industries.
  • Boeri USA - Helmet manufacturer for winter sports like snowboarding and skiing. Includes product details, sizing information, dealers, and team biographies.
  • Bonny Sports Corp. - Produces tennis, squash and badminton rackets in China.
  • Bow Brand International Limited - Makes natural gut, synthetic and hybrid strings for racket sports and musical instruments. Includes company information, product description, string guide, news, and technical support. Located in Norfolk, England.
  • Brell - Manufactures ball ejection machines for most ball sports including bowling, cricket, baseball, softball, rugby, hockey, tennis, and soccer. Includes summaries of trainer, bowler, catcher, auto-feed, and other machines.
  • Brine - Manufacturer of products for lacrosse, soccer and volleyball.
  • Burbank Sport Nets - Manufactures poly, nylon, spectra/dyneema sport nets. Custom built to customer specifications. Includes product summary and contact information.
  • Cactus Climbing Equipment Ltd. - New Zealand based manufacturer of sewn mountain products for snowboarding, climbing and general outdoor pursuits.
  • California Innovations - Supplier of coolers that are suitable for use in a variety of sports and recreational activities.
  • CarbonMax - Produces volleyball standards made from carbon fiber materials.
  • Carlos Teófilo - Portuguese manufacturer of billiard, snooker, baby-foot and ping-pong tables. Exports to France, Spain, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Brazil, and Portuguese speaking African countries. Includes product specifications and contact information.
  • Ceela International - Manufacturers and exporters of sporting goods based in India. Includes product description for cricket and boxing accessories and inflatable sports balls.
  • CEI - Offers the latest in athletic timing and measurement products including stopwatches, pedometers, scoreboards, and timers by Ultrak and Seiko.
  • Chenab Sports - Pakistan manufacturer and exporter of sporting goods including martial arts, boxing, and cricket equipment and hockey sticks. Includes an online catalog.
  • CoachComm Sports Electroincs - Source for sports electronics, sideline headsets, VCRs, camcorders, projectors, digital video editing and equipment and scouting software. Includes product description and contact information.
  • Comkuos Industrial Corporation - Sporting goods manufacturer and exporter specializing in rackets and outdoor sporting sets (soccer and volleyball sets).
  • Cosco (India) Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of sporting goods and fitness equipment in India. Products include balls, nets, shoes, accessories, treadmills, and exercise bikes.
  • Cran Barry, Inc. - Manufactures a variety of products for lacrosse, field hockey and squash.
  • D. P. Hitco Slide Stick - New slide stick bat for baseball or softball to help improve swings.
  • Daiwa Online - Manufacturer of golf and fishing equipment. Provides product information, contests, news. Includes online fishing reel parts and diagrams and dealer locator.
  • Dan Yu Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. - Taiwan maker, wholesaler, and exporter of neoprene products including jackets, bags, gloves, wetsuits, knee pads. Includes product description and company information.
  • DeMarini Sports - Manufactures high tech softball bats.
  • Dynastream Innovations - Research and development of smart devices, using wireless and inertial based technologies for sports equipment. Requires Flash.
  • ER Rovera - Table tennis and home fitness equipment Italian manufacturer.
  • Escalade Sports - Manufactures archery equipment, billiards tables and accessories, basketball equipment, darts and dart boards, foosball tables, air hockey tables, and ping-pong tables.
  • Extreme Adventures Canada - Canadian manufacturer of customized sporting goods. Fire fighting and forestry equipment and supplies, hunting, military, impact shoes, clothing and custom vests, safety gear.
  • Far Great Plastic Industrial Co, Ltd. - Manufactures a variety of sporting equipment including of in-line skates, scooters, wheels, hockey skates and snow boots.
  • Farman Industries - Pakistan manufacturer and exporter of handballs, soccer balls, martial arts belts, many types of leather sporting gloves, and marital arts uniforms.
  • Fastball Development Corporation - Produces the Abner pitching simulator, designed to throw any pitch that a major league baseball pitcher can throw, at any speed, to any location. Provides product description, specifications, setup instructions, photos, testimonials, and contact information. Located in Seattle, Washington.
  • Favero Electronic Design - Manufactures and retails electronic equipment for darts, ping pong, bowling and billiards, as well as scoreboards.
  • Football Thai Factory Sporting Goods Company Limited - Sporting goods and apparel manufacturer in Thailand. Includes product description and company information.
  • Fotoball Sports - Manufactures and distributes souvenir and specialty sports balls in the United States.
  • Free Season Group International Ltd. - Manufacturer of Neoprene sporting goods, water sports, therapy and supports, sport protectors, bags, novelties, gifts and promotional items.
  • Gujral Industries - Manufacturer and supplier of general training equipment, sporting nets, and specializing in products for track and field, soccer and gymnastics.
  • Gyssien - Chinese manufacturer of neck lanyards, sunglass cords, badge holders, jewelry retainers, pouchs, lens cleaning cloth, and other eyewear and sports accessories.
  • Hamilton Billiards - Refurbishes antique billiard tables and manufactures new pool and dining tables.
  • Harrod UK Ltd. - Based in Lowestoft, UK and manufactures sports equipment for most types of sport. Also specialises in installing equipment in sports halls.
  • Hi-Qua Sports USA - Manufacturer of tennis racquets in graphite and aluminum.
  • Ho Cheng Sports Mfg Co. Ltd. - Manufactures martial arts and boxing equipment in Taiwan.
  • Huck Group - Sports nets, industrial nets, safety nets for building sites and playground equipment comprised of nets and ropes.
  • Hydra Rib - Produces institutional and recreational backboards for basketball. A Huffy company.
  • JAG Manufacturing, Inc. - Specializes in custom-sewn sports products: kayak spray skirts, ski boot bags, tote bags, gun cases, stadium cushions, padded shoulder straps, equipment bags, duffle bags and similar products.
  • Jia Shun Industrial Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of hula hoop, handle massager, and back revolution stick.
  • Kaoding Trading Co., Ltd. - Manufacture badminton rackets and shuttlecocks. Includes product summary and contact information.
  • Karakal UK Limited - Belgium manufacturer of tennis, squash, badminton, racketball and golf products and accessories. Includes product description, photos and dealer locator.
  • Kason Sports International Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of badmintion rackets, tennis rackets, sports bags and shoes, tennis balls, sports cocks, and racket strings and grips. Located in Hong Kong.
  • Kelpro Inc. - Manufactures sports equipment and sporting goods supplies for storing and transporting equipment, marking lines, and metal goals and cages. Based in Sikeston, MO.
  • Kubila International Inc - Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) for name brands in the shoe and sporting goods industry. Located in Taichung, Taiwan.
  • Kukje Industrial Co., Ltd. - Korean maker of bowling equipment including Dacos pinsetter, synthetic lane, pro shop equipment and products for a complete lane setup. Also makes golf practice equipment. Includes photos and descriptions and contact information.
  • L.A. Glove - Exclusive OEM manufacturer-supplier of gloves, wraps, belts for World Gym.
  • Leader International Company - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of sporting equipment including basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, basketball nets, rackets, dumbbells, and sports bags.
  • Leopak Industries - Pakistan manufacturer and exporter of leather apparel and sporting goods including soccer balls, hand balls, leather jackets, and boxing gloves. Includes product description and contact information.
  • Levior Helmets - Belgium manufacturer of helmets and helmet accessories for motorcycle, karting, and police use.
  • Lynx System Developers, Inc. - Makers of the FinishLynx timing and photofinish system as well as ReacTime false start detection, LaserLynx EDM, Wireless FieldLynx, and integration services for data collection, organization and distribution for any type of racing application. Includes product description and contact information. Located in Massachusetts.
  • M.A Spiel und Freizeit - German maker of football, foosball and billiard tables. Includes photos, product description, and company details, news, and contact information.
  • Manchester Sports - Specialists in football kits and distributors for Prostar, Mitre and others.
  • Marox International, Inc - Manufacturer of paddleballs, platform tennis balls and paddleball racquets.
  • Marty Sports - French manufacturer of track and field equipment to be used by athletes as well as facility setup. Also manufactures equipment for gymnasiums such as scoreboards, mats, gymnastics, storage, and separating systems. Includes product catalog with photos, events, and company information.
  • Masis Boxing Belts and Champ Belts - Produces professional boxing and martial arts belts and belt boxes. Includes sample photos and contact information.
  • Master Cue Ltd. - Produces snooker cues for amateur and professional players.
  • Meteore - French manufacturer of mechanical scoreboards for indoor and outdoor sports including basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, water polo, table tennis, badminton, and racing competitions.
  • Metro Goals, Inc - Sports equipment manufacturer in Helena, Alabama. Also installs basketball goals, batting cages, pitching machines, football goals, volleyball standards, flooring, bleachers, and all types of netting for individuals, schools and commercial accounts.
  • Mizuno USA - Manufactures and distributes baseball, golf, softball, running, track and field, volleyball equipment, apparel and footwear for international markets, located in Norcross, Georgia.
  • Modernova Ltd. - Manufactures darts, club darts, cyber darts dart machines, billiard tables, football tables, crane and vending units, and coin changers.
  • Moon Leader Limited - Sports equipment manufacturer and exporter in Hong Kong. Product range includes synthetic and rubber sports balls, Eva form toys, badminton, tennis, and dart equipment, wooden shoe trees, and other sports accessories.
  • New Sun Production Gear - Manufactures hydration packs, seat bags, travel accessories, and mountain bike accessories; includes dealer locator.
  • New Z.A. Garments - Manufacturer and exporter of soccer and rugby balls and sports apparel for volleyball, soccer, track. Includes product photos and company information. Located in Pakistan.
  • Nimatsu Taiwan Corp. - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of sporting goods including balls, bags, snow boards, boxing, and table tennis equipment.
  • NZ Bungy Cords - New Zealand and world-wide professional specialists in customised, handmade bungy cords, related services and equipment.
  • OmniTech - Involved in plastic injection mold making, plastic part design, plastic injection mold design and consulting. Manufactures auto racing and bicycle components, and wakeboard fins.
  • Outdoors Technologies, Inc. - Produces a personal lightning detector. Site includes information about lightning, safety tips and list of dealers.
  • Patterson-Williams Athletic Company - Manufactures parks and recreation sporting equipment, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, tetherball, football, soccer, baseball, and bike racks. Posts, nets, backboards, backstops, and accessories.
  • Predator - Manufacture rugby training machines, contact suits, vests, headgear, poles, flags, and clothing. Includes rugby tips and product and company information.
  • Prime Leisure - Produces a wide variety of pool and billiard tables in India. Specializes in unusual shapes and sizes.
  • Prime Pedal Karts - Manufacturer of pedal karts, sized for children, adults, and families.
  • Pro-Kennex - Manufactures, distributes and markets a variety of products for tennis, hockey, golf, racquetball, squash and badminton.
  • Pro-tec - Offers a wide variety of sports helmets and protection gear.
  • ProBatter - A simulator of baseball pitching. Computerized video component permits a hitter to observe an image of a pitcher winding up and delivering pitches thrown, through a video screen.
  • ProSports NW - Manufactures custom printed racing bibs, flags, banners and signs.
  • Pursuit Performance - Manufacturer of heart rate monitors for maximization of effective training time. Prices listed and dealer locator.
  • QP-Sport - Manufactures men's and women's chest protectors in a variety of styles; includes retailer locator.
  • Quack Decoy - Manufactures rubber duck and goose decoys and offers sporting clays equipment and custom award and promotional pin services.
  • Quality Performers - Manufactuer of women's chest protectors for use in fencing and martial arts. Includes dealer list.
  • R.I.T Sports - Manufacture and export sports balls, sports gloves, boxing equipment, and weight lifting belts. Includes product description, photos, and contact information. Located in Pakistan.
  • Racquettechnic Development Co., Ltd. - Taiwan manufacturer of tennis, squash, badminton, beach tennis, and paddle rackets and racket string. Includes photos, product description and contact information.
  • Ranson Sports Industry - Manufacturer of cricket and boxing equipment and accessories. Located in Jalandhar, India.
  • Re-Run Sports - Provides athletic equipment for schools, colleges, churches, and recreation centers. Equipment includes basketball, baseball, volleyball, gymnastics, and fitness. Located in Archdale, North Carolina.
  • Regent Sports Corp. - A manufacturer of sporting goods equipment, including products for outdoor games, baseball gloves and equipment, basketballs, soccer balls, accessories and footballs. The company also distributes leading brands such as MacGregor, Regent, Halex and Spalding.
  • Roces - Produces a wide variety of sports equipment including skates, boots, clothing, and sunglasses. Site requires Shockwave to view.
  • Samba Sports - Portable football goals and UPVC soccer goals that fit into a bag.
  • Saucony UK - Manufacturer of famous Saucony running shoes, Saucony apparel, Hind apparel, QR QuintanaRoo bikes, wetsuits, RooWorld, Merlin bikes. Also American affiliate.
  • SBCX - Off shore importer and distributor of sporting goods for all Brazilian territories to main chain stores. Coca-Cola licensed.
  • Schelde North America - High quality portable basketball goals, volleyball standards, badminton and tennis equipment.
  • Scoremaster Company - Publishers of Scoremaster scorebooks.
  • Seattle Sports - Manufacturers of dry bags, travel and adventure gear, car-top carriers, waterproof gear, camping and paddling accessories, compression bags, coolers and compasses. Includes dealer locator.
  • Segarsa SL - Maker of tables for billiards, foosball, air hockey and cards. Includes product description, dimensions, and photos. Located in Barcelona, Spain.
  • Seneca Sports Inc. - Manufactures in-line skates, skateboards, quad roller skates, protective gear, soccer balls and accessories, volleyballs, in-door and outdoor games and other sporting goods. Order by phone, fax or mail. Includes dealer links for online sales.
  • Shanghai Lansheng Corp. - Chinese sporting good manufacturer and exporter in China. Product range includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, bowling ball, plastic ball.
  • Shanghai Lele Billiard Table Factory - Manufacturer of billiard tables, exporting to Japan, South Korea, Africa, Europe and Australia.
  • Shanghai Tennis Ball Factory - Chinese manufacturer and exporter of sports balls including tennis, safety, soft baseball, racquet, squash, rubber, and pet. Includes contact information.
  • Shenzhen Junsd Industry Co Ltd - Chinese sporting product manufacturer and exporter. Quality stopwatch, sport bike, computer, and timeswitch.
  • Silent Partner - Suppliers of tennis ball machines, stringing machines and strings. Factory-direct sales.
  • Silver Fern - Rugby training equipment manufacturers and suppliers based in Australia.
  • Smanonta - French manufacturer of fiberglass and carbon fiver snowshoes that you can dismantle. Also make a new type of bindings for hiking and free hiking. Includes product description, photos, FAQs, and contact information.
  • Soccer International Ltd. - Indian manufacturer and exporter of soccer equipment and accessories and a variety of inflatable balls. Includes product description, photos, and contact information.
  • Sony Sports and Fitness - Manufacturer and exporter of sports and fitness products including boxing, protection, and weight lifting equipment, martial arts apparel, and fitness accessories. Includes photos, product description and company information. Located in Pakistan.
  • Spalding - Manufacturer of sports balls including golf balls, basketballs, softballs, volleyballs, and footballs.
  • Sportag - UK manufacturer of sports and athletic mats. Includes company summary and contact information.
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association - Trade organization representing the manufacturers of sporting goods equipment and athletic apparel and footwear.
  • Sportslink - Financial services business specialising in the management of business-to-business transaction risk in the branded apparel and sporting goods market in South Africa. Includes services information and details about the company.
  • SSK Baseball - Manufactures products exclusively for the baseball player.
  • St. Pierre Manufacturing - Manufacturer of drop forged pitching horseshoes and bocce sets. Also distributes industrial products and tire chain. based in Worcester, MA.
  • Stringway Stringing Machines - Stringway produces electronic as well as drop weight system technology stringing machines using the 'constant pull system'. Racquet restringing.
  • Super Sports - Indian sporting goods manufacturer.
  • SuperCoach International - Manufacturer of controlled coaching machine and/or tennis partner to improve your game. Coaches can use it as a powerful tool to teach many students at once. Includes distributor listing.
  • Superior Bungee Corp. - Manufactures bungee cord, bungee assemblies and hardware for commercial and recreational uses. Located in Alabama.
  • Synergy Sports Products - Manufactures sports bottles for sports, promotion and retail in England.
  • Tagg Rugby Ltd - Manufacturer and distributor of protective rugby equipment and clothing. Made to exacting specifications.
  • TC Sports - Manufacturer of athletic equipment offering a comprehensive range of products for all popular indoor and outdoor sports.
  • The Super Show - Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association exhibition and show. Includes event details, summary of conferences and events, new and hot items, exhibitor information, media coverage, and contact information.
  • Tianjin Stationery and Sporting Goods - Manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of sporting goods and stationery products. Based in Tianjin, China.
  • TJ and Grace Industrial Corporation - Manufacturer and exporter of snowboard bindings and accessories, screw drivers, cable locks, snow shovels, and knee protectors.
  • Tough Tube - Design and build snow and river inflatable tubes.
  • Trampoline Mat and Supply - We specialize in mat repairs and duplications for most trampolines.
  • Tubus - Manufacturer of high quality tubular steel racks and lowriders for touring bikes.
  • Tung Shrim Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Taiwanese manufacturer and exporter of various sporting nets and goods.
  • Uhlsport - Produces goalkeeper gloves, football boots, jerseys, track suits, balls and shinguards that are marketed worldwide.
  • Uptop Trading Ltd - Manufacturer and exporter of sports shoes, sports bags, travel bags, sports flags, working shoes, backpacks, and ladies slippers and sandals.
  • Valley-Dynamo Limited Partnership - Makes gaming tables including pool tables, hockey tables, and table soccer. Includes product description, parts information, company news and details, and distributor locator. Based in Texas.
  • Völkl - German manufacturer of equipment for tennis, skiing, and snowboarding.
  • Wellington Inc. - Manufacturer of consumer and commercial rope and webbing, outdoor cushions, cedar furniture, water sports equipment, Christmas accessories, crafts, and Tink's hunting accessories.
  • West Coast Netting - Manufactures netting for baseball, tennis, volleyball, golf, and amusement park use.
  • Wilson Sporting Goods - Sports equipment and apparel, including tennis, football, major and minor league baseball uniforms.
  • Winex UK - Manufacturer of badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, grips and accessories. Includes product specifications, distributors, and company information and news.
  • Xcel Athletics - Manufacturer and distributor of amateur and professional baseball gloves.
  • Yeh Fong Enterprises - Manufactures various play and sports balls including inflatable, exercise, hockey pucks, and footballs.
  • Yeong Ay Jia Industrial Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of jumping-jax shoes, jumping-machine, land-surfboard, kids-car, new snakeboard.
  • Yousaf Nawab International - Manufactures and exports hand sewn soccer, volley, hand, and rugby balls and soccer goalkeeper gloves. Includes photos, product description and contact information. Located in Pakistan.

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